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  1. More melee damage for infested? No god please no. Anything but damage.
  2. People asking DE to delay update for consoles until PC build gets quality of life update... you know ... asking for years. Also it would be great if all consoles receive update at same time.
  3. Danielle, L1/L2 n R1/R2 button swap for RJ when?
  4. I've been trying to get that ephemera for 3 weeks non-stop - found 7 rare containers with 4 different captura scenes and 2 dupes, and 1 endo drop. Couldnt save all 4 captura scenes because of crewship's broken spawn. Very upset. Like Stealth_Cobra said, i would like to get update with reactor changes too, nobody wants to farm reactor w useless stats even if they will be updated in future.
  5. "New matchmaking for eastern europe" Had no issues, now i cant join public maroo bazaar or dojo, its loading to solo server.
  6. Wow, finally consoles got major update b4 christmas. Thanks, DE. Is anyone knows if performance improved?
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