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  1. Since vauban is up for another rework, I thought about how I would improve this frame. I'm no expert in this frame, but i've played the frame enough to understand the gist of it, and how it could be improved in a way that would make combat interesting for the frame, while keeping his job of CC in check. Passive: Change from giving to armors close to able to convert ammo to his current gun / carry more maximum ammo. -Vauban is a tactician, he's adaptable. His passive should reflect that. Giving him the power to switch ammo to his current gun makes him a powerful fighter on the field. More ammo is around 10% more than usual, since he has pockets for days. 1st Skill: Change the skill from small ball that shocks one enemy to large coil that can shock up to three enemies. -Tesla is currently a spam skill. You throw it out, you let the orbs do their thing and hope for the best. Having it shock up to three enemies at a time means you can save on energy. 2nd Skill: Trip Laser changes to Burn field, slowing enemies down doing damage over time. Shred stays the same, Concuss not only deafens enemies, but delays reload time. Bounce replaced with ink bomb that blinds enemies. -Each grenade should bring a new flavor into combat. Trip laser is comedic, but not practical in use. Changing it to a sludge / acid bath allows for more use and extra damage. Ink Bombs would be used to blind enemies and have them shoot wildly in all directions in paranoia. This also leads to more combos. Blind enemies in burn fields to have them suffer more damage, ink and concuss to inflict fear, Burn and shred to have them fall faster. The combinations allow each vauban to direct the fight as they see fit. 3rd Skill: Bastille is changed from a large levitating circle to a small random section of halls. Allies can shoot through those walls, while enemies can not. - Think of this like in the game Sanctum. Changing his methods of CC from "hope they walk in!" to "we'll see how long they'll make it to the goal". This also means his skills synchronize more around his third, giving you more death hallways, and less damage to whatever you're defending. They'll be a set pattern of hallways that will spawn depending on room size (small being just a standard zig-zag hallway, medium being more snake like, large being a maze) 4th Skill: Vortex now pulls in everything and shoots it straight up. -With Vortex, the goal would be to make it more nightmarish for enemies. their fire would get pulled into the vortex, and launched straight into the sky. This makes it so if enemies shoot into the vortex with other enemies inside, they will shred their own allies apart. Teammate fire will not be affected by vortex. These are just my thoughts on how i'd change the frame. I'm curious to hear what vauban mains think of this idea, and how it could be improved.
  2. one i want to see tried in the upcoming surprise stream is the Sancti Magistar in action, since that has a charge gimmick. I'm wondering how they will flow in the new melee.
  3. The way you have it worded, you make it sound as if the Wolf is an entity. Could we perhaps be seeing a new figure in the universe?
  4. Took a shot at it, here's my submission for the Capture the Moment contest.
  5. With the influx of players, an upgrade was needed. How exciting!
  6. My tenno seems to think that using electric razors like nunchucks makes for amazing haircuts. So i'm wondering, when will our hair grow back? Or, when will we get new hairstyles?
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