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  1. I have more than a dozen normal forma in stock. For some reason, I'm forced to purchase a single Forma or Forma bundle when attempting to polarize a mod slot on a L30+ Necramech. DE spaghetti code team — you might want to look into this. Thanks. Bug occurring as of Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.5 +
  2. I think the easiest way to solve this is have Command Intrinsics apply to your specters (or ghost-teammates if you are "solo") and have them defend you while you do your open world crap.
  3. I'll give that a shot. Lost 7 ranks due to migration. F— this s— game.
  4. You know this makes leveling that piece of crap even less fun since I plan to dump 7 forma on it (like my Voidrig), right? Thanks for the quote. Let's hope DE gets their scheisse together.
  5. Besides the ironskin mentioned by the other people, you can avoid using traps by using a bullet jump to knock down the synthesis target and scan it. Thanks to the player who mentioned the invisibility on Ivara, but I just melted all the 15 rivens I had that needed this bullshlt unveiling requirement to make room.
  6. I wish that piece of garbage would work when cast. Currently, it gets casted, then I can't use it if I exit/reenter the mech or uncast/recast it to use an archgun. I'm using a controller / gamepad and have no issues with Sex-Calibur's original blade (or any other summoned exalted weapon) . Seems like a weird control bug to me.
  7. Having serious control issues with the Bonewidow (and possibly the Voidrig) mechs. The exalted ironbride will work maybe about 1/2 the time after I have the operator leave the mech and go back in, or uncast/recast the ironbride to shoot an archgun. Additionally, I have to uncast/recast shield maiden in order to jump again, as the jump controls are disabled when a non-working ironbride is active. I tapped the KB melee key and there is no response (I play with a wired USB controller) and it's lucky that the affinity earned cascades to exalted weapons automatically but thi
  8. I have no issues with Khora Belmont. Just used her to get Harrow (via Defection) again. #*!% this S#&$ game 👍
  9. This makes long-term players look like louses (i.e., why I don't trust MR26/27+ ppl). DE ought to have players get the option to HOST ONLY, CLIENT ONLY, or either when match-making.
  10. Yeah I noticed after I started swapping out Warframes in Loadout slots. Since I only have one Warframe of each model, it was a ½ guess All the more to get more than one model of Warframe if you need more than 3 infused abilities now.
  11. Ah gotcha. So the mods on Helios' Decontructor add to the mods on your melee for Khora's Whipclaw? I didn't know that.
  12. Nice. Still need to do Disruption for Gauss #2 — currently stuck trying to farm Harrow again.
  13. Harrow is one of those Warframes I don't both to mess with. Says a lot about some other Warframes.
  14. Venari and Helios - I don't get it. Also not getting the insta-rez. Venari Bodyguard protects just Khora from lethal damage (Venari vanishes instead of your Warframe dying). I get it. The infused ability goes on a Config Slot under a specific Loadout Slot, even if you swap out a Warframe or something. I wonder if the ability gets deleted if the Loadout Slot is deleted.
  15. I already use that for the Murex stuff in Railjack. Also, Banish Mesa works. Banish a tough target, kill the rest, kill the rifted target. Banish also works for defending an operative or defectors.
  16. Tried the munitions with Wisp's haste mote as well but I have a Gauss I can try that out. I prefer Kitguns though. BTW I dont think you can command Venari if you replace the 3rd ability of Khora. So it defaults to ATTACK. And I don't get what you mean by infused abilities are slot bound.
  17. Merging them requires that they be unveiled, which takes up my dakka time.
  18. Aware they are different game engines, but can Evolution engine do what you want? Eclipse was behaving weird depending if people turned on /off shaders and shadows for Chrissakes.
  19. I share some of the good fortune with new players. They need some of the mods (Flow, Streamline, etc.) to replace the broken crap they start with. Silencer mods (Hush, Suppress, Silent Battery) also helps, along with Animal Instinct.
  20. I prefer boosters. And every 3 rivens, I have to buy more slots. I'm already at 117 or something.
  21. I was messing around with the Primary handles on Fortuna and made a Dakka build Harrow. The Aura I used is Speed Holster, and I have two Rattleguts chambers (one primary, one secondary) with a Tremor (primary) and Stitch, and a Gibber (Secondary) and Stitch. Both are crit builds using Arcane Acceleration and Arcane Velocity (max rank). Pax Charge (max) is slotted to both the primary and secondary Kitguns. Since I have some Rattleguts rivens, they add significantly to the damage (about 1350 total for the primary and 770 for the secondary, if I drop the magazine size from Ice Stor
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