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  1. Every Warframe is a master of every weapon and stance, unless their player doesn’t have the weapon and/or stance mod. Lorewise Tenno/frames are the masters of gun and blade, so I assume it holds in the lore too. Shrug.
  2. Yeah, hard mode addresses no real audience: neither new players nor vets need it for anything, and it’s not sufficiently interesting on its own for anyone but a few players. Kinda like weapon exilus mods, it seems like it’s mostly something for DE to point at when people say they don’t listen to feedback.
  3. Mostly I didn’t bother unlocking them. Since the game spent so long teaching us to live without them, there was no great impetus to using them once they had a dedicated slot. So a couple guns got exilus mods, but most still just have a locked slot.
  4. Little Stuff: Ditch-yer-Lich option Changes to status effects (eg return of old Blast) No self stagger OR self-damage Big Stuff Phasing Railjack back out of the game 6-8 new enemy factions Jungle “open world” (for the WF definition of open world, which is more like “big area”) Trimming down and streamlining the stable of frames (yes, I mean deleting some frames and combining others)
  5. Solution is a single gunners seat who controls all weaponry. You want to drive, you drive. You want to shoot, you shoot. You want to cosplay a fire extinguisher, you do that. if you’re solo, that’s the only time the pilot can control a weapon system.
  6. “How can I appear to be challenged, without being actually challenged?”
  7. You can only regen health or shields while standing still. Movement cancels any and all such regen. Alternatively, you can only do so while airborne. You have a greatly increased energy pool, but it cannot be replenished in any way. Reloading a partial mag throws away any ammo still in the weapon. Shields and health are greatly increased, but do not regenerate at all. Proximity to allies nullifies active powers Or prevents power use. Keep your distance. Revive tokens (from Destiny 2). Transference randomly teleports your Warframe around the level. You have to hot potato a debuff the whole time, or it kills the entire team.
  8. If it is just “start at a higher level,” then the people who equate ammo expenditure with difficulty can do their thing, and the rest of us can move on.
  9. The densest Green Hell jungle ever. Towering trees, thickets of vines and hostile plants, hazards everywhere. Canyons and fast rivers and treetop redoubts, different ecosystems depending on how close to the canopy you were, lots of verticality, etc. It would be Grineer / Infested. New sub factions of each. Plus hostile fauna and flora, terrestrial, airborne, and aquatic.
  10. This is true in a sense: making the game challenging means making it not Warframe. The elements involved here - Warframes, enemies, damage systems, weapon design, level design, boss design, and mission design - do not exist independently of each other and changing them as if they did would not result in a good patient outcome. That’s the choice before us.
  11. Right, what I’m saying is that your proposal relies entirely on ability immunity. You don’t need anything else, not even new enemies Basically, there’s no need for even slightly complex enemy behavior when the algorithm is: 1. Disable or ignore power. 2. Apply damage until Warframe “dead” bit is flipped. This proposal could be done tomorrow: make normal enemies both immune to power effects and able to nullify nearby frames, and everything is Hard Mode.
  12. Understand that if one goes back to the design table on missions, Warframes are likely to get redesigned alongside everything else (which probably includes nerfs) to ensure this doesn’t happen again
  13. You could be entirely right — there may be no solution without starting over from basic concepts. Or, say, redesigning missions and enemies so that Warframes aren’t even something they care about — only the mission objective is, and you and they are competing for it. No more trivial exterminates or defenses. It’s a breakneck race every time and you MIGHT win sometimes.
  14. The point is whether you call it AI or tools or whatever you like, it doesn’t matter when everything is made irrelevant almost before it is perceived. With “smart” enemies or good tools, it still relies on players allowing the enemy the luxury of using their cool tricks, and we don’t.
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