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  1. I would very much love this. DE, you have shown that you are all about the community. We would very much like this and it would help so much with everything. Maybe even help with some logins...😉
  2. Anything on the leaderboard stats????? Please? Pretty please, space mom? with a cherry on top?
  3. I have an album of photos of a hole in the wall next to a secret console (SPOILERS) in the gas city. https://imgur.com/YOmPHXg https://imgur.com/vyxNgfL https://imgur.com/RWckP5O https://imgur.com/iUXUNoN This was very scary because I was going to start the "test" that you have put in for us. please fix!
  4. If you are referring to Exodia epidemic's "shockwave" that suspends enemies, then you need to use exodia epidemic. If you do mean that exodia contagion is not releasing an infested projectile, it may be because DE has added a feature where you must be aim gliding then do an aerial melee attack after the bullet jump or double jump.
  5. I have noticed that using Motus Setup while on your orbiter also triggers the sounds effect and the marks around your body. I was also playing as wisp with the mod on my arca plasmor and have not tested it on other warframes, but I wanted to let someone know.
  6. Exactly my question. Can we have an answer soon? ( I know you are busy, DE)
  7. THIS sounds fun. I would like this to have a chance to happen as well!
  8. Can we make this include....oh I don't know....MOA's??? Please? Otherwise, riot.
  10. Yesterday I had a bug where I was leveling Saryn Prime and I was not allowed to go to the next tileset in SO. I went through the portal and it did the screen warp, but I ended up right where I started off. I tried to go through the portal many times and it did the same thing until I got the boot for not making it through with enough time. Here is the video of me doing this. Has anyone else had this problem? I have never had it before. I also have no clue if it has happened in ESO
  11. I just want to say... DE, please listen to this person. They have some GREAT ideas and I think this could help a lot with the unrewarding feeling of playing arbitrations.
  12. It would be a great addition to damage and as such, survivability.
  13. First off, I have no idea if I am posting this in the right area, so sorry if it is wrong. Anyways... I have a suggestion about wisp's third ability (as is mentioned in the title). So DE is all about choices. Right? Right. Well, Wisp's third ability sorta lacks choice. DE will essentially cut off choice IF they decide to make her third ability only work with her first ability. So I have a suggestion. Allow her third ability to emit from her AND the pillars (first ability). As such, this would allow us to have the choice of using energy for our first and our third or just using our third ability to do a detonation around you. This allows for the maximum amount of choice. Another suggestion that I also thought of: to allow the third ability to be a no energy cost if you have your one down, but no blast from you. This would be replaced with an energy cost if you do not have your first ability placed and the wave would be emitted from you. Thank you for reading this.
  14. BTW (in case you didn't know what PH means) PH means Place Holder. (some people may still not know).
  15. I love the idea of her one and three working together, but I feel like an explosion should also come from wisp herself so that we aren't FORCED to cast her 1 to even be able to cast her 3. I do LOVE the full kit though! keep up the great work!
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