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  1. Hopefully this is an alright place to add this in: From ... [the middle gen?] The PS4 Pro has some nice perks to it, one of which is at least being able to get screen shots in 4K. Since Fortuna bounties were on the Nightwave at the Diner Menu, I figured I'd so some "extra" sight-seeing on the 18th. Wow! But how could I share ... I figured I'd try re-doing the Evel Knievel coolant drop for a trophy stunt and hope for the best timing out screen shots. So, here's the then and [already] now: 11/18/20 vs. July (something) 2019 (On the same "box")
  2. Sorry if I'm a Johnny-come-lately on not just the added feature & functionality, but really on the concept and practical mechanics. If there are there any references which I could be linked to in a reply, either to particular dev workshops and/or devstreams, or to game non-specific external resource/reference materials, which discuss or explain the subject a bit more thoroughly or descriptively, I would appreciate it. Anything that might help me to better orient or take in the information conceptually.
  3. No ... Take a closer look. (Yes, it's an expired Prime Access, that's a given, the present Prime Access & Prime Packs are for Nezha, of course). They're the templates for Upgrades between Prime Pack tiers. CAN I UPGRADE MY PRIME ACCESS PURCHASE? Yes, you can upgrade from: Please note: you will receive the difference in Platinum when upgrading from one tier to the next. https://www.warframe.com/prime-access-faq For Titania it was the same difference: Upgrade From To Spellbind To Lantern Spellbind To Razorwin
  4. It IS a "BUG" after all. Yesterday. October 23rd. I was not expecting it... ... But, it occurred. This time, the triggering action/sequence followed closely in line with the last. (Uncharacteristically, I had forgotten to re-stock the Payload after returning to the Dry Dock when closing the session from the day before. It left me, unexpectedly, with no 'Big Gun' [Dome Charges]at the start of the mission, forcing a change in plan early on (to an Archwing Slingshot). Enter the "Bug" (Same Stream/Mission as cued to the mission start above, cued below to the trigg
  5. I had second-guessed myself incorrectly. I had considered, afterwards, that what I encountered was just a "freak occurrence," a "one in a billion" confluence of circumstances that were so improbable that there was just no way it would ever be encountered again. It never had been before, and I have been over that territory quite a lot. But, I was incorrect about that. I just ran into it again. It is not particular to the Murex/Anomaly itself. It does seem particular to Murex/Anomaly nodes in The Veil Proxima (thus far). In this instance when/where during the missi
  6. (Candid, Unedited) "Scene" from “A Night at The Folies Necralisqué”
  7. No spoilers in that. "For all the universes complexity, there is only one plot:"
  8. TYPE: [In-Game, Virtual Camera "Look" Orientation & Range Control Loss] DESCRIPTION: This occurred without any noticeable pretext, mid-mission, Railjack (R-9 Cloud, Sentient Anomaly) apparently only AFTER boarding the Anomaly (Murex) and persisted up THROUGH returning to the Railjack, until boarding the Missile Battery. VISUAL: The Y Axis Camera "Look" Radically Shifted The Base Orientation And Range, such that the maximum upward angle could not reach 45 degrees (perhaps 20 degrees max), but the downward angle could tilt the camera a full 180 degrees (fully
  9. CDC Has cleared Oscillation Overthrusters with approved Lectroid Filters as a substitute for Flux Capacitors (1935 Yoyodine patents still prohibit component modification for cross-compatability with Flux Capacitors unless PERFORMED in the 8th Dimension while playing a Guitar Solo on Marshall Stacks turned up to ELEVEN ... because that's One Louder than Planet Ten. No?)
  10. This had begun from a discussion in a PS4 “Community.” Realizing that the Heart Of Deimos Update is almost upon us, and all the more, that it would be not at all inappropriate to call it a “launch,” it is remarkable to find that we (as players) and Digital Extremes (as both “developers” and “publishers,” in addition to more than 300 full-time employees doing just about every other kind of job that goes into making a game, and getting it to work) are looking forward, so soon, to something we really did not have any inkling of being in the future just six months ago. Among the “Indepen
  11. Oh, they did. They tuned it and reconsidered some decisions before each time they tuned it and reconsidered some decisions, before it moved into one stage of testing, to another, then back, then pre-alpha, then alpha, then back, then in working with different build clusters, and back, and into beta, and back, and isolated, integrated, and all the things that a staff of more than 300 employes do as part of their full-time jobs, when working on developing a new part of a new system, that integrates with new and old parts of existing and developings systems, for a game, that unlike consumer
  12. I launched the game. I saw a new “news” item (while “in game”). The message was pretty straight forward: Followed the instructions. Opened options/settings, noticed the e-mail linking option that is either new, or just went unnoticed because I had already linked from “in game” via the “news,” or using the console browser (when not “ in game,”).* What it showed was that my e-mail was already linked, and everything was opted in as usual. Fine. Then it’s not gonna hurt to tell it to link what’s already linked, (what’s the wort that could happen? It’ll tell me that it’s al
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