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  1. Yeah, that's kinda what I was leaning towards. It sounds more like DE is relying on the players solving an issue as simple as adjusting some numbers to make the newer content more balanced. Yes, I get that Frost is the preferred option, but there are moments when even Frost can't guarantee target safety. Enemies CAN enter the bubble, after all, and even if they're slowed down, they can still deal a lot of damage on high levels. As for the bubble itself, enemies that aren't slowed down can rip through snowglobes after long enough, and all they need at that point is one or two shots to wreck the target. Limbo is also a preferred option, but not everyone goes into those missions with Limbo or Frost. Not only that, but not everyone is willing to wait for said frames to arrive first at an excavator, especially if the spawn ring suddenly shows up in someone's path as they're heading to another target. Regardless, these suggestions are useful for others having trouble with the mission, but it doesn't really address the issue itself. Still, for those who courteously offered suggestions, thank you.
  2. This has really gotten on my nerves lately. Is it really too much to ask to scale the excavator shield and health appropriately for the much higher level enemies during Kuva Lich Excavation missions? In other Lich-controlled defense mission types, the defense targets' shield and health pool are buffed to take into account the higher damage output of the higher enemy levels, so why not Excavation? Or at the very least, can we get Kuva Lich Excavation changed to Kuva Lich Exterminate instead? It's so irritating to have a drill blow up as soon as it spawns in because of two stray shots from the enemies. C'mon, DE...
  3. If the Kuva Lich missions are going to include Excavations, could you PLEASE buff the extractors? 2500 health is no bueno for enemies that can rip through it in one to two seconds. It makes these mission nodes nearly impossible to beat without just banging your head through 9 extracted resources at a time.
  4. Any plans on giving proper warning prompts to newer players in regards to their kavats getting the vampire infection? Something to make it a bit easier for the new kids to know their cat got the proper bite without having to dig online and read up on it? Maybe a bit of spoken dialogue from Teosonai or something? Or perhaps even from Ordis when you return to your ship with an infected kavat after a mission / run? When the update first hit, I ended up losing some plat trying to rush the template imprinting process but had no idea if I'd even gotten the infected code or not at the time since it didn't give any sort of prompt when I did it. Maybe it was a bug with trying to rush the process in the Incubator segment?
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