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  1. Yeah, at low levels you have to like, pop the trigger a little to proc statuses for CO. It's more like toying with your prey at those levels.
  2. Rad, Heat, or Toxin. I have one Electric (Kuva Hind) because I like playing Excalibur from time to time.
  3. I was under the impression the process increases the higher bonus*, but keeps the sacrificed gun's element. However, I haven't done an element swap since the updates.
  4. There are a few threads on this right now. They boil down into one side saying "yeah, that happens, and it wouldn't hurt to fix it some way - hold to confirm, or let us undo a lich, etc." and the other side saying "you should learn from that mistake. git gud." I'm in camp 1. But I agree - larvalings and thralls behave very similarly and hitting the button is understandable. It's even more so on consoles, where the "context action" is often on the same button as "reload."
  5. That’s probably the Nidus Phryke skin - it’s a bundle for Nidus only.
  6. I figure I’ll be pretty safe letting this Railjack operation wash on past. Anything cool and non-cosmetic will be tradeable or in Baro’s offerings in time, and I won’t have to double-pub. Only important things to watch for will be any required critical path quests involving RJ.
  7. I just did this the other day. I put all speed and combo boosting mods on an Orthos Prime and just beat on Lech Kril for 30 seconds. also, you can abort the mission and still unveil the riven, so you don’t have to beat him if you don’t feel like it.
  8. I always run Cassini now, and I always complete the mission—trivial to zip to extraction if the larvaling has something you don’t want, and 100 or 200 Kuva (kavat boost) is enough to say “another ten-fifteen seconds is fine” (incidentally, the times I did run Adaro, I aborted halfway through if the larvaling wasn't to my liking).
  9. Indeed, they took a big risk releasing, basically, one mission. I only played into the Veil so I could do the Erra quest so that I can do whatever quest that is a prerequisite for. While Railjack is nifty, it's just not what I log in to Warframe for.
  10. You'll only have one of the ephemera, it turns out (I've been in the same boat, and it just rewarded me the gun the second time 'round).
  11. Sometimes it depends on the enemy involved -- some enemies (bosses, Liches, etc.) are immune to status effects so a high-damage build is better. Of course, a status build might be great for the enemies between you and the boss, so you would consider both. What I'm never sure of is where the stat cutoffs are. Some weapons are obviously heavily tilted one way or the other, so they're pretty obvious. It's the hybrids that still give me pause. I think the baseline for "this is a viable X build" is around 24% (e.g., "viable with a crit build at 24% critical chance or better"). But I am not inclined to math it out, so I generally follow the advice of those who have done the math.
  12. I've discovered that Revenant is prime lich-hunting material, but like, I'm all for reworks, all the time. I figure it's probably time to rebuild the frames to the Hold Forward and Pull Trigger game that actually exists (instead of the game Devs believe exists), so they should be tearing off all the bandaids as fast as possible. I mean honestly, if a frame's abilities don't directly buff Ignis Wraith or the Acceltra, I'm not sure what they're even doing in the design team.
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