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  1. It actually does. The complaint is mostly about how they've wasted a good opportunity for storyline characterization, and the complaint about the #*!%ing, irritating bugs are totally separate and a direct response to someone else. It is annoying, experiencing a majority of bugs games have to offer while people like you and the person I previously responded to experience relatively bug-free gameplay. Whether you deserve a bug-free experience is irrelevant (because everyone does) though I wish someone else would suffer so they can relate to how anti-fun it is to be forced to finish quests you know will just make you miserable because of these glitches. On some level I may just quit and spend my time in a less buggy game, really, because nothing annoys me more than dying to bugs or poor mechanics.
  2. Ah yes, the old "I didn't have a problem so how could you" response. Cool. Now, I don't know if you know this because it's some long-lost sacred knowledge, but different people have different loadouts and do things differently, which can have unintended side-effects. I brought this thing named a 'companion' which, like in The War Within, has a few... bugs that need squashing apparently. What's the point of your response?
  3. and I got shot through several walls. I have to wonder why other people get to enjoy a bug-free experience while I'm forever bound to end up suffering through these segments. It would be great if I could just skip the missions so that I don't suffer. With The War Within I get the invisible Golden Maw bug and I had to go through it entirely, 100% with sound because it was invisible. With The Second Dream I get to enjoy the quality gameplay of logging in and out until my sentinel stops firing at me. With The Heart of Deimos, I had to just rush the objective market as fast as possible hoping none of their wall-piercing attacks hit me because they can see and fire through walls. I just can't wait for The New War. It never ends. Obviously, looking at gameplay videos for The Heart of Deimos, I'm envious. They have necramechs that both take time to arm their weapons and their necramechs don't see or shoot through walls. It must be great having fun with these missions, but I can't relate and that honestly makes me kind of mad.
  4. It instantly kills you. Yes, I assume they're supposed to be abiding by the laws of physics and shouldn't be shooting you through several walls, but let's say that it's not a bug causing it and someone just gets caught by the roaming necramechs. Why is the voice line there, again? Do they actually just drag you back to the Heart and wait for you to wake up, patrolling around? Considering how [REDACTED] is behind everything including the necramechs, it would make some sense... but wouldn't it be less of a coarse experience to implement that into the questline and have people be like "Hmm, why are they dragging me back into the Heart?" only for it to click later once [REDACTED] is revealed to have been behind it all? You're introducing a form of a mechanic that foreshadows parts of the story through gameplay, and it wouldn't take much effort at all to implement either. Not only does it seem like a missed opportunity if this was supposed to be the case, but if it wasn't then adding a voice line and literally nothing else serves to call attention to how strange it is.
  5. Valkyr's Hysteria Stance is buggy and has poor multipliers on some attacks but not others. There's a common issue where leveling her up to 10/20/30 doesn't increase the stance's rank, and there's the known problem of the insane power her slide attack, heavy attack and finisher hold to the exclusion of every other attack in her kit. This means that if you're not using Hysteria for the lifesteal, you're spamming the slide attack and then using the heavy attack where appropriate to open them up for the finisher. Any of the other attacks are DPS losses and stack the combo count slower, as their petty 100% damage over one hit in 0.75s comes nowhere close to the 600% over six hits in the same amount of time. Wasn't the reason for the slide critical strike nerf that it diluted gameplay into a simple set of one/two/three-button, room-clearing DPS monsters that made irrelevant other builds or parts of a kit? Doesn't Hysteria (the stance) do the same? There's no reason to use anything but the slide attack unless you want to one-shot a Lv200 Eximus with the heavy attack+finisher. Even a minor change, such as forced slash procs on her normal attacks (with maybe a forced impact proc on the kick) would go a long way to making them useful.
  6. Well, like, that's the only other use for the stat I see. The *only* way to fail a mission is to go AFK or to be completely new and unfamiliar with aborting them.
  7. If it's meant to denote how bad someone plays, you can abort missions and get the same rewards. If it's meant to denote how many times people go AFK after entering a mission, the name's not right. The only way you can actually fail a mission is to intentionally stay past the point of failure and not leave before then... or, alternatively, to enter a mission and then go AFK for some reason which, if not super important, you can then just abort anyway. I have heard that DE wants to have people fail missions more, and if that's the case then the only way to do so without fundamentally changing the ability to abort missions, is to make missions give partial completion rewards greater than abortion rewards if you fail them. Otherwise, it's a redundant stat! People already know how many missions I leave on average and I don't need a reminder of the 35 times I've been called by X while playing, because there are also a number of those in my 250+ aborted missions!
  8. I really like everything else about the quest-line (the story, music and acting are great) but playing it kind of sucked. This was around the time it released or maybe a bit after but the whole Golden Maw thing was very immersion-breaking - really bad for a story-oriented experience - and annoying because of the timing needed unless you want to bunny-hop everywhere, which isn't the best for a story-driven experience about a newly-awoken [REDACTED] who's disoriented. The last thought I had when I finished The War Within was "Thank God I never need to play this again" and not appreciation for the great story elements. It put me off any subsequent missions unless they were necessary for something I wanted. Are the more modern story missions like The War Within, or was that the end of that?
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