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  1. Content drought again? please no DE.
  2. Thank you for another delay... I know there sometimes that things went wrong... but why announce something and then don't fulfill it... Sorry this pattern must stop... We already struglling for 2 years with low content and now delays start to be a common thing... when a delay rarely happen it creates some hype... but right now the community is just feeling a big boredoom... please We need new content more often as We had in 2016~2017: new quests, new mechanics, new lore... after plains of eidolon and fortuna the comunity spend almost 1 year awaiting for new content... and then in less 1 month it's empty... big releases are nice if you can bring new content besides of it... if not... as we have now it's a nightmare... also for 2 years it's just content for new players... veterans don't have nothing to do...
  3. Please release some new content... the community is sick and tired to wait... There many content delay because of Plains of Eidolon and because of Fortuna... this need to end... We really love this game... but as the release of new content is slower than never... all the game is bleeding now...
  4. Thank you! I apreciate those changes! \o/
  5. Thank you for the hotfix! But I'm wondering when We will get new content often and new mechanics in the game (for instance damage 3.0, melee 3.0)?
  6. Thank you for the hotfix! I just want some new content... I know Fortuna was release not long ago but as a player I wish new content to be delivery more frequenly as We had in 2017 for instance... I think the comunity don't want to wait another year for a big update. Greetings!
  7. Congrats DE! Another big update! \o/ 💖
  8. My main question: - When Warframe will back to normal with frequent updates with meaningful content and left this "Major Update" model behind? I'm just asking this because I feel like this time We are too inactive and with nothing to do in the game... and after Fortuna... I just wish to don't need to wait another year for a "Major Update" in the game for new content/big changes... I really hope this can be taken in consideration for new interactions/updates in the game.
  9. I don't want to be bad about those mods... but let's be serious about those mods... We already have 800+ mods... which people use around 50 for warframes and weapons... Maybe You should rework old mods or whatever I'm not sure... I don't even feel those mods would be in the 50 most used mods... or even it's really worth your time to play Arbitrations and get these... I really wish I could say something better for the rewards/news mods/new mode... For me it's strange point where Warframe seems to be missing their real point about the game... this content aren't exciting or good after all this time We are waiting for content... This comment could be seem as a negative feedback but no... I really wish to say better things about the mainline and so on... but no... but I'm worried now... I hope after Fortuna We will have more frequent updates with meaningful content...
  10. I don't want to criticize since I love this game too much but the way things are handle is very badly... first there no content as We had before... somehow We used to receive new and small content/updates more often after the Plains Of Eidolon this was changed... then you tease us with a date then you don't deliver it... There no problem to take longer or polish things... my issue is... now the updates seems to be more linked with a "major update" which means... no more new and smaller updates with content... also there is always this "big hype for the next update"... I prefer new things coming more montly or weekly than "major updates" who leads to more disappointments than enjoyment.
  11. Thank you Rebecca! You made amazing work! Congrats for the 6 years! 💖 Also about DE We can only hope for the best since We are getting always the best every release! 😄
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