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  1. Limbo Limina Skin That should have been REVANANT's Deluxe, with Limbo the theme just doesn't suit the frame
  2. I'd say the biggest case of toxic is actually from a partner of this game AGGP, the guy is a straight up A-Hole to anyone that doesn't share his opinion.
  3. I'd like to do stuff in those zones in PEACE without having to stop every 10 seconds because an enemy patrol decided to not mind their own #*!%ing business
  4. Shirt and shorts, Swimsuits, Hell even Scuba gear?
  5. Are the adult operators in the Duviri Paradox just the future versions of us? By that, I mean will our Present Operator and Future Operator collaborate with eachother in the duviri paradox? Because I like that concept better than just our operators growing up
  6. Titania: Come on wisp. Its not all bad. Wisp: Says the one who actually has #*!%ing feet... Titania: What? Wisp: What?
  7. So how does it feel now that it has been near enough 6 years?
  8. Invisibility is another reason why i picked itzal. It lets me cheese poe riven mod requirements without the stress. Please dont tell me thats getting nerfed...
  9. The ogris destroys the ship. Along with data files from spy missions and hostages from rescue missions. Much to the disdain of tenno playing those missions. I wish for the luck of the devil. To find lady luck always smiling upon me
  10. What Was the thought process behind Limbo's Deluxe and why it wasn't for Revenant? Because the theme does NOT suit the frame.
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