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  1. Welcome new player. Allow an OG and a veteran introduce you to the meme that comes whenever something is announced for release and And let's not forget this one either: Seriously, just sit tight and it'll be released. Demanding it in the forums will usually be ignored (trust me -- some of us have been doing it for years), and those that remember will post this to the new players that don't realize how DE and Warframe works when it comes to timetables. Happy grinding until it's been dropped!
  2. As it stands, you need to strip mine (AKA completely scour) the Origin System Map in order to find them. According to my findings without a resource drop chance or resource booster I usually see a mission drop 1 - 2 every other mission. The alternatives at the moment are as follows: Arbitrations blueprint (as stated by @Hello, which I wholeheartedly agree is not worth it). Deimos Bounties -- particularly Tier 4 and Tier 5 which is part of the reward table (and as stated on the drop table 15.38% - 50% depending on rotation) which I personally think is one of the many dangling ca
  3. I definitely second this. While I learned through memorization where they're located during the first part of the isolation vaults, if you do the arcana isolation vaults (the second part of the iso-vault missions), the extraction waypoints never show up. However, I'm beginning to think that this might be a bug and not something intended because we have extraction waypoint markers for everything in all missions.
  4. This is true.. But having been with the game since long before the day/night cycle was introduced I can tell you eventually worked into 12:00 (Day),16:00 (Night), 20:00 (Day), 00:00 (Night), 04:00 (Day) and 08:00 (Night) based on Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) as set by DE being located in London, Ontario Canada. Adjust based on local time zones for the player. What gets even more frustrating is when it adjusts based on Daylight Savings Time as it doesn't use UTC which does not run on Daylight Standard/Daylight Savings Time. However, like so many other tests for game mechanics introdu
  5. This is true.. For some of the new players with serious problems with Impatience, the Current Ash farm was already very frustrating as to make people not want to farm them from Ophelia, Uranus for 15 minutes a pop -- or worse -- any time duration running Defection missions.. Why do you think most players like calling that mission mode defecation missions? Oberon while I'm happy to not being able to collect an army of Oberons that I have had no interest in building since the time Oberon's passive was to calm woodland animals (serious that time was a dark time for Oberon's life in the g
  6. TYPE: In-Game, All Big Map Fishing DESCRIPTION: Did something get changed with Bait and Miscellanea as the secondary and tertiary gearwheel seem... wonky. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Nothing has changed, and saw the differences. Then did Orb Vallis and then Cambion Drift and see no rhyme or reason why pressing and holding 2 (or 3) as to where in the gear wheel they are going to. EXPECTED RESULT: It should maintain the same orderliness as the spear (pressing & holding 1) as seen here: OBSERVED RESULT: N/A REPRODUCTION RATE: Consistently inconsistent since t
  7. Another oversight going on is when you have all these wonderful backdrops for the Clan Dojo to choose from: And yet you fail to be able to go back to this default. Let alone the ability to research it to add it back to the rotation:
  8. I have to say the minor changes for the Navigation UI feels like I'm looking at a horrible rendition of ANSI graphics (you know from the old DOS days) with the colour choices I have made with my UI. For example this is my UI choices within the game: Isn't it easy on the eyes? Sure is at least for me it is... Then I see this in my Navigation UI and all I can think is -- where is the disable button?! I don't need the numbers highlighted in such a way as to make it not only retina burning, but so retro, I should be loading up this instead:
  9. Free Flight does not seem to allow a total training mode for players to be able to bring new railjack players the ability to train and use all functions of a Railjack on the rocks located in the free-form map. While we can fire our weapons, missile and artillery to our heart's content on the free flight map, it most certainly does not allow new players (and veterans) what is called live-fire training so that they can get a better cohesive feeling of a ship as the foundry is completely disabled and no resources are available, nor does it allow the players to see the time it takes for a foundry
  10. Does not do as promised at all. This reminds me of the time where the rework for the Simulor was put into effect and the first iteration of the weapon made it appear like the Simulor was nerfed into the ground! It took more than three re-works to get to to something like was promised, and I suspect this is going to happen with Tether on Railjack. 1. It doesn't even do what it promises about tethering enemies (like Arcane Lockdown) so that gunners and pilot can shoot at them -- like fish in a barrel -- and just happily glides by the enemies ignoring them as they pass by. 2. becaus
  11. TYPE: In-Game, Railjack Cosmetics. DESCRIPTION: Lack of Wear & Tear Slider when working on ship interior appearance. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Like previously when wear & tear for the orbiter interior was introduced, there was no slider to control wear & tear, and was draconianly set as a standard wear & tear appearance. EXPECTED RESULT: To be able to manually control user preference for wear & tear. OBSERVED RESULT: N/A REPRODUCTION RATE: Extremely consistent.
  12. Assuming that you made sure your files aren't corrupted after the updates and two hotfixes (through file verifying), make sure in Options --> Gameplay your PC type isn't set to Laptop. This is where you can control whether you can host or not. If PC Type is set to laptop you will be set to never host a game. Another trick is to play with 1 friend online when you invite them to your squad. Doing so will set you to host when you go into a mission with a squad of random players. Usually launching from your railjack will more often times than naught make the mission fr
  13. TYPE: In-Game, Fissure mission rewards. DESCRIPTION: Rubico Prime Receiver reward during a fissure unlock is set at Low Priority. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: During a 4 round Defense mission, Fissure mission everything was set as high priority but the Rubico Prime Receiver which is set low and below the materials collected during the mission. EXPECTED RESULT: Cracked Relics should be at higher importance than lowest. OBSERVED RESULT: See Reproduction. REPRODUCTION RATE: Extremely common with the Receiver. TYPE: In-Game, Corpus Ice Planet Tile set (Ne
  14. When the time come, the message will be unpinned and we'll be given a new megathread to post to.
  15. TYPE: In-Game, Nightwave DESCRIPTION: Looks like the old 3 index runs without the NPCs obtaining a point wasn't looked at when this returned to the rotation. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Seems to only affect this mission, haven't seen it in any of the others. EXPECTED RESULT: It should be telling the players how much has been completed instead of Lotus/language/... OBSERVED RESULT: N/A REPRODUCTION RATE: For this week's nightwave it's only showing on the Index to-do.
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