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  1. I'm not expecting anything but plowing ahead - DE doesn't walk back changes like this. They probably can't -- I suspect the sweeping nature of the changes meant it was a one-way road.
  2. Jovian Concord was live two days* after it was submitted, so the process is pretty quick. And it seems like it's already passed, as previous posters just said. * it may have been more like 24-36 hours, depending on when exactly things were submitted
  3. Aside from "I thought we weren't doing extra loot anymore" being my initial reaction, I don't think it's that abusable, period. You've got a 20% chance of it being the thing, anyway, and you get to use it 3 times max, unless they've coded it so you won't get the same passive feature twice. So at most, you've got 3 minutes of extra loot drops if the same passive bonus can come up multiple times. Most likely, you can attempt to kill yourself for 1 minute of extra loot. If that's your thing, I don't think anyone else is going to care.
  4. I just assumed (with NO lore to back it up) that credits are basically raw "universal" matter for the fabricators - kind of like Glimmer in Destiny. So yeah, you need blueprints and some special materials for a lot of things, but that's "trace amounts" and the credits are the bulk of the matter being reshaped into the item.
  5. Nothing you can do except move on. Hope to get another Fulmin riven sometime in the future.
  6. 90 rivens seems like a staggering number. My Riven cap is 27, and I haven't found enough worth keeping to fill even that.
  7. Do what you like. I may occasionally roll my eyes at some tweaker Volt scooting along like a dog with an itchy butt, but hey -- if they want to do all the work, more power to them. I'll follow along behind, take in the scenery, and pick up the loot.
  8. It's just the missions we'd always be doing, but you get something else for them (excluding trivial S#&$ like "do an emote" or "use a glyph"). If you don't care about the stuff you get, then don't do it. And if you don't find those missions fun, then no, of course Nightwave isn't going to magically make them fun.
  9. I did it on Adaro, with Ivara and the Baza, in a pub group. As long as the alarm doesn't go off, apparently it doesn't matter if you're seen.
  10. Don't fight it. It's $3 worth of a currency you can never turn back into real money, so you might as well use it. I mean, plat is there to be spent on stuff like that.
  11. (We weren't going to bring up the fact that Aura Forma is entirely a luxury since there's only One True Aura, but then you ruined it 😄 )
  12. I'm trying to figure out what your actual issue is, since you have so many friends who also play Warframe. It sounds like you're unhappy with how the game plays out solo. But you're grown and have extensive disposable income, so I'd guess somewhere along the line you learned that some things in life are just not something you enjoy doing. If you're dead set on running it solo, you'll just have to continue to not enjoy it. I enjoy playing Warframe solo - I think it's remarkably friendly to solo players, as a matter of fact. But I don't do eidolons or profit-taker or any of that solo. I can, I guess, but why? Just jump in with some randoms and you're basically guaranteed to complete it. Get what you want out of it, and stop (I did the Pope-alyst a few times, got what I needed, and that's all I ever needed to do that missiosn). You never have to talk, and nobody expects a relationship to blossom after a pub group does a mission.
  13. Warframe endgame should embrace and practically require all of the abilities that the team can throw at the enemy. Everything a warframe can do should be useful if not absolutely needed, and not arbitrarily blocked. Basically, if you have to prevent ability use and have one-shot deaths to make something difficult, then you're going down the wrong road on difficulty for the game.
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