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  1. There was a time that the Void Sabotage gave a Prime part for finding all 3 containers. There was a time the Antidotes in Earth gave a better prize than a Fieldron Sample. There was a time when exploring for the rare/reinforced containers felt as part of the game until it was rush to extract version. Trust me...one of the worst things in the game is finding a Rare/Reinforced container just as the extract countdown hits zero and being pulled away before cracking it open. Has happened too many times for me
  2. FOUND OUT HOW TO GET THE WOLF TO SPAWN!!! First, you have to sign into each type of Warframe available (PC, PS4, XBOX, SWITCH). Then you have to do the Dark Sector on Jupiter while also getting a Nora Nightwave finished. As soon as you get her to appear, do the Wolf Howl Emote. After this, do 25 melee finishers on each account and find at least one Ayatan Star or Scupture in the level. Fall off a ledge to get your Warframe to rise and the Wolf will come to fight you. ..... Or you can get a Wolf Beacon and drop it in a mission.
  3. Veryresting to see how people perceive certain frames in this game. I myself have found that I elected Octavia as the worst frame just from my not liking her. I don't get her kit and whenever one shows up in a mission, I go around trying to hit the mallet or figure out which buff I got accidentally from doing my Dodge and movements to I don't know how to fashion frame her (seriously, where do I put the ADIDAS shoes on her). Refused for the longest time to get her and then got beacons to call Zanuka on her to get her out of my ship ....just to realize I don't even want to take her on a mission to have her get taken. As for Ember....I enjoy her on a few missions. I take her for my FWodD to Extractor missions (still my fave mode to play) while playing FIRE BLAST version of her. It has been my playstyle since seeing the WoF fools running around using the one button way. I usually end up picking up other frames since mistakes happen (Eximus wave mainly) and I give her some differing ways to play her that keep her fun. I have a Prime and Regular version...and use the Reg when I want a challenge as it has no Potatoe or Forma. Vaub can be fun depending on how you wanna play him. Instead of being a DPS, use him as a hitman. Assassinate from high up and away while protecting your team. Used to do it on Extractor missions and Def when I liked Def. Might try him again since been ages. .....but I'mma stick with Octavia as my least liked (aka WORST) frame. Okay....bye bye....thanks for the topic....
  4. This isn't the complaint topic? YES!!! Miracles do happen in the Forums here. Happy Happy Joy Joy Encountered my first deal with these guys as I was doing Excavtion (it's my favorite mode) and they came in pretty high and strong. Kicked my Titania butt and even killed my Sent before it could revive me. But I did manually codex them.... Now gotta get more scans and kick their teeth in. Looking forward to the fight. At least the Infested hate them as well.
  5. Lemme see.... Doing Extractors for 10 runs and getting a Pressure Point followed by 2500 credits....I think that stuff dropped from the mobs trying to destroy the Extractors x 10. Sign in rewards that give Fieldron Samples and Detonite parts after hitting Evergreen or a few 1000 days rewards. Spawn kill after capturing the Capture target. Should be something to do after I get em to the Lotus. Send in a Recover Squad or something. Extermination levels are swarming but this one dies out?
  6. Wish I could play your version of Animal Capture cuz whenever I attempt to do it, some soldier spots me from 20 miles out.... pops a flare/beacon and then I gotta fight these soldiers while hoping the creature I was trying to get does not get killed. Besides, you are seeing it in an adrenaline pumping style. See it as a how close can I get to a creature without freaking it out style of hunting and it might be more palatable for you. Then again, it might not. Our perspective on going into something is how we are gonna deal with it. If you want to just kill and shoot everything, call the creatures then slashshootbombpower them. It might be your thing.....
  7. Dog Days Snowball Fights Candy Cane weapon skins Floofs Cosmetics Collectibles Having more than 1 frame These are all things that add to the fun aspect of a video game. They are not for every single player but some people enjoy some of these and I betcha there are a few of the human race that enjoy lots of these. If you are not finding the offside things that are not destroying sprites with other sprites the player control up to your standards, find what you do enjoy and do that. These are all optional in a game where the only things you do if you want to play the lore is the questline from Vor to Chimera Prologue. If an event is giving you this much grief, time to figure out what you are lacking in life that this is bothering you this much. Hope it works out for you
  8. I always wanted more of the Renn object from his quest. For the life of me, I would go back to the woman who sold it hoping there were more to buy. Then, a YouTuber posted a video of a pretty cool looking MR 0 who had decked his Orbiter out in some pretty nice designs. Then he walks into the Void Demon chair room and he has lines and lines of Renn toys. I presumed that you have to do the Chains of H to get a chance to buy the toy again after seeing that. Been playing this game for going on 5 years....and just figured this out last week. Time to do Chains over and over....
  9. I used to be one who would make the frames and after getting them to 30, buy another from the market. And then Nidus hit and DE gave me a 75% off coupon the same day. I tried the mission to see what it was like to get the parts and found it not my style of frame farming....so I got him for that 75% plat saver. Then DE started doing things such as if you buy this frame, you get a free Riven for doing the mission, which I thought was cool even if I do not like the Rivs that much. It was the thought that the company was giving something for the story that made me go that route. And then there came the Frames requiring things from Orb Mother hunting....which I have not even done Bounty one yet...the complaints I heard from players about getting the required items just to build the parts IF the parts fell...hard passed. With Wisp being out, I was gonna do the hunting parts again til I heard there was a bug in XB1 that could crash your system. And that made me buy her to see the view of her animations. Finally heard the bug was fixed and ran the Rob 5 times and got her parts fully. Making frames is a good thing when the game makes the getting and creation a fluid motion that feels more like creation than manufacturing. The Original ones had this feeling. The ones in the Dojo have this feeling. Those locked behind RNGijoe do not feel like creation from all the hair pulling threads about the parts not dropping after X amount of runs. And then the Primes making things easier than the Quest frames....was a slap in the face (but IMO, it adds that Primes came after the Quest lines frames).
  10. At least I am not the only one having dreams about Warframe in the future. Mine consisted of the Void Demons being unlocked from the Frames, us gaining the Frames 2nd line of powers (activated by holding the new SECCOMMAND button) which allowed for 8 new powers), us finding the Excel Beast which are Warbeast that can combine with our Frames to bring out the Exhaulted Forms (Minotaur, Centaur, Serpent, Phoenix, etc). We were given a new Warframe named Arsenal which had 3 modes (Full Primary where he rocked 3 Primary weapons that acted in place of the Secondary and Melee, Full Secondary, and Full Melee). He came with his own Excel Beast which was a Giant Lion. Strange dreams.....gotta lay off the portabella sandwiches before bed
  11. 1105 days and have not had one since Nidus was released. Been getting 50% on a weekly basis though, it feels like. Someone told me it was cuz I stopped going up in MR and stopped at 21. But I wanted my Stratos level to catch up with my MR. I recall the old login system where I would see that platinum go flying by and never stop on it. Got some weapon blueprints and many resources...but never got the Platinum from those. Anyone get those?
  12. No sarcasm I heard that and was not sure how I felt....but DE gotta do what DE gotta do. I wonder what they gonna name it. Warframe 2, Warframe: The Reckoning, Warframe Prime.
  13. You are getting your wish. WARFRAME 2 is coming for next gen systems. Heard Steve says it. Imma stick to Warframe unless I get a free next gen system. And that happening is as much as getting the woman I love to ask me to marry her. Who else gonna get in WARFRAME 2 (or will it be II or TWO or....)
  14. Thanks for the answers given. It is not self reviving as there is no flash. It might be Vazarin school even though it seems to be happening with players using the one school that gives the energy dome. I have no info on Void Demons magiks as I do not care for them. If this keeps happening and the players have no Vazarin school Mending, then I will wonder what is going on as I do not have it. Cheers
  15. This could be fun to have as well as the option to either have your Spectres copy your colors or have you able to color them different. Anything that gives more options to use colors....sign me up. Oh yeah, make it able to color The arm regalia as well since we can do it for the chest and back ones.
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