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  1. I launched the game. I saw a new “news” item (while “in game”). The message was pretty straight forward: Followed the instructions. Opened options/settings, noticed the e-mail linking option that is either new, or just went unnoticed because I had already linked from “in game” via the “news,” or using the console browser (when not “ in game,”).* What it showed was that my e-mail was already linked, and everything was opted in as usual. Fine. Then it’s not gonna hurt to tell it to link what’s already linked, (what’s the wort that could happen? It’ll tell me that it’s already linked.) Ah, but it didn’t. It said the e-mail was not linked, and asked if I wanted to link it. Well, YEAH. That was what I set out to do. I did it. Fine. Done. Quit the game, relaunched it, there was the notification: the carrot was added to me inventory. (Not that I was incentivized by it ... in fact, I still don’t think I have even seen what it looks like yet. I just wanted to make sure my systems and their connections between one another, locally and across the weave, work as well and reliably as possible.) *or when having to do the run around the track of signing into every account again in order to claim a Twitch (Amazon) Prime Loot drop ... thing ... (okay, THAT is one hell of a weird confused system, but it’s do it Amazon’s way or no way when it comes to ... whatever they own or run).
  2. It’s only required that the frame be in the Arsenal. There’s no stipulation that the Arsenal has to be in the Orbiter. Arsenal can be accessed in a Dojo, Railjack, in Fortuna, Cetus or Captura scenes. ; )
  3. In strict adherence with the terms: Post one screenshot in the Arsenal For maximum focus on the fashion screenshot without the UI. on console ... since the option isn't available (due to each consoles having its own screenshot system) ... (the UI was cut out). Submissions should not be edited or “touched up” in third party software. The Actual, Single, Screen Shot (Focused on The Fashion, without UI) MAGNAFIRE: Shadow Of Arcadia
  4. What is the native aspect ratio? I have always presumed it to be 16:9, however the example is somewhat wider. That may indicate that on a PC the native aspect ratio for full frame actually is wider, and merely cropped if the screen dimensions are 16:9, or that the example image has been cropped. Now if the latter is the case, that would mean that it has been edited after the screen shot was taken. But to crop the image THAT way, seems antithetical to the purpose of taking the screen shot without the UI: “For maximum focus on the fashion.” Alternately, if a console is being used, the UI can not be turned off, and the distraction from the point of maximum focus is inevitable. That is, unless it is alright to crop the screen shot. In which case merely cutting off the extraneous UI stuff to either side would be absolutely in line with where maximum focus is being placed.
  5. This DOES bring up a rather pertinent question: It is (now) apparent that something has gone wrong with the way the game works. But is this a “bug?” Hmmmm ... well, probably not a bug in the installed game software, at least. But how should something that might be a bug, but is at the very least, not working the way it’s supposed or intended to be reported. Obviously if I was crawling searches for reports of this (because, for example, it happened to me), how would I look for it? Especially if I’m including the term “bug” in its widest, most generalized sense possible. This forum post would not turn up in a search for “bug” reports of receiving Prime Loot incorrectly from it’s description. Yet those terms would most accurately describe what has occurred. Just a thought.
  6. Ohhhh, whew ... that’s a relief. I was worried (by seeing the title of the post, and the post, for the first time by a notification of [DE] ‘I’m The Daddy‘ Bear having commented on it) that it might have been [DE] somehow expressing disapproval over some of the more ... overly-literal interpretations of “do what you want with that [stolen] ship,” or “enjoy your new [boosted] jets.” While not explicit, some uses may well have been interpreted as being over-the-top, with “suggestive” imagery of everything from using a Railjack to mount a stolen Crewship, to wearing it as protection (or “social distancing”) when penetrating the entry orifice of “that Thing ... Sentient.” Any/all of which could be considered “WRONG” uses of Boosted Boosters for Boosting ... etc.
  7. Hmm, well saying that I have not encountered any of all (that I could make out about) what was said (although I do work on and use my Railjack quite a lot ... sometimes even feeling that I’m neglecting some other things in Warframe as a result) really can’t do much at all in the way of speaking for everyone. But this thread is reporting bug (or problematic issue) with “Matchmaking.” https://forums.warframe.com/forum/194-matchmaking/ (Don’t ask me how this is a “Matchmaking” bug, and not a “Performance” issue, where the game/application is failing to perform certain tasks correctly, for some players https://forums.warframe.com/forum/200-performance/ ) There is another section for reporting mission (and related) bugs, https://forums.warframe.com/forum/195-mission/ where there are a number of Railjack reports (I think) https://forums.warframe.com/search/?q=Railjack&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=195 But certainly not everything that can go wrong is included, so there’s probably some good opportunity to begin reporting some of the things listed. It’s probably best to try to disentangle them from one another, and describe each of them as clearly as possible. In fact, I think there was a form that was suggested recently for reporting bugs ... [DE] Bear ... I think there’s a link to it in my notifications ... just a sec ... SUBMITTING A BUG REPORT FOR THE WARFRAME REVISED UPDATE There is a lot of ground being covered in the Warframe Revised update, so here is an updated guide on how to submit a bug. Please note, this thread should only be used when encountering a bug related to the recent update and the revised systems within. BEST PRACTICES Include a video or a screenshot if possible! Visual references can help direct us to issues faster than without them. Steps to recreate the bug, if known. Again, this is to help us locate the issue faster. USE THIS FORMAT TO SUBMIT YOUR BUGS! TYPE: [Launcher, In-Game, Chat, etc.] DESCRIPTION: [Tell us what you were doing when the bug occurred. Details here are helpful] VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: [Tell us how we can replicate this bug, if known] EXPECTED RESULT: [Tell us what you think should have happened, ex: “I should have drawn my weapon”] OBSERVED RESULT: [What actually happened, ex: “I went into a T-Pose”] REPRODUCTION RATE: [How often it happens when you try to reproduce it, ex: “It only happens half the time / when I am crouching / when using Hydroid.”] Let us know what you find, and please make sure to keep your posts constructive and civil. The better and closer to this format you follow, the easier it is for us to find these bugs and fix them! And then to report a bug, just start it as a “topic.” https://forums.warframe.com/forum/195-mission/?do=add Operator, did you hear about the matchmaking bug that tells you there is an update ready, and forces you to restart, when there isn’t one?
  8. Well, I really was just kidding. Because it was outrageous. It was reading like simplistic technomancy. Things are far more complex than that. The matter is NOT (for me, at least) trying to find out who is to blame, but trying to figure out how this is happening as it has been. It really is VERY WEIRD. It is, of course, not the first time any of these hang-ups have arisen. I have run across them in the past. But not like this. In local community circles, when the question first started coming up (recently), my first impression was, oh yeah. I’ve run into this one before. Backtrack ... how did I deal with it ... ? But it was more complicated than the sporadic incidents I’d encountered and dealt with in the past. More “aggressive” (for lack of a better word), and more persistent. More resilient. And with another coming in close on top, along with other things which also would not be out of the ordinary of the occasional, it seemed that there really was something unusual going on. So the first question (to myself) was, has something like this happened before? Not like the simple to clear up type, but where it’s been really difficult, presenting like a “bug.” Finding precedents was sparse (as was finding present reports), across all platforms, and what was even MORE scarce was any information about, if, how, the incidents were resolved. I finally found one, (for the platform) which had SOMETHING, but needed a little ... translation ... But from that, combined with some screen shots taken from my own PS4, I was able to cobble together a crude infographic which laid out a “solid” suggestion for something to try, which also had some decent (nominal but “confirmed”) resource credibility. That was in the wee morning hours of the 27th. With other iterations showing up (and more cases), I went back to try to look further into it, and, among other things, turned up a 2017 report which contained a reply from DE support (which to my relief, confirmed that my “translation” was correct, and also included some preliminary procedures). Also a couple of PC reports on similar topics seemed that they might be related. There IS still a bug report on this which has not been archived, but containing no “ how” in the instances of “fixed,” “it’s fixed,” or “they fixed it,” (presumably “they” must be the Harry Tuttle Ninja. And if anyone asks, “how did who fix what?” the answer would be “it fixed itself,” like Orokin Magic ... er ... technology... the self-repairing machines. That is, unless you’re one of the people for whom “they” didn’t “fix it.” But that was May, and players were happy to declare “we’re clear.” So, I drew up an even more embarrassingly lame wannabe-infographic. To TRY to provide some reasonable suggestions for things that might work or help (because they can’t hurt the system if tried). Whatever the outcome, I seriously doubt that DE or Sony has a Central Services level of pent up vindictiveness just waiting for some content creation stunt to try finger-pointing. But Sony DOES have a notorious reputation for not providing description or explanation for ANYTHING that they do (which, one could say, is on par with the amount of description & explanation DE provides about how to do things in Warframe ... THEY are notorious for THAT). Players would be condemning themselves to say that they are notorious for not trying to understand how things work, but just trying to demand that it has to work now or else. On May 1, “it fixed itself.” While Orokin Magic er Technology may well be simplistic beyond possibility, figuring that ruling out the Sony Culprit only leaves DE, totally cuts out a solution, and invites Central Services back to “help.” Or, maybe not. While not “Central” there are SERVICES which fall BETWEEN DE and their PARTNERS & TECHNOLOGY Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx Sony http://www.sony.ca/view/homepage.htm PhysX by Nvidia http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx_new.html Atlassian http://www.atlassian.com/ Ontario media development Corp. http://www.omdc.on.ca/ CFIB http://www.cfib-fcei.ca/english/index.html Interactive Ontario http://www.cfib-fcei.ca/english/index.html IGDA http://www.igda.org/ TechAlliance http://www.techalliance.ca/ 2K Games http://www.2kgames.com/ OpenSSL https://www.openssl.org/ https://www.digitalextremes.com/about#node-95 Aside from I Service Ps, there is, of course AW Services https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-12-03/amazon-unveils-new-server-chip-to-compete-with-intel-s-product https://d1.awsstatic.com/whitepapers/architecture-monthly/AWS-Architecture-Monthly-September-2019.pdf https://venturebeat.com/2018/03/19/amazon-powers-cloud-servers-for-90-of-large-game-companies/ Still, maybe there actually was the equivalent to a code time bomb that was written into the last update sent to Sony (and Nintendo?) for certification, that just went off a few days ago, but very slowly, and in all sorts of different ways, and just went away somehow on its own for some of all effected, who are so few as to make repeated searches for information about occurrences really hard to find ... what?
  9. Hmm ... unless, of course, the source of this issue is actually somewhere within Sonys domain. I mean, this is the same application which has had an identical copy downloaded and copy/installed from the Sony PS Store onto every PS4 that has been running it since it was released. Of course, if it is a “bug” in that application, there would be A WHOLE LOT MORE reporting of it. But, there isn’t really much at all. And that is REALLY weird. Because THERE IS SOME. But it only began at all (in this case) on or around the morning of Friday, the 26th. But then it get even weirder, because if, when, and how it effects systems varies. For some players it has hit, and then just disappeared on its own (what? how can it just “fix itself?”). Well, if it “fixes itself,” how can someone realistically try to file a bug report here? From what I have seen, in terms of chatter, there have been AT LEAST as many instances in of this seeming to just “fix itself,” as there have been unique cases reported in this thread. But it gets weirder. Because in the instances where it has gone “full blown,” some have been acute (wham, just like that, on Friday), some gradual, some delayed, and some delayed AND gradual. But for THE MAJORITY of ALL PS4 players, there has been no trouble at all. Now, if these were human beings, and not PS4 game consoles, I’d say that this looks like a virus, against which most people are immune, while those who are susceptible had developed and responded to symptoms and onset in different ways. But PS4 Consoles aren’t people. They can’t catch a virus that only effects one application, or something related to it (like a folder in the systems settings or something like that). Maybe a PC could. But this is a PlayStation 4. A virus can’t get into a PS4, because it would have to have gotten into from ... gasp Sony! OMG! Nah, just kidding. There is no virus that has come from Sony and gotten into players PS4 consoles and triggered some sort of corruption of the locally saved player data or whatnot. That’s just Orokin Tech type “Sci Fi.” It can’t happen in “real life.” Right?
  10. It was, actually, mere introspection. But it can be a sobering experience to have the character of ones own thoughts reframed, for no better purpose than having them discounted, (especially after having already gone through the trouble of doing so in their original framing). It seems quite remarkable to observe the extents to which people will in the effort to shift from a mode of topical discussion to a mode interpersonal confrontation, for the sole apparent purpose of creating conflict.
  11. Interesting ... Not being critical here ... But reading that just started the wheels turning, and I wondered, does DE not have any employee on a late or night shift, at least just monitoring the running of operations ... and, WHAM. My thinking just ended right there. Because I realized what I was visualizing was basically how the work environment looked BEFORE shifting to a Work-From-Home reconfiguration. So NOW, I somehow expect all the more, that there is SOMEONE who is already awake, at home, or was (and maybe is getting some Rack Time, hour by hour, hanging on a reply from someone, or some service). Just like that, it hit me. My train of thought was framing a living/working situation in the way things USED to be. Get up at home, in the morning, then go off to work somewhere else. [DE] is already "in the office," so to speak. The PROBLEM that seems all too likely, is not having enough information about what they are trying to do, that can be explained, to relate in a post. (I just have this recent memory of a Devstream that kicked off with going through stuff which Steve was not needed for, because he had stuff set up to demonstrate something really cool, but it wasn't working. He knew he could get it working, if just left to it, and then come in on the Devstream. And lo and behold, Steve comes in after a half hour of lead-in, or so, running his hands down his face. "Two million lines of code, and one wrong letter." Okay, that should do fine. Don't ask him to try to explain anything more ... Oh! Too late. Fortunately he had the presence of mind to say, it's really not onna do any good to try to explain and talk about it. I'm going to show it to you.) Or, maybe ]DE] really is just all sleeping, and in for a surprise when they wake up and get to work. What do I know.
  12. You’ve got it! You’ve got it! You are ON IT! A terrific advantage to conceiving The Origin System as a type of living Mythology cast with a Techno Futuristic Twist is that it really adheres much more to a historical template akin to Cosmogony, rather than to a linear history which assembles a continuity of causal linkages. “Time,” in The Origin System, may be (and IS) many things. But the thing which it definitely IS NOT is linear. Events and processes are persistent, and continually ongoing. Expanding. But there is no “story.” Everything that happens is always happening, but always differently. The Mythologems that comprise the event frameworks can be deliberately or unintentionally encountered in any varying ordering of sequences. The “Acts” provided by nightwave (by a Radio Host who serves as a STORYTELLER, for whom there “Ain’t nothin’ ... in the real world, 'cept trouble. Trouble, and a few yahoos she could box for a century without a tea break.”) provides a modularity in formatting of the way various things can be grouped and arranged. ”Gamers,” tend to just look at that as a checklist of requirements for getting points. That’s just “gaming” reduced to terms of quantification. From the moment I first heard that a new “syndicate” would be introduced with PoE, called The Quills, I instinctively shot directly to thinking, “I bet I KNOW who/what THEY are. They’re the natives of The Origin System that have figured out its nature as a type of Simulacra from within.” You could think of them as something part way between an “Agent” (from The Matrix), M.I.B.s (From more things that can even be counted), and A Contact or The Genius Protagonist (From Simulacron 3/World On A Wire, i.e Einstein, Volmer, Stiller). To anyone thinking that The Origin System is The Solar System in The Future, and that The Tenno are Native TO The Origin System (and furthermore, transformed by The Void, after having been sent out on some sort of failed effort to cross it in a Space Ship and colonize some planet assumed to be in The Tau System beyond it), it would be dead easy to pull off a Paradoxical Mind-Screw, by revealing the Tenno to be among what are considered Duviri, The Creators Of the whole Void/Origin System Schema. How could the Tenno have “created” The Origin System. They are FROM The Origin System. That’s impossible! Well, that is the nature of a Paradox. What has been ASSUMED, but actually withheld from ever being stated, is that The Zariman was a ship that was sent out into The Void from The Origin System. The only thing that ACTUALLY is said about the Zariman was that it was found adrift by The Orokin. Who went into a panic, trying to erase and get rid of every shred of evidence pertaining to its existence, and hide their mistakes ... from WHO? BUT, keeping the thing that totally MOST scared the pants right off of them. “Us.” Certainly not out of the “kindness of their hearts.” Perhaps the answer to why The Orokin did not get rid of The Tenno is as ultimately simple as the reason The Lotus provided for not having destroyed The Tenno. “I could not destroy them.” Hey, I could be full of it. And this all could be considered, again, as just a lot of words in this thread. Merely following along from Feynman’s Rhetorical challenge, “What do you care what other people think?”
  13. That’s reassuring. The conversation had moved on to a point which placed issues of contention beyond matters for concern. “The Conversation,” here, being: Original Post Reply To OP: Suggesting an Alternate Perspective to The OP Reply From OP: Adopting a Positive attitude to the Suggestions & Revising Perspective Reply to OP: Encouraging Maintaining Active Interest and Opening Questions, Exploration, Playing With The Idea, etc. That much (or little) set a stage for (and encouraged) further exploratory discussion, by isolating strong points raised and held within the discussion (not arguments or conclusions), many leads to follow further outward, and many uncertainties which have been framed as being emphasized within and throughout the Universe of Warframe (or just “Tennoverse”), often with all deliberateness by the Creators/Creative Team/“Developers” themselves. Nothing which had been left open was done to evoke any concern about the integrity of the game, it’s canon, “lore,” or applications. They were merely suggesting some directions for outward or inward query (for anyone that may be interested in such exercises or further pursuits). The least of any intentions was to frame a situation which could or should be a cause for feeling worried. Alternately, the term “worried,” (especially when used in such contexts as not being worried about something at all, or in the slightest), can also just be a vernacular alteration of stating disinterest in a subject. So to say, “I’m not worried about ‘x,’ at all,” can carry a synonymous meaning as “I don’t really have any interest in ‘x,’ as a subject.” “Any way you slice it,” someone not being worried about any of something, is fine. “‘Nuff said.” All of what has preceded that has been effectively “shelved” by that simple statement. “Moving on then,” as Eudico would say. “Of course this is not an ‘it's all a dream, just a dream’ scenario.” [Uhh ... The whole "it's all a dream" line of thinking is absurd, as far as I'm concerned.] “Of course this is not an ‘it's all a dream, just a dream’ scenario. It is a very deliberately constructed and carefully maintained ‘dream.’ Cue: The REASON underlying the title, ‘The Second Dream,’ the Original or otherwise ‘First’ Dream, being the ‘Origin System’ Itself.” (Ordis): “‘Maintain the habitat. Maintain the Operator. Mobilize The Tenno.’ ‘Do not lift the veil. Do not show the door. Do not break the dream.’ and direct cues; ‘You are the Tenno. You are the Operator. Ordis is the Cephalon. Ordis is the ship.’” [Uhh... The whole "it's all a dream" line of thinking is absurd, as far as I'm concerned. It's not just conceptually messier, it's straight-up irresponsible. The "it's all a dream" angle fundamentally saps any kind of stakes, weight or meaning from any of the proceedings, thus undermining ...] ___________________________________________________________ (Before the Mapping Out of the “Content” of Warframe on the new “Star Chart” with the “Specters of The Rail” Update, which followed hot on the heels of “The Second Dream” Quest, with a little Operation Event interval that followed, “Operation Shadow Debt,” providing some breathing room for [DE] to get things set up, and do some “housekeeping,” these persistent interjections and reminders from Ordis were as common as those which remained): “‘Maintain the habitat. Maintain the Operator. Mobilize The Tenno.” “Do not lift the veil. Do not show the door. Do not break the dream.” “You are the Tenno. You are the Operator. Ordis is the Cephalon. Ordis is the ship.” _______________________________________ The dropping of those persistent Ordis Cues followed that first major structural organization of Warframe in 2016. Warframe had gained an identity as a Game, which the “First Party” Companies (the “Platforms”) could finally promote and recommend to players, by their own accord. Something that had been very difficult, if not neigh-impossible during the preceding couple - three years of development, “LIVE.” So Sony, for example, would not take any action to recommend Warframe through the PS Store as something that aligned with profiled interests of players, until it had been given its form with that Update. It had finally gained a solid Identity as a self-contained game, rather than merely an amorphous collection of content that had hung around after being installed, largely by a continuous running stream of once-only “Event” type updates, over the course of some three years, lacking in any real canonical framework, narrative or expositional contextualization, or even an INTRODUCTION, to the “world state” or to the critical characters which acted as mediums for communicating that “world state” and any more immediate circumstances & conditions to PLAYERS (as both Audience and [the “will“ of an] “Actor” in “The Drama”), while also having some presence within “The World” of “The Drama” being presented. “The Lotus” and “Ordis.” All that while, leaving Ordis to have to keep chanting: “‘Maintain the habitat. Maintain the Operator. Mobilize The Tenno.” “Do not lift the veil. Do not show the door. Do not break the dream.” “You are the Tenno. You are the Operator. Ordis is the Cephalon. Ordis is the ship.” Those characters (Ordis & The Lotus) and their development, despite being most essential, most critical, to the narrative & exposition of The Fiction and Scenarios presented to Players as “Tenno” and as “Operators,” (i.e, everything that just all gets indiscriminately called “LORE”), were STILL carrying on forward from their earliest emergence, all the way up through and beyond the introduction of The Second Dream quest, STILL without having had any real introduction THEMSELVES to, or set-up for Players or Would-Be Players, until the “content” of Warframe was organized and laid out across the “Star Chart Reborn” with the 2016 “Specters of The Rail” Update. All that time, leaving Ordis having to keep on with the situationally framing and contextually reinforcing chants: “‘Maintain the habitat. Maintain the Operator. Mobilize The Tenno.” “Do not lift the veil. Do not show the door. Do not break the dream.” “You are the Tenno. You are the Operator. Ordis is the Cephalon. Ordis is the ship.” Most IMPORTANTLY, the circumstances of Warframe that had continued on, without any introduction, lead-in, or set-up to the context (“Lore”) had also built up just as much (if not more) around the TWO MOST IMPORTANT characters within Warframe, (THE LOTUS* and ORDIS) for providing practically all of the most essential and important expositional framing and narrative “content” for Players as Tenno, by speaking from within interface level itself, directly to the player, while also having some sort of presence within the Universe of The Game as well. All the while, leaving Ordis having to keep on with the chant of the scenario to the Players/Operators/Tenno: “‘Maintain the habitat. Maintain the Operator. Mobilize The Tenno.” “Do not lift the veil. Do not show the door. Do not break the dream.” “You are the Tenno. You are the Operator. Ordis is the Cephalon. Ordis is the ship.” Before that reorganization and update, there was no “tutorial,” tutorial “quest,” or even narrative or expositional “Introduction,” ‘cinematic’ or otherwise, to the World of Warframe (or “Tennoverse”). And despite a Cinematic “Trailer” having been ‘around’ since it’s debut at E3 in 2013, it was not incorporated into Warframe at all until some three years later, with “Specters of The Rail” Update and “The Star Chart Reborn.” *(with the working Title for the Game Itself having been “Lotus,” following the commitment to actually develop it, before taking on the catchier title “Warframe” as something novel & unique as an real ‘interest-grabber’). As usual, this is just an exercise in recall and knowledge & experience immediately at hand. It’s not some delusional belief that there is anything which is actually being communicated to a human being with it. Humans do not have the attention span or patience or interest necessary to absorb meaning from written-typed information presentation formatting, make inferences from relations between different kinds of media placed in complimentary juxtaposition with one another, or care about anything that does not support whatever they undertake to argue or fight for or against, including reason, evidence, or even existence itself, if need be. https://imgur.com/a/LdcCjYR You exist on the fold between two worlds. The world of blood and steel that you know. And the world that watches and dreams, The Void. https://imgur.com/a/BmkhY5S
  14. See, this topic has already been “done to death,” and closed to further comment. This has all just been a bit of extemporaneous rehash.
  15. Oh dear. Someone is trying to be personally critical. It appears whomever it is has lost all sense of any topic, (or is pretending to), and wandering into trying to make an attack in form, as a means of being affront I’ve to a [presumed] author. Next topic.
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