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  1. Its good, as far as I know -zoom is a free negative but may affect the damage multiplier when using scoped mode, the infested could have been crit damage but its good enough
  2. I read somewhere best way to play railjack missions is to park the ship at spawn and go in archwing modefor the rest of the mission
  3. Its like that one sortie excavation, it makes things more frustrating interesting
  4. Im in game right now and I just inserted the key, the cinematic did its thing and now Im look at a big finger in that tube/pod wtf
  5. yes its true, its also been mentioned a few times. From what I know it would require DE to modibfy all the stances and moves so she wont need to use her non-existant legs. Its just seems like too much work for a little thing
  6. For me a good game is a game that has a good story, makes you feel like you are a part of the world of the game and that what you are doing means something to the world. Currently when I go on warframe I feel like a mindless drone grinding endlessly and only thing that makes me feel like Im a part of the world of warframe is when lotus pops up telling me what to do but we dont know why we are doing it. Example would be when on defense like whos in the cryopod, or exterminate mission why do we kill them like what do they know or maybe they are about to do something its a plain kill it because I say so, or spy like what kind of intel is inside of them, . Some okay explanation are capture and survival we know why we are doing it but still lacks information. Disruption is okay but its just a petty reason to just go-in-for-the-loot reason. Rescue is also okayish as its just a tenno operative, but this is where a problem rises, we dont see operatives helping us in usual missions we just see them get captured for doing who knows what and we only know they are present in relay and dojo helping as maintenance workers. There are just holes in the design of the world its like they dont want you to feel like you are a part just give minimal reasons and we do it
  7. It seems that the developers of the game carry out updates to new content which is good, but they do not pay attention to older content that is not well done. Dont get me wrong they do fix the content but months later. Liches is a good example to start as its fresh, I have seen a lot not liking them because of the stupid grind+RNG and mastery lock behind 5 forma per weapon, thats bad, really bad. Now liches are not fun to do and most likely be fixed in the future when the players get use to it and the hype goes cold so they make them easier, way easier, so people come to do them. An example of making content easier so players pay attention to it is PoE arcanes not require crafting, it was a good change but it left some player a sour taste because they spent a lot of time and resources to craft them and they didnt get compensation, so I imagine something similar would happen with the forma right now where something else or less forma is goign to be used to 'limit-break' from level 30 up to 40. With every update they add new pointless resources just to give us a reason to go an do some boring stuff to build the new items, its annoying. I can understand PoE and OV ores but the rest after that are just why? Like I have a few million of every common resource from planets and why do I do with those? They are used in newer recepies but still why add new ones? Maybe 1-2 new per update is okay but more than that is really not needed. "What to do with my 2 million Nano-spores?" Since the developers like dropping an update and not reading feedback on the update that just dropped, and instead of fixing and making changes that the community asks for and a lot support the idea that was suggested the developers make new content and ignore the issue at hand. Steve confirmed this by saying on stream that liches are not their focus, but the community is clearly not pleased with how the system currently is. Another major problem is that the developers are so frustrating as they are clearly missing what the deffinition of difficult/end-game content is, they see end-game as insane grinds not difficult to kill enemies that also give us a chance to fight them, Im also not saying give us a level 500 bombard that one shots us. Lack of story quests is also a disappointment to me, the main story is not done and its bad for a game, especially when the game has been out for more than 5 years on top of that a single story quest per year is awefully poor. "But cinematic quests take time." true, but so does railjack and 5 years should be mroe than enough to know what to do with a games story. "But they added the Leverian" the leverian should have been a thing long ago and now its just an excuse to not make main story quests and we have only 3 entries which are 2 new frames and atlas, where are the classic frames liek excalibur and mag and volt they are one of the most important frames in the game yet they dont have one.
  8. k dont play it or use google. I stopped playing after doing a few liches and got mr 28 and Im not touching this because IM unpleased wit hteh content
  9. if they were a mistake purchase then maybe support would help you out but it seems like you just got bored of them and want to spend plat on something else, it dont work like that
  10. -multishot is always a big oooof. rerolling is a must
  11. There was a mention of Operator only missions, a spy mission in operator mode while the warframe waits at spawn for a nightwave challenge. I have not seen that so far and it was before season 2 that this was mentioned
  12. If they give Adaptation lore then a lot of requests would come in about other mods, that mneans works for DE and the lore is useless because the story isnt even finished but it will likely be finished by year 2100. I do get some peopel like lore and I am one of them but as the devs dont focus on lore its really doesnt matter at all if the mod isnt explained. I mean even if tehy add flying pigs it would still make sence because it can be lore and everything can be lore as teh story is not finished
  13. I use Wukong, his passive saves him a lot, I run him with adaptation and the twin helps out a bit also destracts him to attack the clone and not you. I have tried nezha but wasnt too happy with it and rhino is just too plain for me, Inaros with lots health armor and adaptation should be fine as long as you keep distance, I personally wouldnt use shield based frames as they are just at risk oh a slash proc or toxin or if their ability fails they rip. So yeah Inaros or Wukong are good for me make thme tanky and slap adaptation on them for another layer of reduction
  14. new players would get to it eventually, you can texpect a new player to go to railjack right away when not even knowing what warframe is, they need to learn the basics and slowly get to railjack. I mean when I started playing *a specific game* it took me a whle getting to power rank 950 to do advanced missions with better rewards and I was fine with that, new players coming to warframne should be fine with this as well
  15. so instead of 5 forma we would need 6 weapons of the same type ot get it to 40? as you said COMPLETELY replaciong forma where forma wouldnt be an option and only weapons would be. Thats even worse than waht we have now since a single lich takes a few hours to do
  16. I once has a similar situation where the host used all their revives and noone went to revive him because they were somewhat far. We kileld the 3rd eidolon anf got the rewards so the host out of rage not getting the 3rd eidolon reward went to abort and we ended up in cetus still is squad and no rewards. This was months ago so it may not be liek this now but it was funny that it happened(and yes a bit salt too for reward loss)
  17. This isnt the right place to sell stuff, head on over to the PC trading post
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