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  1. I only see myself wearing the armor in aset for the extra thicc female look and odler male look, but uscombining it with something else is almost impossible
  2. If you dont like self damage on cross bows use attica. There are other self damage weapons in warframe and zhuge prime is on of them if you dont like that one use another
  3. I think when they talked about pets 2.0 it was suggested by a forum person but they said likely no, but i do hope thye add it its an unfair thing we have sentinels and moas getting weapons and pets dont have claws moddable its kinda crap
  4. I would say dont expect cloth stuff to ever be fixed or cosmetics going in one another, just dont its never going to happen
  5. WTF!?! I never got on and i been doing them lately, sell me one
  6. One raid I did was grineer with vay hek. No waypoint no guide, if you knew what to do you would do it if you didnt then you wouldnt, and if you didnt know then nnoone would recruit you and if there is noone to teach you then you will never do it. There was one person who guided us and i think they almost lost their mind when they did it, all noobs but him and good thing for voice. I was a noob so im kinda glad some person went thru that to guide us. Youtube always helped but I was too lazy and it was not practical. Hope in new raid they tell us what to do, unless it was waypoint bug then idk what im saying
  7. now everyone expecting atlas to be skiped and wanting nezha but it will be atlas...or inaros
  8. Neg anyo refuses to spend credits on tools, but wants the job done, so the crewmen get creative
  9. Its just good luck. I suggest buying them from people if you really want that landing craft, farming is really not an option as its not reliable that it will appear, and sometimes it does appear in missions but you miss it. So i highly advice not to farm them. From what I if the map is corpus and only corpus thne there is a chance for one to appear.
  10. Its a good orbiter, the only bad thing is that you claimed your orbiter as BEST by yourself which is looked down upon, by me at least.
  11. can we wait for when he is acctualy out and try him for ourselfs then say? But yeah slaming into walls is not my favoruite thing to do too
  12. It is doable solo, ,I done it many time but it takes more time. Inaros with augment for his 4, armor health and adaptation, a good catchmoon or sniper and you will be fine.
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