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  1. Not all platinum is bought. You can win free plat from various giveaways. What if someone uses free plat then? Should DE just hand out money out of their pocket? You can also get discount of platinum, and you can mix discounted platinum, with platinum from packs, with platinum from giveaways, with regular price platinum, what then? If DE calculates how much the plat purchase was worth in actual money, then it is completely random how much money the creator gets for the sale. If you get unlucky, someone with a 1000 regular plat and 200 free plat might end up spending only the free plat on your skin so you get nothing. Or they've spent only the discounted plat so you get possibly 75% less money than for regular plat sale. Besides, there are contracts in place with Steam. DE can't just start selling Tennogen for plat on PC or they will get sued
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