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  1. NW was a good idea, but the execution is absolutely TERRIBLE. DE seems to have forgotten why they even introduced it in the first place, it was supposed to be a season pass with steady stream of light weight content. Yet, once again they drag another season into a complete slog, seasons should be finished before they start, and then just slowly introduced, but as DE revealed on the last stream, Glassmaker finale is still in the works. Like... what were they doing for HALF A YEAR that the last intermission was running for? If they can't finish a single season in half a year, why the
  2. So far there is nothing. The only thing you can put on Vulpaphylas and Predasites are Vengeful Ephemeras and badges. I doubt we will see cosmetics specifically for those two companions. Honestly, DE could just allow us to use Kavat (for Vulpaphylas) and Kubrow (for Predasites) cosmetics, they already do that for Helminth Charger.
  3. Auction Houses only work in games with a lot of randomized gear and ultra-rare loot (I'm talking about rarity levels which make current rare Necramech mod drop chances look decent in comparison). Warframe doesn't have such a thing outside of Rivens. In case of every other item in the game, AH would cause a quick race to the bottom.
  4. Old UI had resources and mods separated so it was easy to browse what you've got. Now all of that is thrown together and everything has huge icons which means less info is present on the screen at any given time. It's objectively worse when it comes to presenting information
  5. So much this. All the new Infested units don't look... well... infested? All of them look like they were always that way, they don't look like they are a violent mutation of something. Chargers and Leapers/Runners are still the best Infested units design wise, because you can make out what they were before their transformation. Pretty much all of the post-CBT infested enemies are super tame, (mutalist enemies are just robots, so they don't really count here) the only exception so far is the Undying Flyer.
  6. Just use Limbo, place cataclysm bubble on the Tower that the enemy is fixated on and just keep refreshing it. No need to kill a single enemy
  7. Also means "salt" in Polish
  8. Wątpię, że to błąd wizualny, bo miałem schemat który następnie zacząłem budować, niestety nie mogłem go potem wyciągnąć. Dodam, że w U13 nie mogłem nawet zacząć budowy hełmu (schemat był jednak widoczny po wejściu w ekwipunek) PS. Na Screenie widać, że w warsztacie czeka jedna zbudowana już rzecz, podczas gdy w zakładce "W TRAKCIE" widać tylko budujące się wciąż AkZani
  9. Kolejny bug: Nie mogę wyciągnąć Hełmu Arcane Loctus z warsztatu
  10. Niestety trafił mi się wredny bug, nie mogę zacząć Obrony z questa o Kubrow, za pierwszym razem normalnie atakowali mnie wrogowie oraz Stalker (miałem bronie 3-7 lvl) gdy próbowałem powtórzyć misję nic mnie nie zaatakowało, nie miałem licznika fal, tylko wskaźnik na ziemi, a co za tym idzie nie mogę skończyć questa "Skowyt Kubrow"
  11. Cóż nie mogę kontynuować rozbudowy statku, quest kazał dodać koordynaty dla Wenus, niestety zrobiłem to gdy Lotus właśnie zaczynała coś mówić, teraz nie mam kolejnych celów do wykonania, a statek nie ma wszystkich funkcji (nie mogę nawet wejść do dojo)
  12. Why De? Why? ;-; We was dying all Tuesday waiting for Wednesday Then we was dying all Wednesday waiting for Thursday I think we gonna wait week longer, because no one said it gonna be this week Thursday
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