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  1. We needs more slide and sprint speed for sure. I really want Nezha Prime for the prime skin, like will he get more thicc or will he remain a sticc, these are the real important things you know. Id like to think he would het more thicc like his dad Rhino and his mom Ember while also sliding all over the place and in my dms
  2. Speaking of Steam Exclusive skins Id like more skins like the Rhino Rubedo. Or some skins that we could get somehow and buy/sell on steam. I mean Warframe is popular enough so I think they would be able to do something like this with Valve
  3. That sounds interesting, ikr, its like we teleport inside or something That too I forgot to point it out, its strange. Also we only every see ourselfs extracting and not the others, the only door that is used is the 2nd or 3rd or that is which one is used on the extracting animation, also if I remember correctly there is one extraction room with a single extraction door in a corpus tile. Extraction rooms need a remaster by just being more wide apart
  4. Extraction rooms are must have, yes, however I thought about it a bit and how we have Tenno extraction rooms in places non-tenno. Lets leave aside that this is a game and dive in the universe of Warframe. So why would, in grineer and corpus maps there are tenno extraction rooms. Yes I do get that those 'extraction doors' are the buttom of our landing craft and we just get in it. But the size of these doorframes is perfectly sized for these landing crafts, and I have not seen corpus/grineer using similar ways to extract/get on board as usually theyd do this on landing pads or something like a drydock. Maybe when tehy were building the ships one of them suggested they'd need tenno extraction rooms, like what? I dont understand this, yet I know its an overthing. We do have landing pads like on jupiter and earth where we reach an area open enough for landing crafts to come to and that is logical, but I just dont understand how these extraction rooms are a part of enemy ships
  5. I feel like its best to get a damaged umbral forma when selling a warframe with onoe installed. And then you can repair the umbral forma by using some expensive materials like an aura forma+3forma also the blueprint would be bought from simaris for 1mil credits.
  6. So many of these posts yet this isnt even out yet, just wait it out and see how it is then go about making feedback. And if this hard mode is still easy then tehy can always make another tier of difficulty
  7. Warframe is a power fanatasy where you are a god and oblidirate everything as easily as pressing a button, because thats what it is
  8. So mean to tell me you expected an unrolled god riven? or are you showing that you got rivens for bad weps?
  9. A week or so ago they changed how lighting system works in the game. That may be causeing issues
  10. Nah. Hyldrin regenerates shields real fast while inaros doesnt regenerate health, so no
  11. Lazarow

    DE Please Do This!

    And then there is the QA team who just seemingly sleeps
  12. And here I was expecting slippery boi prime. Ahh...oh well we get sand daddy so thats good too
  13. I like how Toroids from fortuna look and Id so much want them as a decoration for my orbiter similar to how the beach balls from dog days are with them bouncing around
  14. Lazarow

    Wyrmious Bugs

    The Wyrm minigame has a few bugs that annoy me and make the game random, unenjoyable and unbeatable. First is the turrent immunity to shots which at first I thought was not a bug and even after seeing a video I thought it was a difficulty change, now I see that this is most likely not the case as there are small rooms with turrets and they are spraying. Second is the bug of random death, even happens on the first zone at the spawn, I kill both the enemies and I am sure there are no projectiles and then I die randomly.
  15. I think even with that Id still get the common Forma blueprint. I mean an option for the hopeful would be good but I think its too much traces cost that would get me disappointed in the end same as current radiant relics do
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