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  1. MagentTanau

    Operator Relaxing

    DE Pls, Can the Operator get animations/ability to actually relax/interact in the Orbiter Quarters - like to lie down sideways on the curved couch to read a data tablet, use the tea set to drink something etc - if your Kavat/Kubro is in there, to be able to interact with them there... give us a human sized bed to put in there, make it a place that gives a lived in feel/ apartment in space vibe... instead of yet another slightly more fancier display room.
  2. MagentTanau

    Tigris Prime Animation Bug

    Not sure how to replicate this, but this has happened to me twice in the past week on different warframes... The Tigris' barrel when aimed sticks up diagonally and doesn't settle properly into the warframe's left hand anymore...
  3. I'll throw my 2 cents into the Operator fashion bug jar... somehow the Varida Hood's neck and chest overlay area is mixing with another mesh, and Vahd Greaves at waist is missing. The colour channels are also weird, you can see primary, secondary and tertiary colors are full white, yet strips of black remain. Yesterday was also the first time I've experienced the game get a hard freeze ie 'Not Responding' on the Plains.
  4. MagentTanau

    Update 23.6.0 -- Where are you?!

    Such 'permanent' consequence to failure or loss would be awesome, it really ups the stakes and excitement, and gives meaning to events in the gameworld. For example, EVE Online does this as a matter of course... your ship dies, its dead, permanently, your pilot pod that ejects afterward can get killed after its ejected too... all mods equipped, poof, gone...though RNG is run on the mods that drop with your ship's wreck... I digress... The point is that if DE or the playerbase wants any significant meaning to be attached to these events, some excitement, and even fun - then some form of risk-reward mechanic/mode must be introduced. The key is that the loss you suffer must be 'recoverable' with time ie. farming/credits/endo etc.
  5. MagentTanau

    Update 23.6.0 -- Where are you?!

    Here's hoping the interior (and even exterior) of this Relay will be something unique and special, with some sort of new game mechanic or system plus unique rewards... otherwise... *shrugs* just something to sink accumulated resources into, meh.
  6. MagentTanau

    Devstream #115 Overview!

    @[DE]Rebecca Can we please see the build you had on the melee weapon you used in the Melee 3.0 demo for this stream?
  7. MagentTanau

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    So I'll finally be able to get Limbo(Prime) through Relics... I'm still on that darn excavation mission in his quest for the neuroptics... after the nth amount of excavators I just left that quest in 'limbo'... 😁
  8. MagentTanau

    Dev Workshop: Spores Revisited (Saryn)

    While I wouldn't say I have a 'main'... Saryn was the frame I spent the most time in because A: she was THE Damage over Time Frame B: Spores were thematic and matched her mechanics - an airborne disease that she spreads at will with her Spores, dead enemies become more vectors for the spread, just like an actual disease. With the Molt Turret she herself became a vector for the disease spread. C : The viral status proc of old spores HELPED YOUR TEAM, by reducing enemy effective health, they got kills quicker. D : I love being a front line caster that could also mix it up with melee, Molt's Augment really helps, healing after mowing through enemies with my Lesion. E : It really helped shorten the grind for Focus. Even put an Eidolon Lens on my Saryn... Now... I'll just have to build for a pure Melee Toxic Lash Saryn... Spores can join the long list of First Abilities that aren't worth the energy to even use. 😞
  9. MagentTanau

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    Really liking the sound of the changes... on paper, and mechanically it seems great for beating armor. But Saryn is the viral themed frame of the game, and with this rework...only her 4 has anything to do with viral.. What about giving her 1 a selectable damage type between Corrosive and Viral - (like the same way Ivara swaps functionality on her arrows)?
  10. Full Shot: Portrait:
  11. MagentTanau

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0

    With these sorts of decisions it really makes me feel sorry for whoever is working at DEs Finance/Marketing Departments - Tennogen availability for the entire PC user base would see Platinum generation (by buying from DE) and consumption (by buying from the market) see a nice short term spike, followed by a dip, then a new higher plateau as any New Players see the shiny and go "Me want, me want, ooh pretty!" They literally have this diamond waiting to be plucked out of the earth and they can't do it, coz Gaben is standing on it.
  12. MagentTanau

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0

    Indeed. Put the Tennogen onto the Market, any Plat going to purchase the skins get translated into money which is paid to the awesome Tenno artist by DE. Of course there is probably some wonderful legal and bureaucratic reason why this won't happen. 🙄
  13. MagentTanau

    Khora's Planned Changes

    Strangledome: needs to spread-eagle/vitruvian man any enemies snared by it - easier to aim at in the heat of battle. Venari: needs a Bleedout state and revivable by the player, and allow us to use the aim reticule to contextually order Venari to attack specific enemies/ heal teammates (ie Dogmeat in Fallout 4). So you press 3 and reticule changes to order her around, press 3 again to exit the mode, and return to normal.
  14. MagentTanau

    A most Peculiar workshop.

    Agreed, this needs its own unique slot added to whatever its applied to either warframe/weapon.
  15. MagentTanau

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.1

    This was really disorientating... a Tenno/Warframe that is seemingly high on something... Then there was the fact that the Interception Mission in the Dex Event, wasn't showing the percentage of message decoding on the UI, it just remained solidly at 0% for both Tenno and Grinneer - the group I was with was patient enough when the first message decoded after a time - so its just a UI bug.