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  1. Anything on the leaderboard stats????? Please? Pretty please, space mom? with a cherry on top?
  2. Exactly my question. Can we have an answer soon? ( I know you are busy, DE)
  3. THIS sounds fun. I would like this to have a chance to happen as well!
  4. Can we make this include....oh I don't know....MOA's??? Please? Otherwise, riot.
  6. I just want to say... DE, please listen to this person. They have some GREAT ideas and I think this could help a lot with the unrewarding feeling of playing arbitrations.
  7. BTW (in case you didn't know what PH means) PH means Place Holder. (some people may still not know).
  8. I love the idea of her one and three working together, but I feel like an explosion should also come from wisp herself so that we aren't FORCED to cast her 1 to even be able to cast her 3. I do LOVE the full kit though! keep up the great work!
  9. Why is this so me?? I did Fortuna instantly, but never really cared about Cetus rankings for some reason.
  10. Nope. [DE]Rebecca has confirmed they will not as of right now.
  11. So what you're saying is.... Buy all the fish bait blueprints you can before they go away? gotcha!
  12. So does this mean that when we have more than one coolant canister on, it will reward more points the more canisters are on there? Or will it act as one canister, but sped up? I would really like it to reward more points so that we can farm it out a bit faster but on a harder difficulty.
  13. LOVE the mods!!! i want that venari one! you stay alive AND she gets kills to help respawn?! Hell yeah! great job DE
  14. I have had this problem way too many times before. It really frustrates me because I will then join in and everyone else will be way far ahead of me. I hope this is fixed soon. Also, thanks for the fix on that exploit DE!
  15. Very cool! I will love to see this in action! Granted I only understood about half of that, I still can't wait to see the great changes you have for us.
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