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  1. That reminds me of the other Raids. The mission type, not the LoR or JV. Before Survival got introduced, we've had "Raid" mission type. But it's a stretch to even call that a mission type. All you've had to do was to get an artifact and get to extraction. You just ignored all the enemies, pressed X on the artifact and coptered to extraction point. It was still around when Void got introduced along with Frost, Latron and Reaper Prime, so yeah, you could run those "Raids" to farm prime parts, and since there were only 3 Primes at the time, there was no drop table gore that the Void Key system suffered over time. Actually, by the time Tipedo wasn't used for coptering. Coptering worked by performing a slide attack while in the air to fling yourself forward. It was removed when directional aerial melee attacks got introduced (it wasn't coptering since it was performed differently, directional melee required you to just press E mid air), and that's when Tipedo replaced Dual Zoren. Oh and another thing that I remembered. Artifacts. That's what later got remade into Auras as mods. Artifacts had the same effect as Auras, but you equiped them in Starchart, and they didn't give or use capacity. You could see your team's artifacts on before the start of the mission. Another thing is that right after Artifacts got remade into Auras, Auras CONSUMED capacity instead of increasing it. It was quickly changed
  2. So here is a few things I didn't see anyone mention yet: Perk trees - Before mod-cards replaced that system, with each level you could unlock one perk on a perk tree (both weapons and Warframes had them). That was back when Warframe was absolutely P2W as without a Catalyst/Reactor you've only had access to the first HALF of a tree. And back then you couldn't get any potatos without paying plat for them. When you consider that perks included stuff like: "Increases damage by x%", without a catalyst your weapons were a LOT weaker. Not only that but for Warframes, part of those perk trees were abilities, and the fourth ability was unlocked in the second half of the tree, so without a reactor, no ultimate powers for you. Nervos - Back when Seekers were introduced, for a short while they were using Nervos instead of Latchers. What's the difference? Instead of sticking to you and exploding, it paralyzed you, by that I mean you couldn't do anything untill you died or your teammate rescued you. So if your teammates didn't care you were just standing in the middle of the room getting shot at being unable to do anything. Arn Etina - Before Ambulas got his current name, the same boss was named Arn Etina, he also had the same portrait that later got repurposed for Darvo. Arn Etina is also the only character in the history of Warframe that got straight up removed. (J3 Golem had an in game explanation for why he is gone and later got remade into Jordas) Grineer Butcher - Grineer Butchers used to wield buzz saws on their arms instead of cleavers, it was possible to hear them coming from a room away. Combat Formation Bravo - Grineer used to speak english, one of their lines was "Combat formation Bravo!". Nothing special untill you pair that with a bug that caused enemies to spawn on top of another forming towers of enemies. Due to the Grineer line, the bug got called Combat Formation Bravo, you can still get screenshots of it by googling "Warframe Combat Formation Bravo" Rainbow Builds - After Perk Tree system got retired and made into the mod system that was close to what we've got today (mods were a thing before that actually, but you could only slot them into dedicated slots on a perk tree), the damage system stayed the same. So there was no combined elemental damage, only Fire/Cold/Electric, the Toxic damage was a thing but only on weapons that had it in their base stats (Like Mire for example). And since +90% damage is always good, every build consisted of all three elemental mods, meaning at the time it was very common to see enemies get frozen, electrocuted and set aflame (in some cases poisoned as well) at the same time. Alabaster Excalibur Skin - I'm not a founder, but I do remember people being uspet when DE removed Alabaster Excalibur Skin, it was available only to Excalibur Prime and was basically the same texture that Excalibur Statues use in game. BP Drops - Right now stuff like Warframe BP's from bosses is awarded after completing the mission, but before Bosses used to drop BP's as an item you've had to pick up. It was removed after DE added Nova in Update 9, she dropped from Raptor, the issue was that Raptor at first was just a big Osprey placed in a tile with a cliff inside it. Three out of four times the Raptor would just fly over the cliff so that when you've killed it, the BP dropped into the abyss and You've had to repeat the whole mission. Switch Teleport - Loki's Switch Teleport used to work on a lot of stuff, (at the very beginning, even of Cryo-pods) that Raptor flying over the cliff I talked about earlier? Well, Loki could Switch Teleport it into a tiny room in the middle of the tile. Raptor couldn't get out so you didn't have to worry about blueprints dropping into the abyss
  3. Read my post. Read your original post. You proposed that the Umbral Forma should drop from spy missions on Lua. I've said that Umbral Forma should be extra rare item. You are just being dishonest at this point.
  4. We are talking about few Warframes here, not only that but few % differences between builds with Umbral Forma and regular Forma, on most frames you can make an Umbral build with just the regular Forma. You need Umbral Forma for certain Chroma builds for example, but you can make the same build with the same mods using regular Forma, the only thing different is that you can't have all the mods maxed, you need to sacrifice mod level or two, that's basically no difference in the actual game. Those builds arn't made because they are needed, they are "Why not" builds when you've got nothing better to do. As I've said, going for such absolutely maximized builds makes sense if you play the game a lot and are out of things to do, if you don't play enough to complete NW, you likely have no use for such builds anyway. And for the game to require that you complete NW Season to get that top of top builds makes sense to me. To be clear, I'm not saying Umbral Forma should be NW only. But it should be a rare rescource, it shouldn't be like other Formas in the game. We get it rarely because it's rarely needed. If we were able to farm tens of Umbral Formas making Umbral builds would be too easy. If right now we can get Umbral Forma once every few months, that's how rare it should stay. It shouldn't be something you can just farm for in an hour.
  5. It does, the more damage you take the more visible it becomes
  6. I like how you've had to point out that every weapon came back in some way. Well, guess what: A) Every Weapon came back but not every cosmetic. (The only two exceptions are Harkonar Wraith set and Rift Sigil I think?) You can't get Tethra's Doom badge anymore, You can't get False Profit sigil, You can't get Rakta Syandana. B) Most of those weapons took YEARS to come back. So you've had to play specific things during specific weeks of specific months, unless you wanted to get your weapon 3 years later than people who played the event. Hell, Braton Vandal was available for two days and it came back after like 5 years or so. C) We know that NW cosmetics are not exclusive for ever and might return at some point. D) If missing a completely cosmetic item breaks the game for you (or a different type of Forma that is only useful on a handfull of frames if you try to absolutely max them out which doesn't really make sense if you aren't playing the game all the time anyway), You might be dissapointed to find out that you were missing stuff even before Nightwave became a thing. Founders gear, promotional cosmetics, most event cosmetics, profile accolades, hell even glitched stuff that is no longer possible to get like pet hybrids or abomination landing craft. Sometimes you will miss some stuff, I'm pretty sure that there is no single person in the world that has everything in this game. E) Just becasue you've been playing for a long time doesn't mean You can't quit. And it's not like the game has to cater to you just because you've played for a long time.
  7. The only possible way of implementing something like this would be making a deluxe skin/entire warframe based around that. I mean, putting armor on top of armor doesn't make much sense
  8. Then why did it show the kid while saying "YOU've been sleeping"? Even if that was DE's intention, you can't expect everyone to understand it in this way. And it would be really weird to show people a Tenno if you don't want them to think that this is their actual character. If you refer to the viewer as "You" and then you show them the character, most people would assume that this character is the protagonist. It's coming from a position of being familiar with Sci-Fi in general I'd say. And ofcourse the Tenno doesn't look the way your actual Tenno does. Dovahkiin in Skyrim trailers is always a male Nord, your character likely doesn't look like him either. If the player character is customizable you have to settle on some pre-made place-holder to represent the player character, you can't really put an amorphous blob into a trailer
  9. You think 2 hours per week is too much. Okay, let's say DE changed it and put Umbral Forma on Arbitration Rotation C that takes 30 minutes in one go to complete. There will still be people who: A) Don't have much time to play games and spending 30 minutes of that time one a single mission for a single reward is not something they are willing to do. B) Don't want to do arbitrations for any ammount of time. So what now? Should we change it again? No matter what you do, there will always be someone who will say: "I [can't/don't want to] do it". And you obviously can't cater to everyone. Maybe we should put it in the market for 100 plat? (That's much cheaper than either Ivara or Khora btw.). Then someone will say that 100 plat is too much. My point is. You can't satisfy everyone. There will always be people who arn't happy with the way things are. If DE should listen to you, should they also listen to people who think your way of distributing Umbral Forma is too hard/easy?
  10. And since Warframe is about... using Warframes, I think it's pretty obvious if the game tells you that you are the human and then you play as a Warframe. My character disappeared and now I'm a space ninja? Huh I wonder what happened /s People arn't stupid. If you tell them that this is their character and then the character disappears and now you play as faceless robo-ninja, they won't just go: "Huh, my character disappeared so it's dead/gone". Cause you know... usually the protagonist doesn't die in the opening cinematic
  11. I can only play 4 minutes and I only do capture missions so everything in the game should drop from capture missions. I don't like spy missions so Ivara should drop elsewhere I don't like sancturay onslaught so Khora should drop elsewhere I don't like doing fissures so Primes should drop elsewhere See? That's pretty silly right? If you can't spare the time that the game requires, just find a different game. It's like me complaining that matches in Quake Champions last 10 minutes and that's too long for me so it should be changed. At some point you just have to ask yourself: "Maybe this game isn't for me?"
  12. I already liked the skin... but that? That right there sold it to me. I don't like playing Limbo at all because he looks goofy and out of place (I like his abilities, but yeah, he's ugly enough to make me not enjoy playing with him), but serious looking skin for him completely changes his vibe. At least for me
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