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  1. Can we get some update on the chat moderation?

    Yeah you should report those actions in that case.
  2. PC - April 12th Server Issues [RESOLVED]

    Hang in there guys!
  3. Server Troubles Part 2

    This seems to be happening more, huh? Wonder what the message is.
  4. That's great dye, however let's stay on topic. To you at least, would these suggestion of a change fix at least some of your complaints?
  5. When it comes to Limbo, there's a very noticeable divide in the community about this frame. Some love him, some want him deleted. The question is, Why do people want Limbo gone? In parties, most limbos you will see will run high range, high duration, enveloping the entire field in cataclysm, and freezing time with stasis. For limbo, this synergy is amazing, but for party members, it's infuriating to see your attacks no longer work and have to resort to melee. Which leads to anger, which leads to the reasoning that people want the frame gone. So what if there was a fix for that. What if allies could unfreeze their shots in stasis without limbo? The idea is this: When a limbo uses stasis, time only moves when you do. Think along the lines of Superhot. Allies see their bullets frozen? all they have to do is move a bit and boom, their shots land. Allies want to land three headshots all at the same time? all they have to do is turn to the enemies, aim, fire, then scoot back and watch them all fall at once. As for Limbo, his skill wouldn't change for him. He can still run around and organize all his shots in weird places, and snap his fingers whenever for everything to go back into motion. This fixes one of the key complaints on Limbo in parties, while still keeping the time mechanic in mind. It doesn't greatly change what is there currently, but it gives players a choice to opt in or not.
  6. Some solid changes in there. Though, the akmagnus reload speed being increased will break my heart.
  7. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    I volunteer my account for the Atlas changes.
  8. You're doing WHAT to me!?
  9. Coming Soon: Devstream #105 Art Showcase!

    Of all the warframes that have been released (or to be released) which ones have had the most drastic changes from their concept to final design?
  10. Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    Let's talk about birbs. Small birbs, Tall birbs, Reworking a certain birb.
  11. Since you do a lot of folly work, what was your favorite combination to get an amazing sound, that was actually really simple?
  12. Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    I'm sitting at 690 days, closing in on 700. I'm fine, but that doesn't mean I don't know that new players aren't. There are better ways to address the login rewards like this. Guild Wars 2 has a wonderful login reward system, even Final Fantasy 14 changed their system after rewards passed 1000 days.
  13. Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    Login rewards are rough, if not punishing for new players. Is there a chance to make it easier for players to reach those items without having to play for more than two years?
  14. [PC] Server Upgrades @ 9 a.m ET Sept 28!

    I am the strong.