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  1. Its just good luck. I suggest buying them from people if you really want that landing craft, farming is really not an option as its not reliable that it will appear, and sometimes it does appear in missions but you miss it. So i highly advice not to farm them. From what I if the map is corpus and only corpus thne there is a chance for one to appear.
  2. Its a good orbiter, the only bad thing is that you claimed your orbiter as BEST by yourself which is looked down upon, by me at least.
  3. can we wait for when he is acctualy out and try him for ourselfs then say? But yeah slaming into walls is not my favoruite thing to do too
  4. It is doable solo, ,I done it many time but it takes more time. Inaros with augment for his 4, armor health and adaptation, a good catchmoon or sniper and you will be fine.
  5. I dont think that gonna be effective tho, just like the survival
  6. Octavia is fun, Khora is fun, Ash is fun, Wisp is fun, Atlas is fun, Valkyr is fun, Hydroid, equinox, harrow, mirage, mesa,nova, revenant, titania, zephyr they are all fun. I cant really know your definition of fun, some find it fun to achive something like get items, some find fun with goofy frame abilities, some find fun with meme frame(pink rhino, one punch atlas) so yeah you decide those what is fun about them Im just saying what could be
  7. Functional ones are called mods. Id like cosmetic ones zaws and kitguns looks ugly
  8. DE can make easy money with this but they dont want to i guess
  9. I seen something similar in the ropapolyst figth where he copies me maybe its that? But its not really a demolyst there. Maybe its a shared ability
  10. They spawn far from the activated tower when one is activated, they spawn like to the other side of the map that could contain consoles(or in some other rooms that are some distance fomr the activated tower). they make a beeping sound as they get near the tower but chances are that people seek them out before they reach the tower and kill them, which is mostly why your helios doesnt have a chnace to scan it because it has been killed and hadnt been close enough to you to scan it while alive. So to scan it seek the sound and you will get it
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