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  1. The pilot armature assembly, plus a bit of flooring sticks around on the character as he moves through the Railjack. The host remained dead and didn't revive (not sure if he was out of revives or not), and it was only me and the pilot left. We also had a problem that if the host was in spectate mode like that, staying dead, we couldn't interact with the navigation console to take us back to drydock. The option did pop up, but no amount of hitting 'X' to select it would work.
  2. Been said before, but with the importance of this update we need to get Railjack handled well to reasonable degree at launch, since it's sure to attract a bunch of new sci fi space peeps to the game. That in-mission crafting system just to use major Railjack abilities/big guns... totally un-FUN. Sure you could almost call that a bit of realism/immersion, but do that BEFORE the mission starts or you launch the Railjack - like you have to stock up on munitions/charges/heals and be able to carry a large number of it, and allow Clans to create a common stockpile that Warlords can control the distribution limits of. That said, you also have to keep in mind solo play, and this is where I'm also of a mind where it would be just better to scrap the whole idea of in-mission, resource cost crafting - and just reduce that to a much more simplified 'Fabricator Resource Meter' - which would essentially be a warframe energy meter for Railjacks that can be modded to refill faster/use less, which fuels the Railjack big gun and active abilities. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it, DE!) Also, during the Railjack mission, that you had to assign two of the party just to keeping the thing intact, playing Wrench Monkey, a decidedly un-FUN task, that is a big problem. A sci-fi geek does not want to be putting out fires, patching hull, or crafting endlessly, while others are using the fruits of his grinding labor to have fun.
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