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  1. did anyone read the hotfix notes at all? it said "and later today Plague Star." you need to pay attention instead of doing whatever you were doing instead.
  2. did you not read the hot fix message? it is coming later. soon.
  3. I do believe the case is, at the moment, that the secondary is affecting only the emmissive on the body, and not mixing with the antenna like it is supposed to, because the emmissive on the body remains green, while her antennae have changed to pink.
  4. after installing the hotfix I am experiencing the issue now as well. I didn't have this issue pre-hotfix.
  5. rather have all the bugs that were fixed stay in game? stop complaining, go complain to your mom instead of filling the replies with useless comments.
  6. hey, mags helmet hasn't been fixed from pertaining to default color (that's the amethyst [discord] helmet).
  7. same with mags helmets, all of them im using the amethyst helmet, doesnt change colors. seems to change colors for a moment when selecting my energy color, but doesnt change when you actually select the color.
  8. roombas (*large sigh* domestik drones) are randomely spawning on my ship and i haven't purchased any of them- does it have something to do with playing disruptions? i think they're really cute tho, and im not gonna lie when i say im gonna miss the lil dudes.
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