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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. One of best concepts for Warframe but really poorly implemented... it's too shallow make X with Y thing. Why don't make more meaningful missions and objectives?
  3. I undertand you... but somehow you can't praize DE for that... image that if they don't even have rewards for this mode 😄 We had arcanes for raids then for eidolons... then now We have arcanes for Scarlet Spear... for me it's just pushing the wagon ahead... nothing new or good about that... When We praize DE in this sense We just help the game to be mediocre at best... Love you brother! Peace!
  4. I'm happy for you! no doubt about it! I just mean the overall experience aren't good. More specific, even with rewards I don't think that's make a good update since who needs arcanes for a game who don't have end game content anyway?
  5. Scarlet Spear is doomed, forget about this event/update and move on... There no fix for it... Are DE consciously forgeting how to make good updates? We are under almost 2 years of poor or bad updates... It's really sad for me to see Warframe slowing fading away and losing importance because there no more consistent and good updates anymore... But instead of solving problem (lack of good updates), DE avoid to talk and solve it... I really hope something along the way change it... or maybe We won't even have a comunity to play the game anymore...
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