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  1. I'd be happy if every fissure level always had one endless and one non-endless (endful?) mission type to pick from. It's almost always this way, but not 100%. Especially as part of a share, if you have only one relic to use, it can frustrate teammates with more than one.
  2. Going directly to a relay would be an extra step for me (since I'd immediately return to my orbiter; I basically only go to relays to see Baro and turn in syndicate pickups), but I see no problem with an option in settings to pick your "landing page," so to speak.
  3. Saw this behavior yesterday too. Defense target wandered almost clean off the map; we were fortunate that it decided to turn back toward the map center because it was in the "no go" zone for warframe, but one of my teammates had failed the mission once due to the target walking off into the wilderness.
  4. So I have this fabulous riven challenge (melee riven): Kill 4 dargyn pilots before they hit the ground, while aim gliding. This has proven to be Not Trivial. They must be shot down out of their dargyn; suspending them in midair with (for example) Rhino stomp or Bastille do not count. I’ve also tried Fatal Teleporting to the falling pilot, but it’s an invalid target. I’ve also tried to do it the honest way, but those suckers fall FAST. If that’s the only way to do it, so be it, but I’d love to find something that would help smooth the process Any thoughts / ideas on th
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