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  1. It might rival Warframe. So might Division 2. But in my experience, new games rarely (if ever) "kill" existing games. How many games have been stated to be the "Destiny killer," for instance? Never came to pass. That doesn't mean a game can't die, but it's unlikely to be at the hands of some new game. The only thing that kills a game is the developers of that game -- bad decisions, listening to the wrong people, failing to hit deadlines, poor design, and improper expectation management.
  2. Without a doubt, Chroma. Lumpy and dull, no apparent design motif besides "sinew."
  3. What the heck. Here's my entry - sorry it's such a small picture! https://imgur.com/5c6JTPB
  4. When you're good at what you do, never do it for free.
  5. So it's a...relay. And if I don't do it, I might not be able to access it after the event is over. ... Okay, I can live without it. Wake me for Fortuna.
  6. Same. I’m not chasing RNG frame blueprints for non-primes anymore. Ever. DE makes a buck here. So be it.
  7. Are we to assume that relics for the unvaults will be restricted to Syndicate Rep and Plains Bounties, like the last time? Or have I missed some discussion where that is no longer one of DE's Best Practice Innovations?
  8. I'm in the same boat; claimed it at least a week ago, if I recall, but no dice. It's not a big deal -- I don't use Trinity, so it's not like I need Trinity Prime, but it would have been nice if it worked.
  9. It shouldn't even be a toggle. It should just be on.
  10. Oxium? Nay, 30K mutagen samples my friend.
  11. I would have, but my artisanal bullets haven't arrived yet, and I have to finish this frappucino.
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