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  1. Hek yeah This guy is the reason I do DE streams...nothing like getting a letter from Uncle T with a reward in it. Was my reason for doing CONCLAVE til the META was too encompassing in there. Question- are we able to color the armors given out in the Steel Path?
  2. Would be kookz to have this as a Warframe During the Arsenal areas, have them able to place Sumnons in as mods for their powers. This would be a place where you could use their first power to gain new Summons by how many ensnarement of enemies you get. The more you do in a mission, the more a Character card fills up. Once you fill the Character card, you may summon them. Once you get to a certain amount of Character cards filled, a screen similar to Riven one would appear and have you the option to keep, turn to Particles (resource for Character cards), or enhance another card to next level EXAMPLE- You scanned a Earth Butcher to max and his next level is Armored Butcher with Twin Basolks and Warp OR Eximus with Cold Aura. You choose which branch you want to go and once you get new Particles, can dissolve a Character card to make room for others or keep enhancing. I don't know what I am talking about...tired but having withdrawals from no playing WARFRAME....is it July 6th yet and I can be in front of my systems?
  3. Broken Frame His lore is gonna either come out and be contradict to the Sacrifice OR it is gonna go along with the saying of Mr Fist. I would like him to go along with the slimy little maggot lore as we can see from his art he DOES have slimy looking worms slithering in and out of him. I dunno....I am on vacation for J4....and forgot my systems at home....is this what WARFRAME withdrawal feels like? I don't like it.... needs some playtime....might have to hijack this teens Xbox...
  4. No streams this week? Curiously asking.... Be well and keep the game going and alive and I shall support it. Cheers 🥂
  5. Why ask why.....try Kuva Dry. Fir realz tho.....the game is not made to be fast.... players play it that way. If it was meant to be ONLY fast, there would be no lockers or penalties for doing missions too fast. Certain missions are made for doing it fast but there is no penalties if you take your time and get everything in the said place. Hek, getting everything forces RNGijoe to have to give you more than the bare minimum. We make RNGijoe work when we go for more.... But that is coming from a take my time guy.....
  6. Obviously you have not ever played a game in the 80s.... Platformers were almost every game. Mega Man Mario Castlevania Contra Have you not realized that this game is made by video game players from back in the day? Pac-Man is Fissures. K-Drive is Tony Hawk. Railjack is Star Trek(which DE also made). We ain't playing one game but an arcade with fashion in it
  7. One of the few Nightwave that I did not enjoy. Especially with having the Map button no longer taking the config of my Action Button. This led to having to place my Action Button on Sprint....and having Titania go slow as all molasses was not fun. Finished with 3 secs left..... Speed runs are not my thing as I explore and actually have time to do the game instead of being a speeding bull getting one cow. Don't do this again DE....you are better than that
  8. What is going to be hard about these modes if the numbers are gonna sti show Red Crits and powers destroying the enemies before they enter your field of view? And the stinking Power Ranger naming of Super Mega Supreme Ultra Omega is a toss at the lowbrow denomination. Lich nodes are hard mode with the prospect of covering the whole of the star charts with Infested, Corpus, and Sentinets instead of just Grinny. And we All know that most Hardcore players avoid the Corpus as Nullifier stop their powers from working....so it is going to be Grinny and Infested I am all for making things harder for those who want to test their power out....but I do not see the difference in hitting a level 9999 with 5 red Crits that kill it and hitting a level 35 with a red crit that kills it. They still died to a red crit and you are still dealing the same amount of damage. If the red Crits become just a 1....players will cry bullet sponge. If the red Crits hit and the enemy go into invulnerable mode for a few seconds, players will say that the game is cheesing their damage output. If the enemy folds under a barrage of powers and red Crits, it's still not a challenge. No matter what they do...the ones who are always looking for harder are gonna crymoan it's not hard enough cuz they ha e no idea what they need to have hard
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