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  1. Shortened: Registered losers were finding a way to make this event easy and less of a grind. GET THAT NOSE BACK ON THE GRINDSTONE LOSERS HAHAHAHA
  2. I dunno though, at the rate they were firing for, for the length needed to run the clip dry, they would either have to have +1000% clip size or instant reload because acceltra eats ammo like nothing
  3. What even is this? How do you mod an Acceltra to fire like this?
  4. Dunno if this is extreme oversight, but I can still kill myself with the thunderbolt bow mod. Will test with concealed explosives later
  5. I can't log in. Password is right, but three attempts later and all say "check your info" EDIT: Can you remove the "reached 100/100, now wait for an hour and a half in the flotilla to recieve your reward" system?
  6. I know the WFH change is gonna push Scarlet back a few weeks, but it's better than hearing about people at DE getting sick with the virus or possibly losing anybody who is high risk. Steven been doing at home streams erry now and then, now you just gotta find a way to get all your collective streams together so Dean can work his tech wizardry from home.
  7. Deferred Rendering Nekros zombies, now available in test textures!
  8. To start, here's my current GPU: So far, my card runs at around 140F (dumb american unit, I know), but the rest of my system barely takes a hit. One major issue I've seen but not really a bug, as this is a WIP system is when I first loaded into the Plains at night during rainy weather. The ground looks like it is made of plastic or wet clay, but the foliage is still classic night time matte black. Just my suggestion, but instead of making it look like it's hit with torrential rainfall, reduce the specular strength or add in clouds to the atmosphere that can block moonlight, and maybe even sunlight during the day. Kind of like how Zelda Breath of the Wild had clouds that dynamically darkened the terrain pending cloud density and location in the sky. This way the ground at night won't look so insanely shiny. However... Here on the beach where we load in, with rain, it looks a lot better. Given the morning sun made it look a lot better, they still aren't as insanely shiny as the plains themselves. More to come later as I get into it, but anybody else have issues feel free to post up and hope the graphics team sees it
  9. Can there please please PLEASE be either an option to votekick players or remove Limbo's passive tied to his dodge? I can't go a single round of ESO anymore without seeing more than one limbo just hanging out and contributing absolutely nothing other than a sponge for free affinity. We can't report players for idling so can there at least be a removal of his current passive or a votekick? I am nearly on my knees begging because they are literally sucking the fun out of the game.
  10. I'm hoping the railjacks are being allowed into atmosphere like in the Fortuna trailer, is that feasible or just a gimmick to sell us a new "island"?
  11. So...those of us who bought into the pay-to-win of the drones are just gonna get a high-five and a thanks?
  12. Will we be able to take the ships into atmoshere like in the fortuna reveal trailer? That way we don't have to go all the way back to fortuna/cetus to resupply/change loadouts?
  13. My biggest and most grinding complaint so far is one part of the railjack when you first build it, requires 60 carbides to build, and so does a second piece totalling 120 for a giant space ship. A single gun for the VERY SAME SHIP requires 7000 carbides and is a fraction the size of the entire ship itself. And it's not just that. Very little copernics needed to build giant ship, THOUSANDS needed to make a reactor. I know this game prides itself on its insane grind (Vauban Prime Oxium) but this is legit getting out of hand.
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