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  1. Given how much DE and Bungie seem to be copying each other in the F2P market -- if that gets added... So should this:
  2. It's a no. Cosmetics not increase the hitbox of the sentinel (or companion), but the higher the level of enemies, I have noticed the more collateral damage they take: particularly sentinels.
  3. You know, I was thinking about this last night after I posted my message. About the only game that has anything close to premium currency of the game in the in-game auction house was Rift and that was in REX packages for purchase.. And these REX packages are a pittance of what you can buy with real world currencies. All the others that I've played usually use the in-game currencies which are worth as much as the pixels they are printed on (your screen). While I am not a lawyer, I get the impression that there's some pretty complicated laws in place when a game is suddenly turning into a bank for virtual currency bought with real world money. Or worse, opens up the potential for litigation involving real world court systems globally. Something too many game developers want no part of. This is why we either see transactions on third party websites (warframe market), or in game like we do Maroo's Bazaar, Relays and public announcements of sales in large community areas. I understand the OP's complaints because of personal time constraints, I remain at a loss that he's thinking something established in 7 years of continuous running is going to change simply because he finds it inconvenient. This RNG lottery win is becoming more challenging than when I was working a job for 80 hours a week some years ago. I often tell people even logging in 1 time a day for three minutes daily is easier to winning a 50% or even a 75% off coupon and then buying the cheapest platinum package (75 platinum for a discounted $4.99). Who knows? Maybe he might even having the same luck I did by getting 8 75% discounts in a row like I did when I had a windfall of spendable cash (Something I'm still floating 10K platinum to date).
  4. As I was witness to the migration from PC to consoles when DE launched those forks, you're dealing with a combination of "you had to be there" with the normalization as we're seeing with the Ignis Wraith being in Baro's rotation. The fact that it's there now (like Primed Shell and so many other things that were in events that came and gone) is better than never having it at all. Hell, you want community bonding? I often give away what people need on PC for an ammo drum if someone is that in need. And there are so many other players like me more than willing to help. Saw one in the forums this evening that simply give it away to someone that asked. Can't be bought with the first 50 free plat for free-to-play new players which will pose a problem. And it's significantly cheaper to going to Baro when you consider that you can turn in junk/extra prime parts for the ducats. Credits are even easier to get either by going to poor man's Index (Seimeni, Ceres for 5 waves, and wash, rinse repeat) or Index on Neptine. Can't do it/get there yourself? Recruiting chat will get you people to taxi/carry you there.
  5. The problem with this proposal of a trading post is that this game would be getting away from the Peer-to-Peer architecture that has been established for more than 7 years. Thanks to this architecture, it lacks the necessary server farm like WoW or Rift or Star Trek: Online (just to name a few) that have the ability to have auction houses/exchange/whatever. And I noticed, you're not a PC player, so we'll be dealing with not one, but four different auctions houses on four different server fames at the present time (PC, XB1, PS4, Switch). And further no promise in the near future that cross-play/cross-save is ever going to happen. If there were ever Client-Servers for this game, you would be seeing playerbase riots demanding the missions be generated not by the host PC of a squad given the amount of host migrations we all suffer but the servers for better gaming stability. And this would be an expenditure that I'm more than confident that DE does not want to spend for given how far this game has gone and how much more work DE needs to be doing for the stability of the game (a sardonic joke sometimes, I know) as well as the content that's in the pipe. So we're limited to what we have in game, or a third party site to put our wares up for trading for the convenience of when we come online to play I sympathize with the juggling you do in real life and what you want to do with your off-time, with one one caveat... And that caveat is, no amount of indignation, disappointment (nor potential vitriol) is going to change the current hardware architecture of this game without clear potentials for profit from the losses accrued from the conversion. I know client-server architectures have been asked for, without any proof of them happening. Further, I know from almost 7 years of experience when facing the attitudes of your post -- good as it might be for those that read it -- such messages will be met by a community that will drone the retort of "if you don't like the game don't play it" without so much as a second thought. I cannot offer you alternatives to your inherent dislike of being a vending machine. As an Ancient in the game, I know that if the idea is good, it might take a long time for DE to come around to enabling it. Just be sure you keep in mind that something that goes well outside of the current norm of this game, might never come to pass. If you're willing to live with that, then welcome to what I've been doing since I got here. Otherwise, may you find the peace you're looking for no matter the game you choose to play.
  6. He didn't miss it, he just didn't answer it in a way that directly applies to the question. The fact that it's been added to Baro's Rotation is a clear indication it's not coming back as a Clan Contest to getting it added to the Research Lab. This has been recently reinforced now that Primed Chamber has finally been added to Baro's rotation as well.
  7. You are aware that on PC, we can view a profile at any time from the comfort of our orbiters by typing /profile <IGN> in a chat window? This includes when you're also offline. While I like the thought of being notified if someone is viewing my information, binding it to your companions and sentinels is more than a little problematic as you have no direct access to either as a companion wanders around your orbiter and your sentinel is sitting there in an idle state in it's form of an arsenal.
  8. I sit corrected. Up until last week, my Doppelganger has routinely been sitting on consoles or peeking around corners.
  9. DE added new animations for it.. I saw mine the other day looking like this:
  10. While I get the gist of what's been asked -- and believe me it's been asked for boosters for years -- only to run while the player is only online; DE has systematically ignored any requests like this to be implemented. My only suggestion -- learned from other fellow ancients -- is that for it being added to the daily login to simply be consistent about the times you perform your daily log in to maximize the use of such boosters for your benefit. The same for purchases for the 3, 7 and 30 day boosters. Planning and forethought are required for the longer ones requiring more consistent times to play the game to maximized those boosters while they're active.
  11. 😡 Where am I going to hide my floofs then from prying eyes and visitors to my orbiter?! But seriously, this has been asked for for years and it hasn't been implemented. What makes you think things will change now?
  12. My apologies that I didn't make it clear... This is not warframe oriented, this is (most probably) Account oriented, as discussed here: As I said: Check through your Warframes... I've been testing with my account on solo on Adaro... They do not spawn when I'm running with Nidus and Loki Prime. But showed up on time when running the same mission with Excalibur Umbra and Equinox. I might have to test on all my Warframes to see if it's something about my account or whether it's just the Warframes themselves. My friend and I went doing solo missions (on Adaro, Sedna) and it's completely arbitrary what frames will and will not spawn the larvling. What worked for me, did not work for my friend. Because this is a squad/co-op game DE might have glazed over this issue ensuring that because it's random per account, that 4 people will probably not run into the same problems as a solo player will. So the bottom line is that you need to try all the warframes in your arsenal until DE addresses this spaghetti-coding issue.
  13. I suspect the old glitch that was going on when the Kingpin system was first introduced has reared its ugly head: some warframes will cause the Larvling not to spawn, but will have the flashing light indicator that it should be. Loki Prime from my arsenal does not spawn the larvling no matter the circumstances.
  14. I think -- "the team" -- should get the Kuva Liches normalized first before they should be worrying about putting another grind on the gaming campfire. Including the dance around the point of Opting Out as they have been doing with the last update.
  15. Really? Given the way the weapons appear and disappear in the game, I'm always reminded of this technology:
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