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  1. So instead of trying to counter what I gave you based on immersion and gameplay, you choose instead to simply disagree based on disagreement? All right I'll explain it to you based on the impressions that I got reading your original post, three times. You are -- in spirit and essence -- going into a clan dojo that's no more than 50 capacity and then looking at either the architect or the warlord(s) of the dojo -- saying that the dojo doesn't have any teleporters to the labs -- requesting they do so install them because it's more convenient -- for you -- and then putting it under the banner that it's a quality of life improvement. Never mind figuring out that all the labs are on the same floor and separated by a row of cross corridors. @Birdframe_Prime went with the programmer approach, I chose the loreist and immersion when I responded. I can also go with the most pragmatic of them all: 6+ years of experience. DE doesn't listen to their own forums and selectively listens to reddit posts for reasons that don't entirely make sense to me. They come off like the over-inundated developers that at the beginning of this journey for them listened too much to the player base and now that they're on the other side of success, ignore anything that isn't rabble rousing, screams of content drought, a potentially scandalous backlash or have indications that it's going to explode in the media. If it hasn't already done so, like here and here. We (still) have a half-implemented melee system (in March of this year) that still continues to get negative criticism in a now unpinned mega-thread with empty promises -- from one of their moderators that still has a questionable past tied to the very moderator abuses and cronyism that the forums suffered through for years -- that it's going to be fixed and further improved. However, many still wait and see whether it's going to be an empty promise on top of empty promises or further half-implemented and half-baked. While it's plausible suggestion of yours might be a simple code improvement that can be implemented in addition to a mainline update drop, more often times than naught, It's going to be ignored. The forums are littered with such "quality of life improvements" that end up collecting dust and cobwebs because -- yep, ignored unless it's been said on Reddit and doesn't fit the potentials described earlier. So do go on and disagree because you didn't like one sentence that called it out for what it was. It's your right. We are often entitled to do so if we have an idea we like shot down in an off-coloured manner because we have a lot of pride we suggest things seem worthwhile -- even if that worthwhile is only to us. Now, take your choice which is more palpable to swallow.
  2. Cetus has a Drop Pad, and Fortuna is underground. Why would they need a navigation spot for utilizing the solar rails if they're down in a gravity well? I mean it's not like we can use navigation consoles on mission maps and some of them are in space. Some of them are even ships of the Corpus or Grineer that would have control areas and we don't utilize them during missions. Never mind the mutation nonsense of the Infested on Eris and hell, the Hive Mission on Eris (Naeglar) often drops us in the navigation area of a corpus ship and we can't use that equipment to bug out of there. Not to mention that Earth has the Strata Relay, Vesper relay is used by XB1 and Switch players (not PC) on Venus. Is this what suggestions have become? Requests for the lazy because they don't want to go back to their orbiters?
  3. We used to have Mag, Excalibur and Loki as starter frames. DE changed Loki to Volt because they found people trying to be utility to start was too difficult and too squishy for the adrenaline junkies. Next, we can farm for Rhino one planet away on Venus, which for the tank brains can carry them far even if they don't know how to play a DPS, a DPS/Utility or Sonic the Hedgehog (before we go farming for Sonic the Hedgehog on Acid from Disruption missions. And that's Gauss for some of you players). From there we can get Excalibur on Mars if we didn't get him as a starter, then Mag on Phobos if we didn't get her. Then Frost on Ceres and so on as we go out to the planets. If you don't like the F2P aspect of farming, you could always do what we old timers did: buy platinum to get the frame we wanted faster. Buying plat and then buying the frame circumvents any MR restrictions that F2Pers need to honor as platinum is the universal currency of this game for getting everything faster. There. problem solved. And no amount of -- for lack of a better word -- drunken rampages will be required in the general discussion threads of this fine forum. Seriously, I stopped after: the rest of it looks like you're having some form of alcohol poisoning, a stroke or something even worse that none of us would be able to assist. I try to help, but if I can't figure it out, dialing 911 (or 999) won't fix that problem no matter how hard I try.
  4. @CeruleanHex this information is accurate... And this site helps with the pre-planning: https://dojoplanner.stom66.co.uk/
  5. And once again, DE is wanting the rabble rousing to fall into a holding pattern while they faff around for another mainline update which continues to demonstrate broken promises and vague innuendos of Soon™... All right, for how much longer? How many more months of a crap change that was not only half-cocked but half-baked as well -- is the Melee user base going to have to endure of this inane and nonsensical system? I call bullS#&$ at this point. This thread is still not dying any time soon and no matter how much rousing the acolytes to brow-beat the rabble into submission, this continues to rise to the top in the forums. While this isn't clear evidence (instead merely speculative and personal opinion), we might not getting the S#&$storm we saw back during Vivergate, but it's becoming slowly evident that instead of going down in flames this will slowly becoming a withering corpse on life support.
  6. Good bye or Go Solo.. DE is never changing this. If you think a reduced timer is bad, try playing with people that are on laptops and WiFi and connecting as host. I was looking at 1700 - 1800 ping times during the Razorback Event when running Salacia, Neptune when picking up Cryptographic ALUs for the keys. The good thing was that I didn't die because of the amount of lag -- but the bad thing is that I'm sure I didn't pick up half of the ALUs I was aiming for. The other sad fact of this staggered extraction opportunity is that the extraction area for the solo player(s) wanting to leave seems to be half the size of the green extraction area on the mini-map. This means if you're forced to move outside of it -- and yet still be in the extraction area for a full team -- your timer is getting reset. I needed to take advantage of this "new feature" when I had an emergency text and found it too long and resetting way too much that I simply ALT+F4 aborted because it was interfering with my ability to leave the house. This is also why my last message in this thread was more disparaging than usual for the likes of me. The bottom line to this discussion is that I continue to think it's a good idea, but the execution leaves much to be desired.
  7. The other huge problem with this is that more often times than naught, if you deviate from a much smaller extraction area (thanks to enemy spawns) that can happen near to extraction, the timer gets reset. Repeatedly. At this point this isn't waiting for a party decision, this is sadism in the attempt of bullying the player to stay in the mission. If this is supposed to give players the ability to leave the game because of real life interfering; I'm not feeling the generosity.
  8. If anything DE has been vigilant about the Riven Workshop reworks. I have watched the Pyrana Riven Mod I originally obtained before their promise to reworking Rivens and it's been changed each time. That's three times since the launch of this "improvement". If there's going to be any blowback, it's either ignored, or not done because I'm seeing more and more people taking the attitude of "Warframe is their game and they can do what they want" when it comes to Rivens. I've said this time and time again... If people want action from DE, hit them in their spreadsheets. Or get big name media to brow beat them into action. Otherwise, DE will do this time and time and time again when it comes to that noise;
  9. uh... The Exilus Mod Slot is something you can polarize normally. Unless you're wanting something like the aura forma that can use any forma in which case might pose a very strong power creep problem as that will also affect 8 more slots in the warframe, thus also allowing people to build with umbral mods without the use of Umbral Formas. Nice idea, but I know for fact it won't be accepted.
  10. Of course DE will keep their word. This has been identified as power creep and DE continues to try to put the genie back into the bottle instead of outrightly removing the offending material. You know like they did when the original snipetron was released, removed, released again, removed again and finally made to be the toothless wonder (read: rank & bank material) it has became and offered in the Plague Star Event event for completionists. Exactly! I often keep a handful around to watch how the dispositioning is going to go between good/OP weapons and the crap weapons DE wanted to give a leg up for. But after that? You can still kill level 150+ enemies without using a riven in the weapon. Build according to that specification.
  11. Pressing keys repeatedly even with cheap keyboards will last for years. I've worked with medical transcriptionists that have used the same keyboard for 5 years that while the letters and the key covers are worn down, still work well. Banging the keys like a monkey with a hammer however is the problem. Perhaps you should work on a lighter touch instead of being so heavy handed if you're that concerned.
  12. That's because they don't do beta testing prior to release. DE does Alpha-Level code cleanup. We the PC player base are the beta testers. And no amount of dancing about the point in devstreams is going to change this fact. For as long as the word beta is anywhere in the TOS, there will never be any in-house beta work done. If they did actually do standard beta test environments, we wouldn't be seeing the glaring bug releases we see on any mainline update that happens prior to a weekend. And a long weekend at that.
  13. Good to see you pulled your heads out of the sand since the corruption and the cronyism on moderator abuses that has been going on for more than three years... While it's not so good that it took Rahetelius' videos to the public and be grabbed by the gaming news sites to run with them; it's certainly a step in the right direction than some of the poor decisions I've seen in other business I've consulted and worked for... For the moment though, I'm willing to play sort of nice in spite of the fact that you continue to incorporate a half-baked melee system "improvement" that has been broken more than 5 months while you feed the Warframe Hype Machine™ and hand out new toys to the player base to distract them from their boredom and the game's glaring problems... I know this is a mainline, and that a lot of things are broken, let's address some of the stuff I've caught since this dropped. First, You increase draw and then you decrease arrow speed after the shot? If this is supposed to be an improvement, I'm not feeling it. If anything, this seems to be bad coding given that it's supposed to be the Dread and not a Paris MK-1. Also what is up with the arrow Trails? Not only are they longer, they also seem more persistent lasting more than 2 seconds. (Seen here:) Graphic Indicators between Orokin Volatile and Treasure Boxes needs to be adjusted... Only because I see it's not on my mini-map gives away the fact that it's a trap. I guarantee newer players are going to be running into them for credits only to end up being spanked from the explosion. As I'm sure this has already been reported, graphics on the transition screen are back to being broken again. This is a prisma skin... It doesn't look it. It looks like a waxed car waiting to be buffed to a sheen:
  14. Ding Ding.. This is your wake up alarm to remind you -- DE -- that this thread is not going away any time soon and that some of us would like to have quick melee... You know, instead of a clapped out Devil May Cry Fighting mechanic that takes away from out personal want for control. If we wanted that we'd go back to Final Fantasy whatever with crappy menu driven systems...
  15. Oh, I know at this point.... But I also know that keeping this at the top of their forums is going to be an eye sore too. A black-eye level eye sore.
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