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  1. Play another game? Like for real, you grind to get better frames but its pointless as you play more by grinding to become more powerful which you dont really need. My goal was MR30 and steam achievements, and once I got it I was done. Now Im a forum ghost
  2. Volt, he can clear rooms easier than Vauban
  3. I get where you are coming from. Ever since we got Wisp and her unique movement animations the other females just look to plain. The problem here is that if the warframe doesnt have a unique animation set to it, it uses the default animation which looks kinda masculine.
  4. They just cant top Wisp and her ASSets and kit, good looking model with good support abilities. I didnt watch the stream but I saw her with a k-drive ability, so noty, I do like her cute idol look to her but meh thats kinda boring especially because its not even a character its just a pupper
  5. You should send them a ticket via the website support system, I dont think emailing them is effective Support page: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  6. Im not 100% sure what you mean by spicy but I think I got you covered
  7. The REAL problem with Garuda deluxe it needs more THICC
  8. DE needs to make serveys like these so they can collect information on what people needs, but I guess its better for someone to hear us even if its just a fellow player
  9. Its has been months now and I may be the only one getting this because its not fixed, When there is a door to open which requires 2 players when we open it the message "A teammate needs help to open a door" stay on the screen for the rest of the mission. Its annoying
  10. Im in game right now and I just inserted the key, the cinematic did its thing and now Im look at a big finger in that tube/pod wtf
  11. I saw peopel say that kuva weapons can be leveled to rank 40 when invested 5 forma in them, 5 forma per weapon is a hell of a lot like what have the people at DE been thinking and how did it pass thru qualaty assurance testing, we need 65 forma, 65! Thats a crazy ammount of forma and really not worth it but since they give mastery we are forced to do them to get them completed on out profiles. Okay so you may say this is a free to play game and you are right, but 65 forma for a free to play user take 65 day and 65 forma blueprint from relics, tehre is also a chance of forma form sortie but tha
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