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  1. Î take it that those salty about the delay have no clues about how software development works. You were quite surely also salty about the state the last updates had when released. So which way? Ah, I get it. Salty all the time anyways, right?
  2. Are you really trying to voice a reasonable argument in this thread? You are a brave person. I've read through most of the comments and there is so much misconception about "we want" when it really is "i want" and "no one does this" when it really is "i do not want to do this". There is some demand of growing up here IMO. Personally I never really liked Nightwave and think the old alert system just should have had its alert times prolonged, but I have adopted to it. After feeling burnt out after the first NW season I took a break from the game and returned just a few weeks ago, during the last intermission. I do what I like, I don't do what I do not like and I still progress. It's just a game, it is just entertainment, don't do what does not entertain you, for the majority of players there should be enough left to do. I am MR 20 and I made a list of things I still want to do and that list is 200+ entries long. BTW: a) Railjack is fun now. b) I read through what it takes to kill a Lich and decided that I don't want to do this now, so I don't. Simple as that.
  3. This thread is living proof why there is no such thing as "we" or "the community wants". Let's face it: there are more opinions than just one. And if you have one, it is never "we", it is only "me". I think this is something to keep in mind next time someone writes "give us back" or "we do not like this". It is always "give me back" and "I do not like this". Everyone can have their opinion. But it is the opinion of a single person. Don't try to make it look more heavyweight than it is. It is also the reason why, on a global scale, DE cannot release a new content that pleases all. There will always be someone who does not like it and the louder they shout, the more ppl might think it is important, so everybody shouts as loud as they can to make their own opinion look more important. Personally I thought it was an average event after some serious troubles. The best was that it did away with RNG drops like Tridolon and instead let me approach my rewards in a way more plannable and foreseeable way. The scoring itself, the flotilla rules and the concept behind the team link are broken, potentially beyond repair, to me. For that it should be "back to the drawing board".
  4. You know what really irritates me? I just spent couple of run on Ropalolyst to farm Wisp and help others. This assassination is in the game for almost a year now. And it is so broken. I cannot count the various different things that went wrong. And this is unfixed after a year. In a mission that directly grants you Warframe blueprints. In that sense Scarlet Spear is lucky. It has already received a ton of patches which helped a lot to make it somewhat playable. I agree, that the idea behind it - the linking of two independent teams - is neither working well nor does it seem to be a good idea at all, not with the way the general game is set up (players hosting missions instead of a centralized server structure, randomness of groups, reward system). Some of these can be fixed, some of these cannot. And I think that DE would be well advised to put their ideas way more deeply to the test. But Scarlet Spear is not a total failure IMO. At least it shows how the target rewards - the things that Little Duck sells - can be given out to players in a way fairer style than by RNG. And I know what I am talking about. It took me 38 runs to drop Octavia Neuroptics blueprint. That is rotation C in Orokin Derelict Survival. 38 times 20 minutes (more than 12.5 hours) of a seriously boring mission just to find out, yet another run without a drop. THAT is a broken concept.
  5. You know what? I have currently collected 365.000 Scarlet Spear points in your doomed event and maxed out quite a few arcanes. Does not seem to be so doomed for me. Has it problems? Heck, yes. Ist it working? Yes, meanwhile it is, if you accept its flaws. And it is a way better way to farm rare arcanes than the RNG gods in PoE.
  6. Can confirm this. It is a small timespan at the beginning of Peacemaker, but it is irritating, as you think you have not properly pressed the button.
  7. I think that - as in most games where I have experienced this - minmaxing is a severe problem. It turns players into optimizers instead of enjoyers. Go into a ScarletSpear team not using a meta setup and you're yelled at because you cost them more time. If you don't want to spend time in the game, why are you playing it? In that sense a lot of the streamers/partners/whatever have led to this problem, as they come up with the most optimal ways using equipment, so every other way to do it is fine, as long as you solo, but crap otherwise. This leads to builds cheesing every thing that DE can come up with and the nerve spiral, while at the same time players yelling that they need more challenging content - which then again will be optimized by some, published, broadly accepted and then put into farm mode. I know that I cannot blame anyone for wanting to shorten some of the most annoying grind in this game, but if you are looking for reasons while people are disillusioned, IMO the optimizing game has a lot of weight in that area.
  8. I am a software developer/architect myself and I can live with the fact, that there are bugs in a new version, that were undiscovered during release testing. And that it takes time to fix that. No problem at all. Some things take time. What worries me however is that even without the bugs this would still not be an event that I could really enjoy. How could one think that this idea with 100/100 murex-stay-in-the-same-flotilla is something adding positively to the event? With all bugs gone this would still be a showstopper. Either flotillas are not entered at all or they are overwhelmed, players are frustrated when they can't enter a good one, when they crash out of a good one, this is no good. And this is not an implementation problem, it is a design problem. Maybe add someone with a degree in social sciences to your design team?
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