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  1. I can tell they're listening. But I feel they're also being extremely stubborn determined about wanting to keep this... gem... in the game. Because it has been undocumented added (shame on you DE for adding more things to the game without pointers to where it's been referenced) that when I click RMB to stop quick melee I'm going back to either my non-combat item: scanner, fishing spear or mining laser. Or the last weapon used prior to CQC attacks. F is swapping out to weapons (but it's not swapping back to the same weapon used. I'm getting the secondary instead of the primary which I was using instead). As a bow main, I find this annoying. However let me point out that RMB is also causing auto-zoom/focus when swapping in and out of quick melee. While this might work with a weapon that I have negative zoom on (like my Kitgun), this is causing me vertigo and dizziness swapping back and forth between the melee weapons and whatever I previously had in my hands. Something as a Flight-Simmer since 1993 have never experienced while doing space nor air-to-air simulations. It raises the question: Have you not learned your lessons from the debacle that was Archwing improvements years ago?
  2. I had accepted this for years as it was clear that we're the people that were the guinea pigs for the consoles (hence my use of the phrase Guinea Pig Master Race).. but during the livestream before the updates Steve Sinclair came forward and said they have a Beta Test Team for the product and since then, I hold contempt for the use of that phrase as it's clear it's more just code clean up and not actual beta testing. So until DE rewords what they say, they can deal with the beta testing, and failing that -- whatever ire they get from the player base can be covered by the advice I gave them a couple of updates ago: "... If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences..." Another problem is that DE's not thanking the free help that's given to them. They're simply fixing without another word for it. Amazing thing the power of gratitude. A simple thank you can often change the course of a person's ire when done in a sincere manner. Remove that gratitude and you end up with people interpreting such fixes as they've done as punishment.
  3. How so? Unless you're fishing my way... You know: no bait, hook in the water and drinking myself unconscious... I'm not planning on catching any fish that day. Just enjoying the sun, beers and company of close friends. However, when I'm forced to actually fish with people they often do most of that excluding the weighing until at the end of the fishing trip. I do agree that if someone has been fishing as long as I have, perhaps it's long since time to make it the option to shut it off in some way in options. I can always see the information during the missions extraction summary which is more than enough.
  4. I'll agree with the Tall Poppy Syndrome... if it actually applied to the situation at hand. I'm not whining about the nerf. I'm whining about the fact that this seems to be going on more and more as of late with Fortuna/Orb Vallis. Like DE is under the gun to prevent the whining about content drought, that they're pushing things out all half-baked and willy nilly and hoping the player base will finish the testing that someone clearly didn't do. It feels like when players rise up to the challenge and exceed the developers expectations, instead of being rewarded for the effort, they're getting nothing but a reprimand by an outright rework of the game play. No thank yous, no even a minor reward for it. Just, a fix and moving on. As a beta tester in the application world, I often get a bonus for finding the exploit and reporting it. But here? With free labour? It feels more like an exploitation of the volunteer force, not a labour of love of any stretch of the imagination. And heaven forbid you do something to outright exploit the game and not report it to the developers. Ban Hammers are then issued. I think strongly believe with the popularity and this game being a forever in beta process; a reminder of what it means to play in this game needs to be revisited. For both the players and the developers.
  5. I'm beginning to think of not jumping through hoops when developers ask us to. While we beta test the game, I think it's high time that the beta testing group do this instead. And if things are missed, then who's fault it is? The beta testers. Why should players be punished when they exceed expectation?
  6. Because of this I have been able to confirm that the reload animation is broken. You hear the sound of a rifle reload, but the animation for it jitters and then nothing happens.
  7. It needs a re-indexing by the looks of it. To the OP: I was rather miffed that mod cannot be put on the Twin Grakatas. It would certainly help with the bullet hose.
  8. Something else to report, but cannot get a screenshot on... When playing Inaros on Orb Vallis, when attempting to bullet jump, he goes into the air and does this odd sideways barrel roll. He seems to get the height, but because it goes sideways it feels like it's not. Going to the simulacrum (and anywhere else in the origin system, excluding the plains), bullet jumping seems to be the same as with other warframes.
  9. Yeah this.... Once again it's a round of let's punish the new players by having to introduce them to the metas that go against the general game play they're currently at when they landed on Earth. This is -- once again - something they're doing to appease the veterans that have no end game by punishing the level progression of new players to the game.
  10. I'm going to take a moment out of my grind to beat a dead horse on this improvements. I know it's been said before. I know that it's been +1 upvoted plenty of times too... I just feel that it requires a revisit and a sort of vent from me... Because it dawned on me, why I'm finding my dislike building for it. Quick Melee is supposed to be the sort of thing that one does in order to hit targets that were otherwise too close/in my personal space that I don't want to deal with either with a primary that can do some incredible one-shot self-death, or a secondary that takes a bit to swap out to because of the keystroke requirement as well as the animation. After a quick swing or two, I'm back to having my personal space cleared out and I get the opportunity to use weapons of mass destruction without fear of making myself into a piece of charcoal during the mission. Here's the problem though -- it's the same problem I have when it comes daggers and stance mods. With the improved systems it completely lacks any economy of movement. Instead of a quick attack with a CQC weapon on targets I don't want near me, I'm having to deal with the potential of activating the stance mod based on keyboard combinations. And with some of them -- like the sigma and octantis -- I can end up moving huge amounts of distances which can be a potential problem when playing in the open map of the index. DE has been trying to tell me that this is an improvement. That this makes the flow of battle easier. It makes for better effects and better... whatever. I call BS. This is a drastic change that reads too much like Hollywood Producers trying to pitch a new movie with "wouldn't it be cool if..." Only to have the movie ending up a non-stop cliché of tropes. That often frustrates players not only because it's been added in an arbitrary method not in the middle of not every day play, but at least three to four events where players are trying to get rewards as quickly and as efficiently as possible without having to suffer the frustration of learning new muscle memory situations and a new system for the game. And definitely not by suffering burn out in the process. Allow me to hyperbole the point by saying this is like giving an untested weapon to a squad and throwing them into the middle of a live-fire situation. In a real world situation this would cause death and collateral damage of untold amounts, but in a game... Yeah, perfectly all right because it's just the average joe playing a game in their spare time. As former military I can most certainly tell you -- you're doing something to remove the target in as quick and efficient a manner as possible... Not dance like in a Kung-Fu movie... You know, like this: Since the recent update, it once again defeats the purpose of gameplay and breaks the very flow it's supposed to be "enhancing" by going into quick melee, dance like one's Jet Li, and then refuses to go back to a non-combative choice from the gear -- you know Fishing Spears or Mining Lasers -- exactly the same bloody way the old system used to be before the enhancement. The very thing that makes me contemplate whether to make noise about the thought introducing to the Plains of Vallis to fish and farm free of the random mobs spawning and saying, "oh hey Tenno, I hear you like bullets and laser beams?" I know it's sort of premature to whinge about the above... that there's still things in the works to fix this melee system. As I said though, this a vent. TL;DR I'm here to kill, not dance with the enemy.
  11. First off... Orokin Tile Sets -- although I've seen this on Orb Vallis and in some cases even Grineer Tilesets... Shading for the doors that can be opened seem to be much darker than their surroundings, as you can see here: During a relic run, I noticed that some of the Specters from Nekros' Shadows of the Dead seem to be able to hold their positions no matter where I am on the map. Normally they seemed to follow when I was moving, but in this instance, they simply stopped and stood there doing nothing. It doesn't seem matter whether it's the host or client as I saw the second nekros on the team's specters doing the same thing: Procs against Warframes has gone completely wonky. As you can see in the UI display I was suffering a Cold proc, and yet -- why is the colour for it indicating it was toxin? The picture says it all there... Wild Frenzy is not linkable even if I own it?
  12. And as of yesterday's update, it's disabled entirely to swap back to either the fishing spear or the Mining Laser.. It will swap to primary or secondary weapons.. so I guess it wasn't supposed to swap from melee to non-attacking gear.. Guess this broke that:
  13. This has been an ongoing problem for the last six years. Looking at the path I have walked since I joined Open Beta (and this is something you really need to stress to the new players coming into the game-- it is still open beta); the plain and simple fact is that there is a laundry list of broken, half-worked out and even half-baked fix-it ideas still littering the floor of the origin system. What's worse, we veterans get the impression that such fixes for those broken or half-baked ideas are only worked on when it can be shoehorned with new content being added.... or based on your declaration here seems to break the balance of the game in a way that goes against your ideals of fair and balanced play. Then, anyone with any experience with this game and the updates often have to shrug off the inconsistencies to new players, saying such things as, "eh, it's bugframe!" or, "You'll get used to it" and continue playing. And more often times than naught, many things are left in a half-baked or broken state for months --- sometimes even years -- at a time before you get around to cleaning it up. Then -- when it is fixed -- it's often done out of the blue and buried not in the firehose (now more like a sprinkler) of updates, but somewhere deep in the bowels of the forums -- often not even showing up as part of a search -- leaving many of the players that feel the effects wondering in shock and surprise of the changes. And then screaming nerf because of their surprise 1. It's ironic that for a company that was touting transparency and then demonstrating it with this site; I'm reminded instead of this scene from H2G2 with the announcement of changes that often go unnoticed because they're not streamlined into update posts and then quietly slip into the game 2. You have done an extraordinary job with the transparency work presented so far. Yet like all attempts at anything, there is always room for improvement. The fact it that not everyone has time to watch the hype show Twitch Stream ever two weeks; hoping to glean something in the works while you often show off new features being worked into the game. And based on the numbers between the live streams and the VOD -- you're not reaching a tenth of your total playing audience. So you still have to rely on the advertising reporters and their respective magazines and e-mags, word of mouth of your partners, and people that take the time to disseminate that information to others via other twitch streamers working toward some form of partnership, Discord Servers they're part of, in game and even through Reddit. Word of mouth, I would like to stress -- that comes from players like me that think this game has tons of fun and tons of potential in spite of a six year process that still ignores the steep learning curve it creates. Not a Partner. Not a Founder. Just someone that immensely enjoys roleplaying a ninja (Shinobido) either killing indiscriminately -- or surgically -- while picking through the lore and reporting what problems I can clearly identify. Good luck with your admission here about we will let you know and it will be the result of a lot of consideration. Remember though, If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences. 1 I'm ignoring that some people scream nerf in the hopes that enough of that noise will get it reversed because they learn you do listen. Society teaches people, "the squeakiest wheel gets the grease." 2 Nobody's perfect I know, there's a lot to report. Some things slip through the cracks because of an imperfect universe.
  14. This is as much DE's fault as it is the community of players that have been shrieking for months at a time on content drought. How this plays out, depends on how well the macro works for restoring the percentages based on the new participation percentages.
  15. First thing's first... Apparently one word doesn't seem to want to honor word wrap based on the new UI box descriptions as you can see here: Revision: Seems that the Raptor X only lists to the side if you're the host. When you're in the squad, it intermittent (As I see, I'm not the host here, but other times, it has looked normal). Finally got a pic of the shenanigans; After getting used to the new requirements for muscle memory and the improved melee system: I discovered swapping back from a quick strike, the new system does not remember which fishing spear I was using. Instead of using the Stunna or Shockprod Fishing Spear, I go back to a Lanzo causing damage to Servofish on Orb Vallis. While this might be an inconvenience when fishing the plains and having to swap to a more power spear (like the Tulok or Param) I prefer not to damage my servofish when I'm on Venus. My initial reaction to these "improvements" have been ambivalent at best (to disappointed with all the bugs at worst), I have to say that I'm hoping that you've been listening to the melee mains that have been chiming in on this change. While I often am a gunslinger by nature -- and this change tends to support that playstyle -- I occasionally go into melee only mode and the only way to maintain this is by unequipping Primary and Secondary Weapons. With this current set up, unless you avoid F or RMB, this current set up prevents being to keep to a melee only mode without more key fumbling and delayed reactions and can aggravate the player into not wanting to main a melee on the fly. It makes me wonder, has the focus for game balance gone from dancing on the line of fun, to simply going out of its way to continually balance the game in an almost sadistic way? I'm going to quote one of your Warframe Partners to remind you -- the developers -- that perhaps your solutions while sounding good in your heads and in the board room, is not how it always works in the world: Yes.. We're here to have fun. Not having to re-re-re-relearn a combat method established for years in the hopes of "making it more balanced." You want to work on balance? How 'bout working on more balanced matchmaking.
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