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  1. While both raids were a mess, I loved doing them with my small clan, it was the glue that held everyone together as we would do all of the raids regularly, once the raids got removed my clan mates stopped playing. Sure, the raids were not very hard, but you actually had to pay attention to what you're doing, which isn't true for the rest of the game which devolved into nuking whole rooms with a press of a button. And I enjoyed that, it was engaging. I'd also say that raids were the last co-op content (maybe with the exception of Eidolons) of Warframe, sure you can play pretty much every mission co-op with 3 other people, but what's the point if just a single person can finish the mission just fine? Raids required a degree of coordination, everyone had to do their job, even if it was a very simple one, that's why me and my clan mates enjoyed it I think, because we were actually playing together.
  2. Yeah, I bought the Riptide pack and I love Ambassador's design, but performance-wise it's a mess. The Charge mode is just broken, it might as well have no AOE, and the damage it deals is so low that it simply isn't worth the ammo
  3. What? No. Lutris and Proton are not even the same kind of thing. Proton is a compatibility layer, Lutris is a platform that allows you to install pretty any game, that is, stuff from other launchers like Battle.net, Bethesda.net, Origin, EGS etc. and games that don't come with any launchers at all. Lutris comes with it's own version of Wine, but it can use any other version as well, that includes Proton.
  4. Did Linux and Vulkan steal your lunch money or something? Where does that hateful ignorance stem from?
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