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  1. I use it against corpus and infested with heavy attack build + riven. Most people build glaive prime for its forced slash procs and forget about the other non slash focused glaives.
  2. I got Rotation B rewards (by doing the derelict cache) and ignored the secondary mission every single time. So unless DE changed that, you can pick the rotation reward.
  3. I maxed out all the new a old railjack gear without realizing that I stacked up my output damage a couple of times by testing some builds lol. It felt odd that my AI gunners were destroying everything before I could shot a single bullet, then I compared my damage in the wikia and I realized the issue.
  4. I completed the challenge in 6 minutes in Taveuni with Nidus and Glaive Prime without moving form the starting room. It was a fun challenge IMO.
  5. Why each glyph is obtainable for only one day? I wanted the hamster glyph but I wasn't able to get home in time due to my workplace. This is so painful DE...
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