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  1. Sorry but I'm not feeling empyrean is fun as supposed to be... for me all this content drought for deliver this experience... man... DE seriously lost the point... this game is remember for fast paced combat... them you think let put some battles in this sky it will be good? WHEN??? Warframe aren't about spaceships battling...
  2. Hello DE! I don't understand the point of Railjack parts to be build as a solo effort... without the clan as a whole... Wasn't that a clan task? Since the whole idea about Railjack is bring all players to play togheter... it don't make sense to make players farm alone in this process...
  3. Where is the new content? I thought Railjack would be released already at this point of the year... but no sight... We almost finishing the year... 2019 was afwul about content... I hope in 2020 We would have a better release cycle or the player base will slowly die, We need to be realistic, We can't have another year with this same content drought again.
  4. Please nightwave was supossed to be nice and rewarding this not what we are recieving so far... kill x thing with y thing aren't a nice mode or rewarding... this need to be rethinked
  5. Hello DE! Thank you for new content... but it's not what We expected another wall grind after a wall grind... do you really think players will be satiated that? Grind wall aren't dificult or challenging... it's just a wasted of time for players... it's not fun or rewarding... please reconsider and redone this update...
  6. Hello DE! When the development cycle will be changed back to what was before PoE? We used to have more content and things to do. Thank you!
  7. Hello DE! I'm still waiting for new content and some news about what and when new content will be delivery... After PoE the content is more and more scarce... We used to love the game because the game was changing fastely and improving... Right now We are just sitting and waiting... I hope you change the development cycle for what was before PoE. Thank you!
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