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  1. Yes, multiple times, but never in Railjack. I got enough to build a regular ash and make the Smoke ephemera and so forth. But never from Railjack, all from the places it used to drop.
  2. DE has to crank out new content quickly. They need a constant flow of new guns, frames, cosmetics, activities, and other stuff so people are either grinding or buying; fixing old bugs and old content probably doesn't make the numbers.
  3. I don't like the idea at all, myself. I've used it, but it's just a way to make the users fix the problems DE created. There are too many warframes and not enough good ideas for all of them.
  4. My guess is never: it's so much easier for DE not to have to worry about them that they're unlikely to be looking forward to bringing them back, or building new ones.
  5. If DE has the will, they can bring it to an end and do a Warframe 2* with better design and no legacy cruft. * Electric Tennaloo
  6. Feh. Now I have to decide if it's worth 20 bucks to avoid Railjack's drop tables.
  7. No, I am sorry - it's not actually a lie. The BP is in the Railjack rewards table, so I take it back. It's not a lie, it's pulling a fast one. The BP is frequently handed out for free by lots of very nice people. It's also available from Baro from time to time IIRC.
  8. No, it's just people lying in trade chat to try to score 50p off of someone who doesn't know better. Edit: it's not a lie (at least, the bit about it being a rare railjack reward; certified supplier -- anyone can call themselves that I guess)
  9. I'm in the same boat; so as others have mentioned, it's time to hang it up for a while. To me, the game gives you dozens of directions to go but it doesn't really feel like it's about anything. I can take a half-hour or so of play, but most of that is staring at the Navigation and thinking "I don't want to do any of this." Ironically, the thing that engaged me the most was zoning out while mining and conserving on Deimos, to rank up the Entrati. I could do that for hours, but I can't handle the core game anymore.
  10. Ah, they still have my Xbox account in there too, when I started back in 2015. So I have 33 more days in game, and 248 more logins over there. Still not that impressive.
  11. Huh. I'm pretty sure I haven't spent 32% of my play time at MR26, considering that I reached it less than a month ago. The kills thing, though, that jibes. I'm too slow to keep up with the nukes.
  12. It remains baffling throughout most of the game. At MR26, I'm still mostly saying, "uh...if you say so. What do I shoot next?"
  13. Maybe Duviri will have interesting animals to fight OR tranq (or maybe we have to fight it to down it, or do battle to win it over as a pet). But more importantly, I hope we won't get snidely whiplashed every time we step on a Cryptilex in the middle of a battle.
  14. If I recall (this is going back a while) this is actuall working as expected - all copies of a frame with an Exalted whatsit share the same whatsit (like, two Ivaras have the same Artemis Bow).
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