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  1. Out of all the games I have played in my life, this is the one that is closest to what I would make as a game as well as how it is distributed. Imagine if Call of Duty was free to play, all DLC was free or able to be gotten in the game by playing the game, and they gave you customization you could do to make each area if the game yours? Instead, we get a yearly game that cost 60+ with microtras actions and P2Win items (still pissed about those in Ghost). The artistic aspect is spectacular for a sci Fi ninja in space game. Then you get powers on top of that. Then different factions instead of just 2 sides. Then you have exploring areas to find hidden rooms, cat statues, ayatan, rare containers, and over 100 weapons to combo with others. Add to that a sci fi story that is interesting as I am rooting for the Frames to get their slave strings cut from the Void Demons and to watch as DE keeps pushing the Void Demon as the hero of the game. The many things that you can earn by playing or watching. Seeing different people play the game for different reasons. The growth it has done over the years. The potential it has for the future. Seeing if this will get more frames than Iron Man has armor. Sticking with a game that says to me, "Welcome home" after playing games since Atari 2600. There are many other reasons I play and continue to play this game. Some are above and some my own reasons I keep to myself. But no matter the reasons, the game has been my go to for entertainment and fun with the chance to assists others getting to my level and finding their own reason to play.
  2. Let me guess.... You get anything new, slap on a potatoe, grab your strongest mods and Arcanes, and then level up on [insert level up DEF area here]? If you are doing this, then what are you doing this to fight since nothing can be difficult doing the efficient way of playing? There is a reason players do efficient over actual playing....what is yours? Time, selling things for plat, speed run, etc? The thing about games that give you power is you get to choose your route to use said power. If all you do is META, there is no reason to complain about difficulty as that is not what your playstyle says you are after. There is no risk in playing it META. Risk is a form of difficulty that most in Warframe have removed by power more than skill. Take a risk and see if the difficulty is there....unless you don't have time for risk plays?
  3. More varieties mean more bugs and we all know how much the community LOVES bugs. With the addition of Railjack and the Infested being up for a open world sooner or later, mayhaps we will get treated to another type of Infested that does some of this stuff you all want. An infested that stops powers/connection to the Void Demon so that they can talk to us and inform us that not all the enemies out there want to kill the Frames. Perhaps we will get a space faring Infested that is immune to our powers and cultivates frames to let them see there is a faction of Infested that are not part of the hive mind and have a society they want protected. Maybe we will get that faction as another Syndicate that will have their own missions. Anything is possible but we also have to remember this is a video game that can only take so much programming. Look at how the Manics changed from when they had their tactical alert. Those were vicious and now they are laughing stocks. Same thing happens to most enemies in the game as someone will complain it's too hard. Hek, y'all made the Commander go from being a threat to being a Loki teleport clone. We just got a few new Infested and yesh, you need a key to fight them....but they still die just as easy as the rest of the infested when you bring a blowtorch and Nova. Eximus only needs to happen with Infested to give the players some challenges that want it. Imagine having 8 Chargers Eximus taking your power while 10 Ancient Healers heal, a few Disruptors make each hit lose you energy, Tars spitting on you while Thrashers knock you down. You know it would be a bit harder....until DE needs it after complaints that it's too much and the rewards are not worth it.
  4. The gaming world has changed and many of the things that were not possible are possible nowadays. For instance, I quite enjoy fighting games from the arcade days back in the 80-90s. Yet there was always a new machine coming out for a game. You buy one game and a few months later, the next version came out with a few new characters. And this happened for the home releases as well. The Advent of FPS followed suit with Call of Duty and the fact that if you did not buy the new update, you could not play with others as the matching system was poised for the new material than the ones that came in the disc. After a while, they even added guns that were Pay2Win since they outperformed the regular issues that were in the game from the getgo. Tiring of these events in games and missing the perspective of 3rd person shooters, I was impressed when I saw the commercial on Xbox 360 showing swordplay and guns working in conjunction with powers and movement. And seeing it was free (buy on a different system kinda inclined me on looking into the next gens from 360). I finally got the system and this was the first game I played on it.....never have I stopped by choice to play each do to see what these developers are going to do next. I started with Excal, bought Hydroid, crafted Trinity, Rhino, Valkyrie, Mag, etc and purchased a few of the new ones. I watched the changes, agreed with some and disliked others, yet never have I found a game that encompassed all that I was looking for in a game. I don't like the Void Demons. I don't Eid hunt or Orb destroy. I play what is fun without using mega power. And it stays fresh and fun for me with some challenge here and there. It's one of those experiences in gaming that I have been waiting for and wanting to see where it goes. It's a journey that i am a part of and watching it grow, even with miss steps and grand reveals, is a wonderous ride.
  5. Okay....what reason do people keep saying this is rushed? This thing was shown how long ago? How many streams did Steve show the ideas and in goings to make it possible? Yet all I see is rushed rushed rushed....if my burger took this long to get made, it would be considered too long. If a wedding cake took this long to make, it would be too long. If this is how long it took for a mechanic to fix my car, damn.... People will complain about anything and everything that happens in this game called life. They will go to bed with a complaint and wake up to find something else to complain about. This game has not been anything different for complaints and will keep getting complaints. The game is multi games put into one area for us to enjoy. Everything in Warframe would be another game under another company. And Railjack is no exception. It will grow and get changed just as every part of Warframe has. They even told us this when Command comes out, it will be reset. We are looking for the time in the game when we will be able to stand on a mountain side, send out a call, and a ship will come down to take us to the stars. We are looking forward to getting the Fortuna people on our ships, the Cetus people, the Syndicate helpers, and whatever enemies that want to be on our side. Hek, I am waiting for DE to make the Ice Pirates be in the game instead of in words only. This will get better and it may have some bad parts as well but no matter what, it is a journey I will be there for, ills or awe.
  6. As one of the players that got this as a reward for doing an event.....the only can I ever used this on was to open a can of WHOOP AZZ! This is no can opener. This is a tool of heat that can now be crafted by doing missions. This was used in many a mission to cut through the masses coming my way and to show the Grinny how to use this right after I stripped their weapons away in so many ways. It was a pleasure to see them pull out theirs....and then I would pull out mine and tear through all these Grinny holding a prize weapon that was mass manufactured with the sticker "Made on Ceres" stamped on it. Yeah, I have an original prize event gotten one....and it is good. Came with a blue potato, space, and still sits in my arsenal after all this time. It's good.... No cola for the Grinny.....they can drink Clone Come from the pods. And that is a pop top.
  7. The way I see it.... Deluxe skins are what have lore in the game but DE has not spoken on besides 3 of them (Silver Grove). Tennogen are the ones that have no lore as they are made by players for selling and fashion beyond the regular skins. Immortal skins are a trophy skin to say a frame has been created such an amount of times. I am of the frame of mind that Deluxe skins have an attachment to the Alcolytes as well as other timelines. There is more to the story with the Acolytes than we know since they keep attempting to tell us more than we know about our frames and the DEluxe skins all seem to point at the Helminth room along with Nidus DEluxe skin. If it were not for the Master talk to frames with the Cyst attached, I would not think that somewhere in the Origin system, Nidus is sitting in his full form watching what is happening through the Cyst. His DEluxe skin shows what he looks like once he grows fully. One day, I do hope to fight the other DEluxe skins to see what powers they come up with for them such as the Silver Grove frames. Mayhaps now that we have Titania's DEluxe skin, that room in the Silver Grove will open up and the Silver Grove Titania will come out to give us more insight on the lore of the skins.
  8. There was a time when the credit bundles were given away as rewards for doing Conclave. Was a nice bit of change for playing with others. Besides that, it's mainly there for those who have tons of plat to help out new players that need credits....but that was before the Index and Dark Sectors. Nowadays....there is no reason for them but would be nice to have them as rewards instead of 2000 credits.
  9. It's the DEMandela Effect You don't remember this stuff the right way. Ember has always shot meteorites as her 4th. Warframes have always had assassin's Creed blade play. Blink has been universal....whatcha mean Itzal had that as an unique power? It happens more than not in modern storytelling. Spider man shoots organic webs and talks to insects. Captain America is a Nazi. Superman and Wonder Woman date cuz they are both strong. I used to chock it up to the Orokin attempting to change the history and origin of Warframes so they could claim they created them....but I find my interest is dying thanks to too many DEMandela Effects. Just hoping this does not go the way of Star Wars....had a promising story lore
  10. Think they gave this STEAL option to the wrong being (s). They should give this to the STALKER as he has shown he has access to the ship. As for beating to get your stuff back, it sure would be nice to find something in the dragons pile of loot that is different from your stuff or the lich stuff. Kind of like finding STING or a RING something
  11. My son watched the whole stream for the Game Awards and has not gotten the GV. He has gotten all the other drops but not the GV. I asked if he wanted to watch the last Prime Time and he said nope, tired of watching for something he isn't going to get. Ah well....at least you guys at DE are consistent with giving good stuff and making players take it with a grain of salt.
  12. Cephalon Cy? I am still waiting for the Grendel Glyph that BK brought PC and never took to Consoles. That Glyph is amazing as it put Trik'rTreat and Warframe together....and you can't beat that. But alas, we got a burping Glyph that is not in the spirit of Halloween ad the other. As for the Cy one.....it will appear again. Give it time. The Cy just got here....
  13. It's made for anyone that wants to venture into space on a giant ship and not have the power of gods at their fingertips. There is nothing more humbling than to read all the rage that was ushered out on the forums for the past week over this mode. From players getting killed by ship wrecking artillery to those who say there is nothing new in Warframe not able to take the new experience as a cake walk to those who enjoyed the venture and take the time to learn it. If you want to journey out to see what else has been added to the game, do it just as you would a real life boating experience. Don't get on a battleship and think you are the expert at sea warfare when this is your first time getting out of your community pool and into the oceans. I am not looking forward to the space fights as I have sucked at each and every game that has them and I know that is not my thing. I am looking forward to the exploring the new towers and ships and such that are out there. Once we get a way for our Archwings (all of them) to have some type of fighting chance upgrade that works in Empy style space, I will venture more out there once we get this on Consoles. Please remember that the Railjacks are huge compared to our frames. The weapons used to take down a Railjack are gonna make mince meat out of your God frame flying in a Archwing. But one day, your Railjack will enter God mode and you will complain that it's too easy and all the other things that are said about tileset missions. You.... yes, you....that player who knows exactly what I am saying....
  14. I would prefer for the mining to have a setting for the new materials or a new gun to drill with that gets those items. The DEMandela Effects are getting too much, for me at the least and this one that tells us the parts have been there all along but we were too busy shooting enemies to notice is wrong.
  15. It would be awesome to have crews as we had when the game first started. We would go in with Master Thief and looter mods to attempt to find all the loot. Killing along the way as we hit lockers after locker. This was mainly done on Jupiter and Saturn as they seemed to have the most lockers. Got an Argon Crystal from a locker once.... Nowadays....it's about being efficient and not touching the lockers. Hek to that! I hit lockers and containers in my attempt to get Stars and make RNGijoe have to dig into his bag of loot to see what he is gonna drop. Now that I know this (as well as the refinement thingies), imma be boarding and hoarding, then refining and dining on Railjack parts. Cheers to you sir....you are the champion.
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