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  1. As a rule of thumb, pure RNG is not really the best reward system. Octavia Neuroptics has a 22.56% drop chance from rotation C of Orokin Derelict Survival. 22.56% sounds like almost one in four. It took me 36 runs. 36 * 20 minutes. The chance for something with 22.56% chance to happen not happen in 36 attempts is less than 1% in itself, but here you go. A reward system where you can gradually work for your rewards is always better IMO. When that dreaded Neuroptics BP dropped, I was not like "yes, I got it!", I was like "well, never again do this; do not look back at it". It burns content, it does not make it interesting.
  2. Just listened to the devstream from yesterday. You guys rock. You listen and adapt. A big ty from me.
  3. Where did I say that? The only thing I mentioned is that because of the time limited nature of this event (something alerts never had; one alert = one reward) it is possible to have your efforts not being rewarded AT ALL. I don't care for the smaller tier rewards, there is nothing in there I am interested in. But I cannot choose. To me it is 290.000 standing, then a reward. This is what I think is wrong. The reward tiers should go. The wolf creds should go. Instead, like with all other syndicates, there should be a shop offering goods for standing only. Then of course you can make umbra forma expensive, but I could save my standing for that and not waste it on stuff I don't want. And thus make my efforts worthwhile.
  4. You are right, I found out this morning. My bad for misinterpreting that.
  5. It's not 10-12 weeks. According to the ingame nav console, this week is 9 of 10 weekly acts. So next week is last week. So no, it is not easy to skip the "boring/time-consuming" ones. I did all I could, still I will fail tier 30. The pool and the whole system is far from fair. Do you have a family? Do you have a job? Does the fact that I have both make me a player who does not need or deserve rewards? But despite all the effort I put in I will still not be able to get the stuff I wanted (just have 2-3 weeks where your daytime adventures keep you so busy that you cannot shell out the time; you cannot catch up what you missed). So it feels like I wasted a lot of time. Do you consider that fair?
  6. Now that we are in the second-to-last week of the Wolf season of Nightwave, I can say that everything I was afraid of with regards to the way it is constructed has happened. I played way more Warframe/Nightwave than I could justify towards my social life/family/working hours and I even was "lucky" because I became ill and spent a week at home, the last few days of which I could shell out several hours. I still have no chance to reach the max tiers. I will finish somewhere between 25 and 27. All that work and not feeling rewarded! All that limited focus in playing while there were so much more other things worth to be done. 10 weeks struggling and still I will be missing e.g. the umbra forma. How is that any better than missing an alert since you are at work? This feels like invalidating two and a half months of playtime rather than just a few hours because you know that the alert will come up at a better time for you again anyways. I seriously think that I am done with this Nightwave thing if the way it works is not greatly changed into something I can enjoy more.
  7. What about "alerts"? They were there, they are implemented, it is what this guy (and not only he) is missing, so why on earth not reenable them? The reward system may be adaptede to the new mechanics, but they are not the problem.
  8. I now gave it a bit more time to settle and here are my suggestions (and I am sure these have been given in more or less the same way by others already, but then again...). I miss alerts. I do not really see what was broken with them. I might have missed Nitain alerts while at work but then there were others while I played, so no big deal. I always found it entertaining to look at what alerts were up and join in on them, sure to quickly find a PUG on nodes that otherwise would be barren and empty. No I do not find the wolf cred stuff that bad. But the challenges are most of the time tedious or boring or frustrating or not really worth the effort. Why not reintroduce alerts but instead of giving out items make them give out wolf standing? It could be different amounts depending on the level of the alert and the amount of daily standing via alerts could be limited, but it would be an alternative way to get the standing while still maintaining the alert system and taking away the "i missed that alert, so now I have to wait for that aura mod again for weeks" frustration.
  9. DE has introduced a new system and they have asked for feedback. Understandable, as it is the players who their service and their economical success depends on. So far the feedback in this thread shows, that Nightwave as of now has a lot of flaws, which will be viewed by DE as valuable feedback. You may disagree with that and that is fine, since we are exchanging opinions here. But "Damn casuals complaining" is not an opinion. It is an affront, trying to degrade players with an opinion you don't like and thereby degrade their reasoning. It may be the "casuals" (however you define that term) which keep the game alive with their payments. And most things that I have read were not mindless complaining but well-reasoned contributions, a standard your post does not live up to.
  10. K, time to add my .02€ to this. Firstly, I cannot see why playing solo is discouraged. It certainly isn't by DE (or solo mode wouldn't exist), so why are some of you thinking that way? OTOH, some of these challenges are not only enforcing co-op play, but playing with "friends" (people I added to a list once) or clan members (me being added to a remote list once). Which I do not like, but that's me and I can live with it. What I really do not like is the "felt force" to pursue this hunt for challenges. I am 54 years old, I have a family and I have a complex daytime job (software architect). Which means, game time is limited. Which means that now I have to decide whether I am going to do something I consider fun or whether I force myself into these challenges (most of which I personally feel more of a workload rather than entertainment) in order to hunt for creds, which are the only thing I am interested in anyways. Before this system I could easily do alerts. I am no minmaxer, so I don't care whether there were theoretically 4 Nitain alerts a day of which I missed 3. I never had a lack of Nitain and I built Wukong. I just did the alert when available and done. It only took a few minutes. Now I really have to invest into this. And if I do because of my limited time I cannot do something else. Which creates a cognitive dissonance. I did it in the first week to try it out before complaining. After the first week and seeing the challenges for this week I won't be doing it again. I accepts what comes naturally but I won't hunt for challenges any more. So far Nightwave is no success story for me. PS: I forgot something: Competing in a group for kill counts is counterproductive if your game is advertised as co-op.
  11. Yep, that is why it has taken me 4 hours + so far with my 13 attempts - 260 minutes ;). I am not complaining. If the reported drop rate somehow was outdated, then my data alone would not prove that, that is why I asked for the experience of others. As I can see, the drop rate seems not bad for others, so I assume that everything is al right then and it is just me having bad luck.
  12. I have just completed my 13th consecutive run of Orokin Derelic Survival up to Rotation C without a drop of Octavia Neuroptics Blueprint (that is is more than 4 hours of jumping around killing infested). Considering a given drop chance of 22.56%, there is a chance of less than 4% of that happening. So is it bad luck on my side or are the drop rates not up-to-date and in fact lower by now? Has anyone recently been successful to the state of "1 drop in 4 attempts"?
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