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  1. Esentially get rid of the flashy abs, add more breast and she is good, maybe a slimer waist too
  2. While this is a nice thing to have, seeing how people fail the warmarket man thing I feel like new players would likely get scammed then find this, hope Im wrong
  3. What am I seeing?! Is this a reasonable and valid idea that will not ruin the game and make players happy at the same time? Yes it is. Will DE add this? Maybe in 5 years
  4. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: CRash on entering Combion DriftREPRODUCTION: Enter the Cambion Drift in public match on the highest bounty(not steel path)EXPECTED RESULT: To not crashOBSERVED RESULT: CrashREPRODUCTION RATE: 4 times in a row then I gave up
  5. It would basically elminiate the rift bouncing need which would make him the new go to frame hwhere he cant get damaged but he can damage enemies, you would only need a limbo then
  6. One thing for sure if it will go down in price. How much I wouldnt know its as random as RNG
  7. I just want more weps for mastery so I dont have to do Deimos as it is now so I can get my MR30 and call it game over and get 100% on steam achievements(unless bugs happen then Im going to kms)
  8. I dont understand the limitations on this, its poinmtless. Let us favourite all our colors if we like not like it hurts anyone
  9. Back in my day when I enjoyed suffering, I used Loki and Ignis, mostly spamming decoy
  10. Id really love to save fashions, this is especially useful when new primes come out and when I have already fashioned the deluxe skin on the normal frame to the best of my liking. Then I have to look link and all that then click to apply and just sad
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