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  1. A bit of hilarity: This was just copy/pasted right out of the PS Communities PS4@4 PS Community (DEEP within the "walled garden" within a "walled garden" of the PSN of connected PS4 consoles), in January of last year (when there was still a mobile application to access them from). It's just the text with Player names and posted images removed. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I'm curious why are relics even in the loot pool when they have nothin to do with railjack thats a wasted 50% chance on gettin somethin g i cant use
  2. We don't. We have no models that have been presented for how it works ... or rather how the Empyrean (outer environment layer, shell, what-have-you) was planned to be built. We did get plenty of "model" about how the first part being deployed "works," (except it has to be pieced together from between the lines of "hype), along with a constantly reiterated 'solid' "model." When you watch that Empyrean demo and you see the player flying the ship, everything you see is an illusion. There's a large portal stretched across the cockpit of the Railjack, and the ship it
  3. Currently, the selection of avionics ... is quite broad, but in-game, I see very few of them in actual use. If there are going to be more varied enemies and objectives that reward specialization, then we need a way to adjust our avionic 'loadout' without going back to dock. the Avionics Grid is a fundamental structure which every Railjack is built upon, as the Modular Slots to Warframes, infeasible to alter the modular grid structure ... BUT ... a slot WAS added [in] Warframes. Exilus. a potential means to augment the grid, without having to te
  4. Have faith. They'll deliver everything you asked for. Keep the list with you. Hold it close to to your heart. Every suggestion, every idea, every improvement on that list will be realized. Every issue Resolved. Endless Unique Different Rewards
  5. CORPUS RAILJACK With this new content, as Steve so delicately put it, we are doing surgery to Railjack with a chainsaw. (STEVE! Honestly, "like **** me gently with a chainsaw!" Would a little touch of subtlety or ... tact, really be so bad? Just as the Jacquard Loom was [arguably] the most immediate innovation precursor to the modern-day computer, and presumably "The Weave," cutting textiles is probably a more felicitous allusion than deforestation. Chainsaw Salome or Nebuchadnezzar Jackhammer could have made great names for a late 80's - early 90's Industrial band [e.g. Ei
  6. I .. dig where this is coming from ... even though I do DELIBERATELY under-use my Avionics capacity, those cut-backs and cut-outs are taken from the Tactical and Battle avionics. (Playing without a HUD, Tactical Avionics are useless anyway.) Core Avionics are always maximized and prioritized. BUT the Avionics Grid is as much a fundamental (locked-in, hard-coded) structure which every Railjack is built upon as the Modular Slots are to Warframes, Weapons, Companions, and so forth, that it does really seem to be as infeasible to alter it as it would to do likewise for the modular grid struct
  7. Okay, so I'm gonna try this as each thing comes to mind, (focus each post on something specific, rather than try to jam everything into a big list and post it). Research For Construction. Construction From Research. Progression. Load-Outs. Now when Empyrean launched, there were those looking to fast-track everything (as usual), and those who wanted to really learn it and "get good." Now on the fast track, there was a general attitude floating around that researching and building from the Sigma III COMPONENTS (Reactor, Shields & Engines) was a was
  8. Well, as a WOMAN, I'm at least spared any concern about The Man In The Wall (beyond while playing The Chains of Harrow Quest). Now I did love getting a great surprise after that quest, presenting as an Operator doppelgänger - (according to age-old German folklore, all living creatures have a spirit double who is invisible but identical to the living individual. These second selves are perceived as being distinct from ghosts [which appear only after death], and sometimes they are described as the spiritual opposite or negative of their human counterparts. In 1796, German writer Johann
  9. Yes it can. No, it can't. It already is. No it isn't. Is. Isn't. Is. I'm gonna go work on trying to make it even MORE FUN. No, you can't! Because it's NOT FUN. AND CAN'T BE UNTIL WHAT I SAY HAS TO BE DONE GETS DONE! (I'm already gone. Have fun. Or ... well, whatever ...)
  10. Well, for me I guess this is the call of synchronicity, (to get active and on into the R.J. Re. Forum). Back in July I had conclusively conceptualized my own Railjack with a final christening (with front mounted Apoc IIIs, Apocalypse literally translating directly to Revelation, the over-all strength of influence over the basic physic construction drawing much more from [the art of] R-Type than any other single source or universe that I could recognize [the R-9 Last Dancer having a special charm], and The Veil Proxima being inescapably suggestive [conceptually] of The Veils of Illusion).
  11. The DIRECT meaning, or textualist interpretation, did not escape me when I read the announcement. But then I considered whether that would be practical, or even possible; committing to a permanent disengagement from Amazon Prime Gaming. I don't like Amazon. When it was in its early days, or years, breaking out into internet commerce, I felt very differently. I saw Amazon as bringing a new, and much-needed channel of access to literacy, reading, books. Book Stores and Libraries needed a supplement "on line." But my sense of what was going on changed, as the internet and Amazon grew,
  12. Well, I seem to have found what "seems to be" as near to a conclusion on this as there is. It actually turned up during my initial dive while doing a mesh-terms image search, and was moved to a pair of tabs left open as a potential last strand of query. A website called PHENIXX Gaming maintains a month-to-month update covering the Prime Gaming Loot. The November Loot for Warframe was covered, but Warframe vanished from their December coverage, in what seemed to be all but the Tags. But I just gave it a careful read through (to close down open tabs) and caught an odd in-between n
  13. I saw that as well, and I sort of erred on the side of figuring it was meant to be the final all-time "last," just because I figured that if it was, there would have been quite a bit more prefacing buzz about it. But either way, we're still sort of in the 'wtf?-zone' with what's happening on that front. That's why I decided to just up and make the post. It's not something that is any direct concern to me, but when questions started floating up in darker corners of Warframe discussion, I figured that they are probably representative of a good many more players who are trying to f
  14. To be more precise, it would seem that Warframe has completely vanished entirely from Amazon Prime Gaming. A question began cropping up, a couple days ago, about whether the latest Prime Loot was (still) available. I thought, that's an odd thing to ask, when all it takes is to check the in-game market, unless ... So, I had a look. A rather inexplicable surprise. What I would EXPECT to see (if the presently running promotion https://www.warframe.com/news/upgrade-your-operator-with-the-latest-prime-gaming-bundle was no longer available
  15. Oh wow! Thanks for adding into this. It's been a mounting curiosity of mine; just how far does the bug extend? I figured out how to replicate it with (now) 100% consistency, but I have KNOWN that the means I figured.out are far from the only ways, locations, circumstances, etc. under which it is possible for it to come about. Fortunately it's not critical (for the time being), but keeping a tabs on it should eventually be useful to further development of Empyrean. Cheers, and thanks again!
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