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  1. I went to look under my equipment to see what weapons I needed to level up next when I noticed the kitguns were greyed out, even though I have all of them maxed out in my inventory. You can even see I have gaze as my most used secondary, but its still saying its unleveled. https://prnt.sc/ukrk3u
  2. So just today every time I launch the game and I get to the login screen, and when I click or do anything on the menu it crashes. I've gotten into the game once or twice and the game was running fine once I got in, got all my Tennocon2020 stuff. But just today its being an absolute pain and constantly crashes when I do anything on the login screen. I tried verifying, reinstalling, and optimizing and nothing worked.
  3. I think some kind of waist accessories would be really neat. Like I look at Valkyrs Gersemi skin and wonder why I cant have the tail on other skins or warframes. Other waist accessories could consist of skirts, holsters, thigh/hip armor, and belts. I think it'd be pretty cool, plus I just really want more tails in the game.
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