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  1. Wtf is Ephemera!? Only Ephemera I know is that one character in Kingdom Hearts X chi
  2. I actually want there to be a form of k drive racing where we race against either other tenno or enemy AI like corpus on vehicles of their own. Picture Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity but in warframe
  3. Because if anything, this should have been a deluxe skin for Revenant.
  4. Make sure you remind the moderators what Nezha is. I'll give you a hint, it begins with T and ends with RAP
  5. But now you wouldn't need to face them with the tranq rifle to locate them. an arrow will show exactly where they are no matter which way you're facing
  6. Motion Tracker Direction of the Conservation target is shown with an arrow while aiming down sights Perfect Pairing Perfect captures grant two tags. Double Dosage Stronger darts and higher potency sedatives allow shots to pierce through Bolarola armor and sedate Kubrodons and Stovers with only one dart Repeater Able to fire one shot after the other with no ready time
  7. Does anyone even USE Elytron? Or even Amesha for that matter?
  8. Why haven't we seen a prime Itzal?
  9. Upgrades like: Perfect Captures grant 2 tags Darts pierce Bolarola Armor Darts travel speed increased Scope now has the ability to zoom
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