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  1. I see your point there, it doesn't limit only to rewards, but also to leveling up items, Saryn make things way more tolerable (if I'd had to lvl up things without her it'd become a drag). Yet that's a wrong way of seeing at the problem. What'd be needed would be to rebalance her and raise drop chances/gained affinity. Without seeing at the whole picture rebalancing seems like a bad idea. I think that without heavily limiting what we can do with our frames/operators that's truly impossible. For any challenge there's at the game, there's at least a frame that can totally trivialize it, and remember, the moment a more complicated game mode would be introduced (like Raids) that'd be the moment you get a mountain of salty players complaining about all the other ones that have trouble playing that mode ruining the experience for a big amount of players.
  2. It's the same issue spy missions have, you can fail them just cause a player didn't even have an idea about how to solve the puzzles: it'd require the player to at least do them solo one or several times before getting into the mission - even without having rewards, just as tutorial(wouldn't be against having some kind of punishment for failing as well to avoid trolling).
  3. So, in the form you gotta fill to add a video to submit a ticket when you upload a video you got a screen like this one: For starters it gets confusing: At first glance I thought I had to wait till the bar reached the other side of the page, then I suspected that wasn't true when I saw the name of the file at the middle of the bar. Then the only way to be sure was to hover the mouse over the file: it didn't even seemed to have changed color... then I saw it from above my monitor and it does indeed change, but the difference is almost not noticeable. Some things I'd like to suggest regarding that are that: The progress bar should show the uploading speed, the percentage, and the amount of MB uploaded, otherwise you can't know at all how much time it'll take, or if it got stuck. Adding another color that's not a slightly different white shade to the file that's being uploaded'd be nice as well. One should be able to delete a file. Added a second one just to test if clicking a file would erase it and sadly that won't happen: if by accident you choose another file you have to open a new ticket request and copy paste all the text (and if you had already uploaded something, either you submit the wrong file as well or you lose all the other files you had uploaded). A pop up warning if you try to update/leave the site: if by mistake you do so, the support site won't stop you and you'll end losing all your progress. I haven't seen suggestions about the support site before here, yet the issues I mentioned felt important enough for me to make suggestions about them and I couldn't find a better place to do so.
  4. But only if you won't regen, it'd not make sense if you're covered of wounds when you're a Trin and you can restore your health as if nothing had happened. For example, you'd have the wounds till the end of the mission if your health is still damaged.
  5. Whenever I try to change the sentinel from a loadout it gets changed in the next one. It only happens from time to time and not with all the loadouts, in the case below it only happened with my first two loadouts. I also tried deleting the 2nd loadout and try with the 3rd one and the bug didn't apply anymore. Yet when I played Wyrmius (by mistake, I just pressed the W while customizing its colours - seriously you'd add some sign asking whether we wanna play or not) the moment I come back all my configs from all my sentinel weapons but Deconstructor Prime were resetted to Config A, B and C.
  6. Had a problem with the video, I reported this post and gonna reupload it to keep it relevant since it's a serious bug.
  7. A little yet extremely important thing I'd like to see is options to choose not to be a host or to always be a host as well. So many times have to be forced to host since no one is hosting the missions I join even when the rest of my family's using internet at the same time and thus, I got a lot of complains due to the rest of players having high lag. That forces me to either give the rest of my squad mates a bad time playing, or to play solo when I don't want to do so. The opposite is annoying as well, I want to play a mission with a squad and want to capture a Simaris objetive for example, and I have to cross my fingers to see whether I'll be hosting or not, or I have a good connection due to being the only one using internet and then I'm connected to a host with really high levels of lag (even when I specify ping limits, this has happened from time to time anyways for me).
  8. Now that you compared it with Nidus I understand it better, an aestethical aura like the one Nidus can give to other frames with his Parasitic Link, and then the damage, and regarding the launchers it could be something akin Napalm Grenades but as a general thing for everyone of them. Lastly for the damage it'd be something as the bonus damage you can get from Toxic Lash or Accelerant.
  9. That sounds like a really awful amount of work for the devs, to create a literally new weapon as a counterpart to each weapon in the game would take an insane amount of time with way little pay off since they'd be limited to a single frame, yet the rest of the concept overall (a frame that generates infested allies) does sounds good at least for me, some might say you already have Nidus as the infested frame but it's not as if there weren't frames with similar thematics or mechanics (Look at Nezha and Ember for example - both fire based; Chroma and Rhino, both buffing tanks).
  10. Hmmm no, don't think Umbra'll ever get a primed version at all, first because that's an already powered up Excalibur (in the same vein we'll never see a Secura Penta Vandal or a Prisma Skana Prime for example, that'd be overpowering - and overcomplicating things, also why bother generating so many versions of the same item, DE'd rather release other Umbra frames instead), second that Excal Prime Umbra isn't actually a Primed Excalibur Umbra; just Excalibur Prime pre-armor boost (same mechanics, same everything aside) with Excalibur Umbra skin, third there's like no reason at all to do so: the sole idea of releasing chinese Excal Umbra Prime'd cause a riot due to it being the same than Excal Prime, thus the only thing that Founders'd have would be a mere special skin for Excalibur and nothing else (beside the exclusive weapons) and finally because how the heck would that even fit into the lore of the game?
  11. Sounds too similar to Lech Krill (a boring boss, at least for me): the moment he becomes vulnerable to warframe abilites and status he'll go down in less than 15 seconds.
  12. Fix channeling while running! It sucks to be unable to use Life Strike while going around at high speed.
  13. Indeed... ugh yet another game mode riddled with useless rewards, cause it wasn't enough to have us doing sorties to get a stockpile of Anasas.
  14. Finally, haven't played since last Friday cause I'd reached day 399 and wanted Primed Shred instead of Primed Vigor.
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