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  1. that sounds like a great idea, i would want such an option too.
  2. i didn't even get past the first mission of her quest so i think the first annoying thing about her is that ...
  3. the current intermission was supposed to be the next season but they didn't deliver on the promise unfortunately, this current reward track is the worst they've done to date and i can't wait for it to finish already ...
  4. not something i want but as long as i'm not forced to equip it i would be fine with such things, options are good, being forced to do something is bad.
  5. i would also like such an option as i really enjoy the no load screen experience of railjack and i use it quite often to rank up my stuff passively and after you hit rank 30 or 30-40 you would want to change it to something else.
  6. the only way to improve pvp is to remove it completely and move it's rewards to the normal content, they tried, it failed, we need to move on already.
  7. i rather they didn't make any more open world maps at all and pay some attention to our normal tile-sets, the open world stuff gets really old and we are going to go back the those same old tile sets again ....
  8. you know something is really bad when the defenders of it saying it's not so bad, what a mess, now DE, do another pass on this last pass so we might end up with something passable.
  9. they might help but as long as we still need to go to the wiki for information i would say it's not enough
  10. just for railjack and if i want a magnetic kuva or tenet weapon.
  11. i would never say no to more options, even if in this case this is not something that bothers me, i realize people have different tastes and needs so i agree with you.
  12. yes, if i happen to be light on podcasts, usually trance music. the game audio is muted or set at 10% at maximum.
  13. the default option of the game should be always sprinting, warframe is not a relaxing game where you stop and take the scenery, there is no situation in the whole game where walking is more beneficial to sprinting. remove stamina from necramechs while you at it.
  14. the biggest issue i have with railjack is it's actively forces you to get out of your ship and do mindless tasks outside of it, i like the gameplay of the railjack but there is only one mission on earth proxima with the only objective kill enemies. if i wanted to play normal missions i already had access to a bunch of them, i'm on railjack to play railjack ...
  15. thanks, i think i already saw those pages but somehow didn't notice the details listed.
  16. thanks for clarifying this as i couldn't find any information about this on the wiki
  17. with the double affinity weekend going on i've been farming some intrinsics to finally max them out but the annoying part of railjack is the constant leaving and going back to the ship, i s there any other mission that only has the objective to kill enemies? i've already set my ship's health and shield to it's minimum and assigned 2 crew members to repair it and get some passive intrinsics from that too.
  18. the helminth system did some help on making some warframes playable but there are a lot of them with more than 1 useless abilities that don't ever get used, even the most used warframe in this game which is wukong prime has useless third and forth abilities. i think something has to be done if we want more variety in this game otherwise we keep seeing the same handful of warframes used over and over again ...
  19. it takes so much time and investment to unlock, it should be able to see everything regardless of range and last until you actually pick up the item, the way it is currently just makes me paranoid i'm always missing out on stuff and i rather don't use it at all.
  20. i can always go for more ephemeras so i welcome such a thing
  21. you mean in this game or in general? in this game i go viral in general i always use electricity if given the option but sadly electricity is a complete joke in warframe
  22. not by default but i would like to have this option as it's what i always do.
  23. i don't really care as i usually bring everything i need and play the mission as if it was a solo run.
  24. i like to have the option of silent narrator, should be easy to implement.
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