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  1. Maybe an antivirus program you may have sees some files as a threat and deletes them, chest your virus chest if you have an antivirus installed. You can also try contacting support for this issue as tehy might know how to fix it
  2. I noticed something was off when viewing Revenant's Deluxe bundle, after some time I noticed we can view his nice ASSets because a piece is missing there. Shame we cant see them on normally I think
  3. Thats the neat part, you don't know. I dont think they need to share such informtation with you as gaming companies usually do those discretely and giving you a reply that goes like "The user will be dealth with appropriately, thank you for the report"
  4. MR 31 logo looks ugly. Accurate to what it respresents but I rather keep my gold MR 30. Good info you provided btw
  5. Yeah good luck with that. I've tried explaining why it should be changed/remove when it was still fresh but its been a year and changing it now would outrage people who sunk 100+ forma for their kuva weapons
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