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  1. Well, we are still sadly not able to take them off, while using wrist weapons they are still blocking the view which makes it troublesome to shoot. It is possible to add it very quickly as toggleable auxiliary attachment because Pablo did it in Zephyr Revisited video
  2. great but please allow us to take those zephyr's deluxe upper wings off <3
  3. Wings block the view when using a wrist weapon like Epitaph. I don't understand why they don't want us to take those upper wings off https://imgur.com/a/ikuvbuV
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: FOV goes back to the minimum amount while using Sevagoth and entering Shadow form EXPECTED RESULT: FOV that the player set in settings OBSERVED RESULT: FOV reseting itself to minimum REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime i use 4
  5. Would like to see tower heist that Triburos presented in his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3m8OZqshuM Also, more endgame content for veterans, bigger and "fuller" open worlds, new speargun And also I would be very pleased if DE actually allowed us to take upper wings / shoulderpads off in Zephyr Deluxe skin like Pablo in his video
  6. Would love to see them allow us to turn off the big shoulderpieces of zephyr deluxe, if we are speaking about fashionframe
  7. Allow us to to turn off the upper big shoulderpads like Pablo did in video so the skin looks like on the left image
  8. Thanks but please allow us to take off Zephyrs Deluxe upper shoulderpads
  9. thx for the hotfix but let us disable zephyrs deluxe shoulderpads please
  10. Nice, but please allow us to take off Zephyrs Deluxe Shoulderpads
  11. Alright so I've made a similar post but it didn't have any arguments behind it and it was just a request. Now i want to point out some things and actually write something that makes sense and provides useful feedback for DE 1. Great job DE! Zephyr Harrier skin is amazing, the details are insane. It is definitely a weird skin, but somehow it looks very nice, and everything just works as it should. Liger and DE probably wanted to experiment with cloth on Warframes. The jacket isn't perfect, but it looks pretty good. Of course, some people just like this skin, some people don't. We all lik
  12. It's nice, I just wish we could take off those big shoulderpads
  13. Please notice this and let us take off the Zephyr Deluxe Shoulderpads like Pablo did in Zephyr Revisited video. Just add it as an auxiliary attachment slot Shoulderpads glitch with some cosmetics, some people bought it because they thought there would be an option to disable them because if Pablo did in Dev Workshop then why shouldn't they be able to do that, and it would allow us to do more fashionframe. Some of us just wanted the jacket and didn't want the shoulderpads which obscure vision and make the skin look goofy for some. Yes, of course, you showed it with them on since the beginn
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