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  1. I think the reason why i agree with this topic so much is because no matter how much i grind, there's no Uber-Hard difficulty content waiting at the end to push this super strong stuff im using. Its like. You win, wait for the next grind. When i want it to be, 'You are prepared! Now face these teeth-grinding hard challenges!' and people where dissappointed because when Sortie's came out they ended up being so easy that theyre Solo-able. Level 80 to level 120 is not hard. Adding more grinds is starting to burn me out, when what im actually begging for is something that will slap my Warframe dead in the face and say 'You should have dodged that'. Enemies in this game arent formidable enough for people to actually consider taking cover from enemy fire -.-
  2. I didnt play Warframes PvE for 3 years to be told im doing it wrong. Dont do this DE.
  3. Without her #4, she's next to useless compared to other frames. Leave it be
  4. It rubs me a very bad way that i am being told i NEED to PvP in order to get some PvE mods, some that i would need too...that mod for the extra damage on the Daikyu is meaningful to me because i love bows. Im flat out not interested in PvP, please dont force me :/ veeery uncool DE, strongly suggest you do not go down this fork.
  5. Couldnt have said it better myself. Please dont do this DE, some of us here really do NOT want to have to PvP to complete our PvE weapon/warframe builds. Many of us are not here to play PvP, dont force us. :(
  6. The buff to Ignis was welcome, but it didnt go far enough, the damage is just TURRIBLE.
  7. I feel the same about Kubrow's Offensive capability the same i do about Nekros' Summons, they dawdle about, and spend 90% of their time not fighting and sniffing their butts :P I think tweaking the AI to make them far more aggressive is the solution. When kubrows actually make an attack, its pretty powerful! R20 Elitist says so! I use my Digbrow a lot. As for making Kubrows more powerful...all i can say is this: WILL THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY? WILL IT?!?!? Be honest, Kubrows are very powerful and very survivable, the problem lies with their dawdling about and not fighting...much like the same problem with Nekro's summons, is that Summon/Companion AI needs to change and become far more aggressive. No more taking cover and walking around casually whilst were in a fight, the Summon/Companion AI needs to work in a way in which they are fighting or seeking out a fight. Kubrows need to go find some fresh meat to chew on far more often. Nekro's Summons need to stop taking cover and start being forced go run either with the summoner or run to seek fresh targets immidiately. Im very much SUPER convinced this is an AI based solution. Increased aggressive behaviour needed.
  8. People arent swimming in T4 keys though, and this is the problem, massive void key expenditure vs the rate of Forma's. T4 keys dont exactly {POP} into your inventory by magic, they take a great deal of time to get one. I spent probably more than 200 hours in Earth excavation farming all those void keys....and now that 200+ hours has been for very little reward because of the over-dramaticly nerfed Forma rates TT.TT
  9. Im helping a batch of new players into Warframe and tried my best to get them enough forma's to get somewhere...instead, i only got them enough formas for 2 gun weapons and a single melee weapon at best. Right now im just comletely stunned...and I kinda feel cheated out of my hard work getting the keys.
  10. During this credit weekend after saving all of my keys for it, i have just blown: -over x90 T3 Capture keys -over x40 T2 Capture keys -over x20 T3 Exterminate keys -over x15 T4 Exterminate keys How many Forma Blueprints did i get? x13 THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE expenditure VS Forma reward.
  11. Indeed, when new players start to realise just how many Forma's they need and how deep that rabbit hole is, it causes many players to simply be terrified away, or feel that the only way to catch up, is via Pay2Forma with hundreds of dollars worth of Formas which again, would scare many people away. If the first impression to a new player is this Black Hole, where only a higher ranked player can pull you out of it, it really gives new players a fright.
  12. The Parkour 2.0 section of the Sentients video, actually shows the old wall-run, mixed into all the new stuff.
  13. Much agreed. I generally help them to Rank 2, trade them vital start mods, open up a few planets for them so they can get out of the start pit, and after that, they start enjoying it a lot more and i just let them fly out the nest.
  14. Ehhh well it depends and is subjective. Some people want to collect everything and see a big shiny 100% Completion above their name. Some people want to have the strongest combination of mods to allow them to fight level 200+ enemies and say they lived to tell the tale. It depends who you ask. But a lot of the answers, means you need those mods. I cannot stop them finding this stuff on the Wiki. they've actually been finding out about these mods, entirely on their own steam.
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