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  1. You know that's not the DE way. Most people will know "That which is easy is simple; that which is simple is hard."
  2. All this reminds me that I have Berserk and Primed Fury builds on some melee weapons, LOL
  3. Got to disagree with that one. K-Drive is only handy if you have that mod that racks energy up for tricks. You know, if you're too lazy to wait for Zanac pizza to disperse energy, you can use a k-Drive, go kinda towards your objective, and earn some ventkid standing
  4. Spamming the tricks is how you level each of the boards (to 30) and then dumping it. Not exactly challenging. The controls / directions for each trick is available on the PAUSE screen while in mission (under the Waverider option). Have to agree, but the easiest one race to get 3600 points seems to be the one near the Pearl (random spawn each day/time/whatever). I recommend dumping your game on SOLO, and just spamming that one race until all 5 pages are unlocked (the remaining tricks on each page are easily done on the big pipe near Fortuna's elevator). Naturally, I have all the K-Drive mods at max, and a fully forma'ed K-Drive, so I can fit any combination of mods on it for earning trickpoints.
  5. LOL. This is why I don't plat new gear. Better to spend the time farming them, so when you get all the crap, the bugs are worked out (usually)
  6. If you could just drive / park your Landing Craft anywhere in the Open world (instead of k-drives or skywings), that would've been cool.
  7. Railjack & open world content that actually helped you advance in the star chart (with resources, or something else).
  8. If DE wanted an elevator, they could've fitted it to the old Corpus defence map (somewhere) and kept most of the layout the same.
  9. Free roam excavation would be nice. But we get to choose the type of excavator being deployed (i.e., different excavators programmed to extract different resources), so we can pick Cryotic, Thermia, Oxium, Argon, Mutagen Samples, etc. or any other time gated b.s. by excavation.
  10. Some old Grineer forge / factory maps still have the ledge on the doorways. Corpus Jupiter tilesets are too new to be remastered (and some layouts are too wide for enemies to coalesce). As for Mechs, never mind the zipline (that's what happened with Archwing); just increase the boosting fuel / efficiency and drop the band-aid mods (or change them so you have infinite hover, like in Another Century's Episode and a Gauss level of boosting (via his Mach Speed).
  11. For me, the endgame now is weird stuff / butt stuff with Helminth subsumes/infusions.
  12. They should have converted the Orphix maps into the semi-open maps on Mars and Venus (ice planet, desert planet), and not the weird ship tiles and factories. Also, all the Orphixes needed to be Condrixes (or otherwise, the void disruption field turned off, so you can use Warframes or Mechs; if you use Mechs, the armor / DR would be negative).
  13. I use k-drives occasionally to recover energy thanks to one of their later mods (something about trick score = energy regained).
  14. Ah, in that case, you have the option of MOD, ITEM, or PLAT for the trading spot. He needs to select the MOD option for mods to trade to other people.
  15. Eh. That's what the second Equinox was for. It's ass sticking out of Helminth's mouth should be what you envision as it's being devoured.
  16. That would have the same AI bug issues with the Grineer and Corpus Crewships.
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