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  1. Lord, people here should know this by heart at this point:
  2. Players use his 1 ability besides for this?
  3. It's been a couple of years now since the in-game way point system was inserted into the game.. In the time that it had been introduced I had: Been sent in circles trying to figure out where I'm supposed to be going to get to extraction... Hell, even simply trying to do a simple mission. Been sent down the wrong corridors, for hundreds of meters at a time, only to have the schizophrenic way point suddenly say, "nope, it's behind you. keep up with me." in a way that only a prissy schoolmarm would disapprove. Way points completely disappear from not only the in-game markers, but the mini-maps as well when I'm the client and even when I'm the host. And no, I'm not talking about how the green extraction is under the the yellow mission markers. I'm talking completely gone from the maps. Been pointed to arbitrary and even draconian way points telling to me take an elevator (or go to some point in the mission map) I had already by passed because I had anticipated the direction I was supposed to be going, and then take almost 30 seconds for the game to decide to catch up only to point me in wrong directions. As a client had the way points pointing in such diagonals that made no bloody sense which direction I was supposed to be going. Way points and Mission Queues of what's going on take a full 20 - 30 seconds to catch up to what happened... Event when the ping is only 150 ms to the host. <--- This is a bug, but I strongly suspect it's tied into the new way point system in more ways than anyone wants to admit. And these are just the ones that come bubbling to the top of my head as I was thinking about a mission today that left me completely on the other side of the map. The old way point system (that is being exclusively to the mini-map) might have been buggy, and lord knows most of the times when I was using it I found that the problem wasn't with the mini-map it was in my understanding reading the map. But at least it wasn't as intrusive as the current system which is causing more eye rolling and head shaking for veterans and new players alike.... Would it be so much to ask that we get a toggle in options to use the new or old system map marker system? My sanity would thank you for it if I knew it was listened to...
  4. This is more a bug report as DE has consistently done fixes for this sort of thing from happening through the years instead of addressing the players wants and have vacuum working for everything. I know I've put at least 2 in to the megathread regarding stars falling out of bounds in the new Corpus Spaceship Tile Set.
  5. It's been said recently. The VOD is out there.
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Somachord, Frame Fighter, and Cephalon Fragments spawning inconsistently on Mars Mission Tile Sets. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: when running missions on the Mars Mission Tile Sets, it would appear that the Scannable Fragments on the planet spawn inconsistently instead of having one of each on every map. EXPECTED RESULT: There should be one of each on every mission map as three cephalon fragment scans are required to complete the laundry list for the Phobos Junction. OBSERVED RESULT: N/A REPRODUCTION RATE: The statistics are empirical at best, but based on the mission results after six (6) runs, one (1) Cephalon Scan Object was present after six (6) missions split between Exterminate, Spy and Capture. In that, two (2) of them also had Somachord scans in lieu of the Cephalon Scan Object, and three (3) Frame Fighter Scannable Objects were present. This hadn't been tested through the rest of the Origin System Map since discovering this potential issue, however some of the players I run with/talk with routinely it only seems to be happening on the Mars Mission Tile Sets.
  7. My friend and I were setting a personal goal of seeing how many granum specters we could kill in a mission. We got up to 661 before DE cut that off pronto. Now I can see only going there to help new players to the granum void farm for the Stropha, Stahlta and Protea parts (for those that won't accept hand outs). You're right though, we don't currently have a reason to go back. I can tell you that DE loves reusing their code -- they admitted publicly recently that they don't like wasting the work they do -- and as you've been here in this game almost as long as I have, you've seen even with the ravamped Corpus tile set things from the previous tiles replaced how they recycle. I'm sure that sometime in the future, they will find a reason for us to go back there now that we did what we needed to....
  8. That's why the coins have other purposes.. To save the Solaris U folk that are chained around the ships (I know the pay is poor, I've already put my suggestions in on that), as well as collecting the lore too. I'm not too sure whether DE will do anything about the Granum Void Particles. This feels like a one and done for that. Here's a like though for the suggestion.
  9. I'll admit it was zoomed for clarity. In the mini-map it is doing the same thing (as I said in the description). And in spite of the thought it might be a room below or above -- which often does show in the big-map as being being a darker colour -- the mini-map is exempt from showing rooms in three dimensions (instead simply shows loot crates if within range of Animal Instinct/Primed Animal Instinct/Loot Detector). Further, based on your presumptions,I should be seeing other rooms while within range of this -- which is not at all happening.
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Double waypoint marker confusion during syndicate missions. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Picking up a syndicate medallion seems to be creating and auto-way-point marker. However, this does not seems to supersede if a player marks the medallion first, causing the visual bug to occur. EXPECTED RESULT: There should only be one way-point marker, not two. OBSERVED RESULT: The closer one gets to the way-point marker, the greater the distance shown in the game between the automatic and the manual marker placements to about 20 game meters causing other players to second guess the location of the syndicate medallion. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproduction when running with a squad of 2 or greater. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Unable to pick up the coolant cell on the New Corpus Ship Tile Set if the player wanders more than 5 meters and decides against the Magnetic or Reactor Destruction options. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Player must decide immediately or the coolant cell does not have any interaction ability with it. EXPECTED RESULT: Potential script error/time out going on that is preventing the player to "change their mind" as to the method of destruction of the Corpus Ship Sabotage. OBSERVED RESULT: See above. REPRODUCTION RATE: Near 100% reproducible in both solo mode and squad modes of 2 or more. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: There are several zones where a player cannot interact with an item that has dropped from a locker or a loot crate in the new Corpus Ship Tile set that prevent the player from collecting Ayatan Stars. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Simply opening a locker or breaking a loot crate in certain areas can cause this to occur. EXPECTED RESULT: Interaction for the loot should always occur at the player's behest and not prevented because of impossible to reach areas. OBSERVED RESULT: See pictures. REPRODUCTION RATE: This is RNG based so it can happen between rarely to infrequently. TYPE: In-Game, Cosmetic DESCRIPTION: The new colouring scheme with the Non-Primed Vauban needs further improvement as it's making the alternate helmets look like they're "black-faced". VISUAL: As seen with this visual, it seems that the work was done on both the default helmet as well as the Citadel Deluxe Skin Helmet: However,in all three alternate (Esprit, Armistice and Gambit Helmets), it's coming off as though the necessary recolouring work had been performed, making the helmets appear as though they're "black-faced" in any colour scheme that goes into the realm of the darker/cooler spectrums: REPRODUCTION: Simply using colours in the darker spectrums produce this rather ungainly and potentially racist effect. EXPECTED RESULT: As there has been a new effect added to the non-Primed Vauban, all alternate helmets should also have that effect. OBSERVED RESULT: See pictures. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproductive. TYPE: In-Game; namely mini-map, big-map DESCRIPTION: There's a section of the Corpus Gas City Tile Set that seems to have developed astigmatism. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: As this is controlled by the generation of the map, the section that is shown in the big-map is always causing this double-vision effect. EXPECTED RESULT: The map section should look like the rest and not looking like someone needing to put on glasses. OBSERVED RESULT: N/A REPRODUCTION RATE: Seems to be consistent to the map section shown.
  11. Not so much a bug as it is a suggestion based on this picture: While I understand that this is supposed to be some vague example of a space map simulation, the fact that this is called a railjack and seems to work on the theory that our ships aren't really meant to be free floating through space entirely, but instead using some sort of energy rail system (as we see in the relays)... Wouldn't it naturally suggest that the navigator should see the paths from point to point as easily as we see when we're doing ground missions? It's not as though we should know what the name of the point is as we're still rediscovering the space portion of this game... However once completing the mission successfully, it would seem logical for the experienced (read: Veterans), to be able to see a path instead of simply fumbling through the map... you know, like this?
  12. While I'm not entirely against the idea of it... I feel obligated to remind you that when people hear the word dojo, they're thinking something like this: and not something like this:
  13. it has been reported as a "bug" as it seems they're in alcoves that are beyond the walls that players cannot possibly reach them. As shown here. you can squeeze really close and see them as I did, but there's no way to reach them for interaction.
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