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  1. Complete??? I watched all of them shows for hours. I haven't got any. NONE. DE I think you have a problem seeing who watch the stream.
  2. I didn't get both even though I watched panel stage like 2 hours and the whole tenno live. Watched it on twitch and already linked my acc. And it's already Sunday here.
  3. No nekros no ephemera after all those hours even I watched it from the start of the stream. and my friends already got his only 1 hour of viewing.
  4. GHOUL PURGE event dude. You don't know? It start like once every couple of week, and go on for like days. It's not recommended to walk around plains at this time. Just wait until the event is over. After that you can wander around more peacefully.
  5. It's ghoul time now (by the time you are posting this) so of course there are more ghoul around. DO NOT wander around plains at this time unless you want to kill them. Wait until the event is over. Poop are usually found near enemy post. They wont make it easy for you. Just clear the enemy around the area before "activating" the poop. Go invisible if you want no interruption. Ivara or Loki.
  6. eh forget it. This route doesn't work. There's no shortcut for the rotating beam room.
  7. I found a shortcut for the giant rotating beam room. After going down the elevator, go right to a room, there should be a grate on the floor that you can break. Go through that, get out and there will be another grate right infront of you. Go through that, get out. You will be in a hallway with those rotating beam. Look above around this hallway. There should be another grate/shaft on the ceiling. Go through that and you will end up in the hacking room. In the hacking room, when you get out of the shaft, there should be another grate/shaft across of you. That will end up in the opposite side of the hallway before. There may be another shorter route but I cant find it. And sure you can rush this faster using Ivara, Loki or Limbo. PS: someone already posted a youtube video on how to do the other 2 vault. But he didn't know the shortcut to the 3rd vault, the one that I said above.
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