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  1. Hmm ... This reminds me, being over Riven capacity and with so much more content yet to catch up with,* I haven't played a Sortie to check in with for a while: Does the Talking Ambulas (that was replaced with the Ambulas Reborn Operation) still make appearances for Sorties? That's the Ambulas that has a spiel about "the pinnacle of the war smiths art," but doesn't appear anywhere in Warframe any longer... except the text briefing for a Sortie that frames the situation as being run by the Ambulas (just not the Ambulas that's in Warframe now). THEN we get a little reprise of the (
  2. A (extremely) modest suggestion. One of the most successfully accomplished concepts that has maintained over the course of development, (reaching back to the Dev Diary #1), has been the presentation of new content in ways that are consistent with not forcing a story onto players. It's very unique and challenging (and sometimes a little ... too ... oblique) to incorporate "content" that sets up Narrative Frameworks, rather than imposing Story. Leiji Matsumoto would probably love Warframe (being that he hated continuity). Sometimes it seems a bit surprising that paths have never c
  3. If we could just have an alternate music track for a song with a title along the lines of "DELIVERING LAMPSHADES FOR PARVOS" it would all make sense and present with perfect clarity.
  4. Hmmmm ... So what would a good "colorful metaphor" be to use as a "thus far?" Where someone kicked the cord out of the cooler that keep the "fridge logic" from spoiling, before taking the ingredients out to prepare a "half-baked" quest that just sort of washes down the drain (without "falling apart," because none of it ever stuck together in any recognizable sort of form when the supply of analogies & metaphors to use has been long since exhausted and what's there is about substantial enough to inform the plot for a music video, but for a song you don't really want to listen to)?
  5. The PS4 Communities Feature was an interesting, and (for Sony) rare venture into the waters that DE & Warframe just think of as "Home." (We don't know who discovered water, but we're pretty sure it wasn't the fish.) "Bootstrapping." But unlike DE, Sony does not have a product as service in the PS Communities feature. Rather it was developed as a function of the Operating System. An OS that has been criticized and revered for maintaining a very strictly regulated "walled garden" approach. Having retained nearly all of the "UGC" created over the years of PS Comm
  6. Sorry, I know this is usually pretty much a PC-Type of crowd, but I picked up on something mentioned in the Video Review, and may have an (early) idea for a possible contingency plan. I'm assuming that "sprint" (for Railjacks) means "boost." If so, then the boost duration & cool-down are just being pulled right out of the works. (I don't mind AT ALL!) Now the new limitation that is being added to piloting disables firing the Pilot turrets while boosting. And that's presented as a mechanic with some ... margin of trepidation. Something with an expected backla
  7. A bit of hilarity: This was just copy/pasted right out of the PS Communities PS4@4 PS Community (DEEP within the "walled garden" within a "walled garden" of the PSN of connected PS4 consoles), in January of last year (when there was still a mobile application to access them from). It's just the text with Player names and posted images removed. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I'm curious why are relics even in the loot pool when they have nothin to do with railjack thats a wasted 50% chance on gettin somethin g i cant use
  8. We don't. We have no models that have been presented for how it works ... or rather how the Empyrean (outer environment layer, shell, what-have-you) was planned to be built. We did get plenty of "model" about how the first part being deployed "works," (except it has to be pieced together from between the lines of "hype), along with a constantly reiterated 'solid' "model." When you watch that Empyrean demo and you see the player flying the ship, everything you see is an illusion. There's a large portal stretched across the cockpit of the Railjack, and the ship it
  9. To be more precise, it would seem that Warframe has completely vanished entirely from Amazon Prime Gaming. A question began cropping up, a couple days ago, about whether the latest Prime Loot was (still) available. I thought, that's an odd thing to ask, when all it takes is to check the in-game market, unless ... So, I had a look. A rather inexplicable surprise. What I would EXPECT to see (if the presently running promotion https://www.warframe.com/news/upgrade-your-operator-with-the-latest-prime-gaming-bundle was no longer available
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