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  1. TYPE: In-Game Sabotage missions Grineer vs. Corpus DESCRIPTION: I'm rather surprised no one has reported this. Seems that Corpus Space Ship Tileset when running the sabotage mission by putting the fuel cannister into the coolant port does not behave according to the missions parameters as set by Lotus. Doing so is supposed to create magnetic bubbles and low gravity anomalies, but doesn't. VISUAL: this is what it's supposed to look like as seen in the Grineer Galleon Tileset: What we get instead is this: REPRODUCTION: Simply putting the fuel cannister into the coolant port
  2. TYPE: Extraction from any mission. DESCRIPTION: Standing with Glassmaker seems to be redacted during the end part of the mission and level cannot be seen until the stats and other buttons show up once the player is returning to their orbiter. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: there seems to be an unnatural delay going on since Update 29.5 that is causing this redacting to occur. EXPECTED RESULT: In the past this information was immediately available. OBSERVED RESULT: N/A as the picture shows.. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time since Update 29.5 and seems to t
  3. Imagine what it's like to be creating three -- sometimes more -- separate forum post for all the bug tracking done for each update and then having a player base of 50 million plus having to figure out where to post a bug they encountered and where... Never mind those that get confused and then post the bug wherever they can to getting heard. AND THEN having a support staff -- of say less than 30 -- having to scroll through all the millions of posts to report them to the development team in some sort of bulleted list for them to figure out whether it can be worked into the next update,
  4. Three hours later of reading and processing.... ' What's it going to employ a web administrator to make a centralized bug reporting button that will dump all bug reports to a central location and that they can be parsed out and indexed internally so that you -- the developers -- can sort based on subject(s) you decide to set? As it currently stands this is beginning to feel like a trip to the local Department of Motor Vehicles where you stand in one line with the a set of forms only to find out that you've been standing in line for hours in the completely wrong line to reportin
  5. So basically what you're doing is that after that rather bad thing said during a devstream where @[DE]Rebecca said in no uncertain terms, "...that not all Warframe abilities should be OP..." and clearly implied "...each kit should have one rather pitiful/unused ability..." , you realized just how bad that sounded and you're making a revisit of those "pitiful" abilities no one uses in order to make them more enticing. I'm not sure whether I should be applauding you for the attempt to balancing the years of Warframe ability sadism, however I do like what I'm seeing so far and can't wai
  6. I generally don't bring my Kavats to the Plains of Eidolon at night. Saves me the issue of them getting infected because the Vasca Kavats beeline to my pet faster than Vomvalysts do to my Sentinels.
  7. This is a support question as there might be something else going on with the account.
  8. I'm still rather surprised that DE didn't add the 5 genetic codes offering to the Nightwave rotations as it used to also be part of the old alert system.
  9. It's been asked for time and time and time and time and time again, and it has been ignored twice as much. The problem with vote kicking is that it would open up the potential for abuse from the player base and using a vote kick to kicking out otherwise supportive players. Not to mention create a method of bullying. Instead DE has set up that AFKers that sit there for too long doing nothing, they will not get the mission rewards. Those that know this will move in such a was as to avoid the AFK penalty, in which case they will leech the mission by doing minimal movements. if you see
  10. While I'm not sure the Corpus ships are even biological in origin to be suffering from an unhygienic effect -- let alone UTI, or even Yeast Infection -- I agree that there's something definitely not at all right about there being a second port intentionally built into a reactor where it would be allowed to set into an overload status just because the coolant canisters have been removed from the respective ports. However, I am willing to give it a free pass if DE has been so gracious as to remove the fact that the second coolant cell has entirely been removed from the mission in order to
  11. I have often told people when they get chat banned because of certain casual words, when you get unbanned in the future to approach chatting on Warframe's in-game text as though you're having a civilized and polite talk with your grandmother. If you're failing at this and continuing to get banned because of bad choice of casual words, might I suggest instead you pay the money and learn etiquette and protocol. Finishing Schools used to provide how to talk respectably in society without the unnecessary needs to: Swear and Curse like a sailor on shore leave. Drop the N word
  12. TYPE: In-Game, Balor Fomorian Event DESCRIPTION: Holy Washout Batman! Picture says it all. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: No settings changed, drivers updates and it seems the washout that was going on with Ergo Glast (Perrin Sequence) and Red Veil's leader was swept into the Fomorian Event. EXPECTED RESULT: A little less washout, please and thank you. OBSERVED RESULT: N/A REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproducible.
  13. Buh? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Operator/Quotes The line is actually This Hurts. Corrupted Vor says This Will Hurt.
  14. If I recall in spite of the fact that Corrupted Captain Vor is dead, he still has dialog triggers. This is why players often call him Blow-Hard Vor because he just doesn't shut up even after being killed within 10 seconds.
  15. TYPE: In-Game, Cambion Drift DESCRIPTION: Companions seems to ignore the rules when it comes to being in the zoomed reticle when mining in the Cambion Drift. Older companions like the Kubrow and Kavat seems to obey the rule most of the time, but Predasites and Vulphaphylas definitely do not. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: easy to reproduce, simply bring any Predasite or Vulphaphyla on the mission. Note: Kubrow and Kavats will also do so, but not as frequent as the former. EXPECTED RESULT: Companions should be obeying the rules to getting out of the way while mining.
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