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  1. Minelayer is a waste of a power slot in general; it will remain the "Power I Never Use" for Booben. The others sound fine (assuming slow casting time / animation locks / etc. are addressed). They certainly look cool. But minelayer...sigh. No amount of implementation can fix a conceptually poor idea.
  2. Neh. That would mean experiencing Destiny again.
  3. I think it's worth emphasiszing: "Ok."
  4. Ahh, I see. The choice is between "loot whore" and "easily amused." Gotcha.
  5. It's a loot shooter. When there's nothing to chase, there's nothing to do.
  6. They're just slowly trying to work their way down to eliminating rivens. It's fiendishly clever! 😄
  7. Heh. I am; got the Umbra Forma and that was the point at which I was done. In fact, I haven't played the game at all since then. I'm waiting until there's reason to have it.
  8. I'm sure every one of us has. Happened to me several times; right now, it's just a risk we're forced to accept due to the way they compartmentalize information in a squad.
  9. Please, no more robots and things inside robots. Shinji won't stay in the goddamn robot enough as it is.
  10. Odds are, if they’re like me, it’s within 2 or 3 missions of the start. The default controls are weird, nothing is explained well, weird terminology is everywhere, and it’s a strange-looking game. I quit and only returned much later, gritting my teeth through that stuff until I actually figured out what was happening. It’s not welcoming, and that’ll drive people off right away. Which is a shame, because there’s a lot to commend in this game.
  11. If you play in a pub group, you are explicitly accepting that you have no idea what the other players will do or how long it'll take. It's simply not up to you. That's just how the pub group do.
  12. Also, if you join a mission late, any medallions already picked up by the other players won’t be available for you to find.
  13. Not sure. Haven't got it yet, and I forgot to play WF this week until today. I'm at rank 22 though, so I assume I'll be there by next week. I used my first one on Oberon. Accidentally, as it were, because I was like "I'm gonna use it on (frame that was not Oberon)," and forgot I'd made that plan. So I'll probably sit on the second one.
  14. Every frame is just a variant of Rhino, anyway. Take, for example, Nova: basically Rhino, but her Iron Skin attacks people, her stomp makes them slow down and get weaker, etc. Less armor, less health, but really just a reskinned rhino. 😀
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