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  1. As the title says, this is my Opinion. Others are free to chime in with theirs, but remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Don't degrade others for theirs. I love the new Skylight. Think the lighting filters need work on angles and glare, but otherwise a nice addition. As for the rest ... I'd rather have the old models back. Especially the Incubator. The new one looks like something someone doodled while in a meeting. The new Foundry looks too much like a 3D printer. The mobile arm on the old style looked so much more high-tech. While the design of the new Mod s
  2. Really messes up Electromagnetic Shielding. With the manual blocking, you could decide to take the damage, or not. Now the system decides. *shrugs* I don't mind the new system, but the auto-block needs some serious sit down and re-design by DE.
  3. 1) Ammo Usage on Peacemaker: No. This is what Energy is for. To use both Energy and ammo would be overkill (no pun intended). 2) Reducing the size of the crosshair: The system already does this. I would not be adverse to the crosshair decreasing faster as power increases faster, if there were mods, or changes to make it so. Loss for no gain is a "bad thing". I would suggest making damage at the epicenter of her crosshair much more than outside. Perhaps make the damage bonus at perfect aim based on her Strength % (ie 145% Strength gives you x1.45 damage just at the center of the cross
  4. Well, aside from this thread simply being clickbait.... You say that in your previous thread you attempted "satire"? Well, then, you failed. Since there are people that like Revenant a lot, your "satire" wasn't outre enough to be brought to light. In effect, you simply looked like anyone else that likes a frame and posts about it. To do satire in text (since tone of voice is not available), one must make the point of the context being satire. That was not accomplished. As for reading a post in it's entirety, you can hardly fault people for not reading poorly written posts. Grammar, a
  5. Aim does help, but I personally prefer Hek or Corinth over Tigris. It's not that either are better, just that they fit my style better. Though if talking single shot, single target, I like Vectis (Prime) best. So, I guess I'm saying that you need to find the weapon that fits you instead of trying to shoehorn yourself into premade molds of what others say is the "best". If everyone was the same, what a boring game (and life) this would be.
  6. Honestly, I have to say the frames are fairly well balanced. Some do have issues that need fixed, but when it comes to which frame can do what "best", a lot of that is in the hands of the player. Natural skill has a lot to do with it. Those with faster twitch reflex will be able to interface faster. While those with higher math skills can figure out the min/max easier. Tactical analysis comes into play when synergising abilities/weapons/mods and how they are used. In short, any given frame can dominate with the right player behind them. I've see Nyx taking the lead in missions (and I
  7. Well, you can use a phone app from Warframe to build in the foundry. Never tried it while logged in and playing, but might be a way to build while playing...if I test it out, I'll post here. Update:: Confirmed. You can build in the Foundry on the Warframe App while playing in missions. Not as integrated a solution as the OP detailed, but may help some. Happy hunting, Tenno.
  8. You are making yourself perfectly clear. What we are saying is DE -wants- you to waste time. So you will keep logging in to play. So for 4 forma, you must log in 4 days. Instead of logging in just 1 day.
  9. Wouldn't 'big void weapons' be called Warframes?
  10. The problem with putting in a cover system is that it would wind up required for certain missions. You know darn well, that if DE works to put that in, they will incorporate it into a new mission style, or boss, or somesuch. So no, just because of that. Pushing Operators and Archwings down peoples throats is enough. There is already a cover system in Warframe. It's called walls, and crates, and other objects. Combined with slides, crouches, jumps, a tactical sense, and a good dose of common sense, one can shoot from cover. Corinth is a perfect example of a weapon that can, as you can
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