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  1. Deluxe skins oh god please.
  2. Captura has been incredible, if not the most underrated part of U20. Characters look gorgeous, screenshots have never been better, and the map selections we've had lately have lead to fun little bits of story telling. However, there's still rooms to improve! So, let's talk about some. Selection: Currently, we've got one captura for each syndicate (teshin gets two) and three basic maps. What I would love to see is more capturas based on quests! Did Silver grove? you get the shrine. Do octavia's anthem? you get the mandachord database. You do the nidus quest? myconian home. Along with having each planet offering one room to represent their planet. (For planet ones, you will need to 100% complete the map to unlock it) NPC's: Sometimes your shots are a little cluttered by the sight of a syndicate offering collector chilling next to you. It would be nice to have a function to hide NPC's entirely when taking a screenshot. Independent Light Placement: This one is more wishful thinking, but it would be nice to have the power to place the lights you use in screenshots in different places. an example of this system is Final Fantasy 14's gpose system that allows you to place the lights wherever you wish when taking screenshots. Warfame could benefit from this to give players more dynamic shots. I would love to hear your guys thoughts on this, and improvements you would desire yourself. Thank you for reading!
  3. My dudes! When's deluxe?
  4. RIP Drew. He thought he could beat john prodman.
  5. He's the king for a reason.
  6. Any deluxe skins in the work?
  7. Right, i'm curious about the Purposed passive and if that is still being planned or if that has been changed.
  8. I don't feel okay D:
  9. Oberon is known as the Paladin frame, and paladins are known for going head first into battle and holding the line. However, in warframe Oberon is more like a druid. I think it's time we looked into the paladin and made him the legend he should be. So, i've taken some time and created what i believe would be a better Oberon. Smite: Currently, smite hits one target and fans out aiming for multiple targets. This is fantastic! Nothing to change here. Hollowed Ground: Throwing down a carpet in front of you, you become immune to procs, allowing you to stay in the fight longer, along with damaging enemies. This is sort of an "anchor" skill. Meaning that once you place it down, you stay there for a while. It feels weird that on activation, you have to walk forward a bit to get the full benefits, even with your team mates. Solution: Make it a ring casted around oberon instead. Players ahead, behind, or even to the left of oberon will get the benefits instantly, and enemies that come in close will start to be damaged by it. The anchor skill is better off this way. Renewel: Healing your allies with orbs of health and increasing their bleedout timer. For healing, its neat. However, compared to any other frame that can give allies healing, or even a health pad, it's lacking in use. And with the cost of energy being high to get lasting benefits out of it, there's very few reasons to use renewel. Solution: Make it give an armor bonus instead. Paladins in most MMO's are known for reducing damage hitting their allies in fights. Having him give armor or shielding will pull him out of the healer's job and move him into a buffer zone, which makes him a better choice for sorties, or endless missions. Reckoning: Lifting your enemies into the air and striking them down with radioactive force. This skill is really good for mashing, and for health orbs it's fantastic. However it's very boring in use. I have a lot of ideas running through my head on this one, but none of them are concrete. On one end, i'd like for him to have an exalted shield and mace that can he bang together to create ripples of healing and armor, albeit not much. On another end, i'd like for him to have a Knights of the Round-like skill where enemies are struck from every direction with ethereal swords. These are my thoughts on Oberon and a possible rework that could come to him. I tried to make sure the skills weren't overly extreme in gameplay change, but more in utility change. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, and even an alternative to Reckoning since I can't offer a better solution to what we have currently. TL;DR: Hollowed ground now a ring, Renewel now gives armor instead of health, Reckoning switched with something else. Thank you for your time.
  10. My main problem with the Name "Octavia" is how easy it was. Everything that has a music character uses Octavia as a name. It's boring, it's not interesting. We had so many unique choices and without voting, we're stuck with this name. I'm hoping that DE gives design council a chance and makes a top 8 for bardframe's name, and let's people vote there.
  11. Huh, i wonder what those bold letters mean. I wonder if they hide a secret. Maybe something about Ovaltine.
  12. I'll be sure to draw out my giant balloon snake weapon for greatswords. I shall call it the Genji special.
  13. We gotta represent the volt!
  14. I am becoming STRONGER