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  1. Give us a option to Strip all decorations of a Room and to Complete all Resources donations to a room.
  2. Pets 2.0 was supposed to release back in March, any updates on this? why we dont have a juggernaut skin for pets yet? robot spider pets when? when the next orb releases would be really cool just saying. can we have a option to disable pets from dying but doing so they cant attack? so we get a pet and the damn "universal vaccum" without the need to use a undead Cat because how weak pets are...
  3. DE=Relax , no nerfs this time. Also DE = "Khora There is now a minimal Line of Sight check on Whipclaw’s radial damage. " ALSO: "We have decided to revisit the Steel Essence acquisition because at present time, people feel forced to play extremely long macro-based runs to optimize their runs. We would rather try something else. " I've never used macro to farm, all the essence i got was for my solo effort, why this is being used as a excuse? you should BAN people that use macro, or at least give them a 2-3 days ban. This is BS. while i can understand that now i
  4. so the Test Cluster and the Feedback was for what? nothing? is Tencent pushing you guys to release content? Blink Twice in a stream if Tencent is holding you guys hostage... because man... this update needs some work...Listen to Feedback DE.
  5. exactally! there is no endgame content to use the stuff we have, its just grind for the sake of grind. lets use one simple example on how make a content that is already in the game as a renewable content in a simple way. Riven slivers, just allow us to trade whenever we want not a single trade per week, and change rivens to have a cap to rolls and keeping those that already have rolls passed that as LEGACY ITEMS just like Path of Exile does when they change items. allow infinite trade, cap the roll to lets say 30, and make it so we can dissolve rivens into slivers but it'll get only 5-7
  6. to be honest, DE as a company should invest more in the managing sector and get rid of those that break shedule for long, focus on what to do and how to do it, deliver and then upkeep if that is needed ( it would not be needed if they think it the right way and make the content itself renewable in some way) they keep promising things they cant even upkeep on a constant basis while they go out of their way and bite other content that they again will never upkeep. Its like a Kid in a Candy shop licking and biting small pieces of all candy and leaving there in the shelf unfinished. Focus+De
  7. sorry if this seems like a rant but here it goes. well, guess that what happens when a company cant keep up with a simple season model... for real, its almost 6 months of this nightwave, i used to belive in the potential of DE, but its damn hard to belive if you guys cant even keep a nice pace with a season model for the nightwave. I have a feeling that we will endup with simple "never ending intermissions" with a reset from time to time in the same rewards from older nightwaves in the future by this pace, that would be just as going back to the alert system. its hard to say this and
  8. wait! so the weapons are just skins? the helminth you guys got at DE is really addicted to Plat heh... i remember a time when you guys released weapons every week... of course it does not need to be this way today,.... but all skins? not a single new weapon for us? damn....
  9. Hear me out on this, forget the Sandworms... all we need are INFESTED DINOSSAURS! Make Jurassic Frame Real DE :D
  10. Fixed being able to fire your weapon during Undertow well... guess my hydroid is getting some more dust after that. I absolutelly HATE that frame. but that small "bug" made me had fun with a frame that i Hate... it was a fun bug...... dammit...
  11. its the same as the old error10054 it seems like DE just changed the name. got this damn chat error for more than 4 years by now... messes up my trades, people dont see me as connected, and so on until I text some random S#&$ and then it autogoes back on again just for it to go back into the same error again until i text something again... so i'm on a constant basis texting a random X in chat for no reason....
  12. Hi there. This is just a quick tip for DE to improve on the riven/sliver system and make it into an actuall resource to farm on a more constant basis. 1- Make sorties give us 10 slivers instead of a full riven. 2- Make the weekly trade into a daily one or even better 2 trades for rivens a day. 3- Give us the option to dissolve Rivens into slivers. Reasons: Changing Rivens in sorties to Slivers would solve the Cap and slot problem that DE seems to have when it comes down to servers and stuff. Changing the trade for a daily one would still provides us with a riven a day if we g
  13. damage/crit/status mods stay where they are. all the other "useless" mods, meme mods go to passive, mods that are not mandatory like peculiars and that crap that keeps cluttering the mod section, in short all the " I'll never waste a slot with that crap" goes into this system. the idea is to take all the meme/never used mods and give them a way to be used.
  14. UI and some coding to allow us to use the mods really the rest is there and can be reused as far as i know.
  15. thats the main idea, get a problem and turn it into content.
  16. Hello there. over the years i noticed a really annoying problem in the game, that is the ammount of mods that we got and never used in the game because they simply take up a slot that could be filled by some useful mod like damage or crit. I get the idea of meme mods or "fun mods" and its fine, thing is that 99% of players will never waste a slot because of it. The solution you ask? Lets make all those mods that are not fit our builds into a Helminth passive tree. the concept is simple and most of the stuff are already in the game we just need to glue them together, and for that we
  17. Warframe QOL ideas. here is a little collection of small and some not so small QOL changes that would make warframe a better game overall in my humble opinion, some ideas can be weird so if you feel that they dont add nothing just ignore them, i'm really bored so i made this, i hope some get into the game at some point if possible. Clan Dojos: Option to Donate to all decorations building at once per room. Option to Clear a room of decorations without having to destroy it. A room with all the syndicate NPCS found in Relays and some random npcs that stay at places that we can place
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