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  1. @[DE]Megan My Zenurik's Energizing Dash will not create a recharge zone anymore after this Hotfix. No matter how long I let the void dash last, a long one or a super short one, no zone results.(And I have not been adjusting any Focus School nodes for weeks.)
  2. Can you PLEASE fix the Vallis enemies already that just ignores Limbo's Rift? You know, the untanky warframe that depends on the Rift to remain alive?
  3. Does Hildryn have any lore bits yet? ie a story, in-game codex, ...anything really? Why was she developed? When? Its definitely a modern era warframe, designed by the Tenno? since Orokin wanted all the frames to have void abilities to counter sentients. So... what the deal, DE? Ever since Garuda, we're definitely lacking a bit of context regarding these frames that come from Vox Solaris...
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