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  1. The missions were made for those who wanted a mode such as this just as Steel Path is for those who wanted a Hard mode and Conclave was for those who wanted PvP.

    It is fully optional and if not your taste of coffee, as well as not gonna buy him...you can skip it and never know what you did not get.

    Maybe one day you want to challenge yourself and see if you are able to solo those missions when you have more faith in your skills. It will be there waiting....

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  2. Hek yeah

    This guy is the reason I do DE streams...nothing like getting a letter from Uncle T with a reward in it. Was my reason for doing CONCLAVE til the META was too encompassing in there.

    Question- are we able to color the armors given out in the Steel Path?



  3. Would be kookz to have this as a Warframe

     During the Arsenal areas, have them able to place Sumnons in as mods for their powers. This would be a place where you could use their first power to gain new Summons by how many ensnarement of enemies you get. The more you do in a mission, the more a Character card fills up. Once you fill the Character card, you may summon them. Once you get to a certain amount of Character cards filled, a screen similar to Riven one would appear and have you the option to keep, turn to Particles (resource for Character cards), or enhance another card to next level  EXAMPLE-

    You scanned a Earth Butcher to max and his next level is Armored Butcher with Twin Basolks and Warp OR Eximus with Cold Aura. You choose which branch you want to go and once you get new Particles, can dissolve a Character card to make room for others or keep enhancing.

    I don't know what I am talking about...tired but having withdrawals from no playing WARFRAME....is it July 6th yet and I can be in front of my systems?


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  4. Broken Frame 

    His lore is gonna either come out and be contradict to the Sacrifice OR it is gonna go along with the saying of Mr Fist. I would like him to go along with the slimy little maggot lore as we can see from his art he DOES have slimy looking worms slithering in and out of him.

    I dunno....I am on vacation for J4....and forgot my systems at home....is this what WARFRAME withdrawal feels like? I don't like it.... needs some playtime....might have to hijack this teens Xbox...




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  5. 1 hour ago, mrbubblepants said:

    What the heck does a jumping puzzle have to do with crome scene investigation? Its these stupid design choices that make me wonder why the hell these people atill have a job. 

    Obviously you have not ever played a game in the 80s....

    Platformers were almost every game.

    Mega Man




    Have you not realized that this game is made by video game players from back in the day? Pac-Man is Fissures. K-Drive is Tony Hawk. Railjack is Star Trek(which DE also made).

    We ain't playing one game but an arcade with fashion in it

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  6. One of the few Nightwave that I did not enjoy. Especially with having the Map button no longer taking the config of my Action Button. This led to having to place my Action Button on Sprint....and having Titania go slow as all molasses was not fun.

    Finished with 3 secs left.....

    Speed runs are not my thing as I explore and actually have time to do the game instead of being a speeding bull getting one cow.

    Don't do this again DE....you are better than that

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  7. What is going to be hard about these modes if the numbers are gonna sti show Red Crits and powers destroying the enemies before they enter your field of view?

    And the stinking Power Ranger naming of Super Mega Supreme Ultra Omega is a toss at the lowbrow denomination.

    Lich nodes are hard mode with the prospect of covering the whole of the star charts with Infested, Corpus, and Sentinets instead of just Grinny. And we All know that most Hardcore players avoid the Corpus as Nullifier stop their powers from working....so it is going to be Grinny and Infested

    I am all for making things harder for those who want to test their power out....but I do not see the difference in hitting a level 9999 with 5 red Crits that kill it and hitting a level 35 with a red crit that kills it. They still died to a red crit and you are still dealing the same amount of damage. If the red Crits become just a 1....players will cry bullet sponge. If the red Crits hit and the enemy go into invulnerable mode for a few seconds, players will say that the game is cheesing their damage output. If the enemy folds under a barrage of powers and red Crits, it's still not a challenge. No matter what they do...the ones who are always looking for harder are gonna crymoan it's not hard enough cuz they ha e no idea what they need to have hard

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  8. 35 minutes ago, Hexsing said:

    Nah.  I mean the bane/faction mods are not Truly needed.  I mean cosmetics are nice and there isn't an issue there.  I just see nothing of value in these particular mods.  

    Also...I think you are being a slight bit melodramatic about my post.  

    Check the post from almost EVERY thread created when BK comes to the relays.

    90% are crymoan salt crafting posts

    Not being melodramatic when the reality is that way....

    And truth be told....none of the mods are needed. A player could run with unmodded from start to finish

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  9. 33 minutes ago, Hexsing said:

    He has nothing decent at the moment

    Your nothing decent is someone else's OMG....I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG!!!

    Besides, the Primed mods are a want for me when they hit Consoles. Extra damage against the factions is always wanted....especially when all the crymoaners say "there is nothing new besides cosmetics BWHAAAHAHAA 😭"

  10. Watched my son do a few missions the other day and he was using Helios. Standing right in front of a Sunlight plant, I asked him what reason he doesn't scan it. He says he doesn't care about doing the Silver Grove or scanning

    Most players do not have a reason to scan plants and taking that away from being the one thing players actually HAVE to do is another step towards just having us stand in one place while everything is done by our companions.

    What is needed is for the Codex stuff to have more bearing on the gameplay. Make it that scanned enemies can be marked by the scanners and when attacked, give better drop chances and/or damage resistance to their attacks.

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  11. Nothing in this game needs to be needed....things should be brought up to a certain standard of play.

    Of course since that does not happen, DE will let the player base shoot itself in the foot as it always does when they use one item for the majority of the game. Once they get the numbers they need to show success, they will release something new and then, if the players are still sliding towards the Bhramma, they will hit it with the Nerfernator 100.

    Hek, I am still waiting for a mod on the Lenz that turns it into a death ray that pins enemies to the spot and then makes them blow up from the inside out. Grenade launchers have three differing modes depending on mods....what about the explosive bows getting some alts?

  12. Easter and Halloween are the holidays that are about giving away treats that sooner than later are gone. This is FE way of doing that.

    Giftmas is the holiday where you give gifts that stay or get White Elephanted to others for them to keep.

    What I would fully enjoy in the game to make it cooler is changeable scope sights and different cursors. Seeing that white dog is getting worse and worse with all the explosive effects pushed into the game

    What would be extra cool is to get rid of the void demons so we can have the frames be at full power with Exalted powers. Open up 4 more powers as well as a Exalted form that lasts for a certain amount of time after collecting Haydonite

    By the way.....the stuff listed on Totally tip section....those are mainly used to draw in the masses to the game. We did have a snowball fight...and it was glorious. Sadly, vocals on the forums killed it as usual.


  13. Next Topic- Prime Accessories Packs.

    Now those get me in the right spot.

    Ember and Frost are my first and were my faves (at least with Ember). I bought only Mag and  Banshee as I did enjoy their regular versions...and got cute lil Noggles to go with them.  Wanted to buy Equinox for the Noggles...but farmed all the weapons and her by doing runs so.....


  14. Was hoping these would be something. They used to not allow you to place things over them but I believe that was removed as I was trying to place the Free Pet toy and it showed it was able to be placed on them.

    Would have been cool if there was some weapon or armor that the Void demons could use to do missions without the frames. But guess not....

  15. By

    3 hours ago, Servn said:

    "challenge" RNG is not challenge, grind is not challenge, SKILL is challenge. Getting chroma is a royal pain in the ass im missing a piece and since the prime came out i didnt bother to go ever again #*!% rng.

    Releasing a prime version before the regular is dumb AF not even a point.

    primes are not toys is simple math BETTER STATS thats it, again ur not pointing anything.

    There is challenge in all those things but if you cannot see it....that is on you and those of your mindset.

    If you cannot find the RARE containers in a mission as you just rush through it, of course the "challenge" RNGijoe is not gonna be seen by you. Grind is when you are doing a job...farm is when you are producing something to make things prosper and better....that's just a mindset.

    Chroma was a fun test of playing when I got him. Had to do the storyline for him, get the parts for his part and there you were. Now it is spread throughout the system and makes no sense to have it as a junction reward as it says that he is known about before you get his quest. If you don't want Chroma and enjoy the Prime...sobeit.

    And yeah....the Primes are toys to enjoy. They only serve to give those who want MOAR powah a way to get it with less work. Buy it straight up, buy it from players, farm it yourself, or win it. That is toy material if I ever seen it. Easy way to play. Hek, the only lore they have is that they had trailers, were in the second part of the New War episode, and interact with Death Orbs.

    As for releasing a Prime first....did you see how fast they pumped out Spiral Prime? How about Reaper Prime? Dakra Prime? Euphona Prime? Weapons can be Prime without a regular version...what reason can DE not put out a Prime frame before making a regular or not even make a regular of it? It's their game and they make the rules they can bend or break anytime they want.

    Change the way you see the game and it makes it much more enjoyable....

  16. For a beginner in the game, there should be a small informative area that tells you about your arsenal once you unlock it. Something that grabs the players attention of players, informs them about the starting plat and their slot availability of a few.

    Depending on when a player joins, there are free slots given for frames as described by others in here. There is also free weapons in the Anniversary weapons past the first time aquiring them.

    Some players will not go that far past the first planet so giving additional slots for completing Vors Prize does not bode well for DE and memory. If they gave Slots for players that pass a certain point....and then they leave to never return, they are losing out as those given slots now sit doing nada. Maybe something akin to riven slots can be done with the further Junctions where you get 3 parts to create a frame slot once completed.

    Whatevermaycome.....the DE are pretty giving in the regards to the slots and 2 free Frames. On top of that, the drops for weapons that come with slots happens many a time. Besides, with trading and Origin Pack (every player should get that pack while it lasts), there should be enough ways to get plat for stuff

    Cheers and see you in the game


  17. Lorewise....the Regular frames are the way to go. For those who worship the "FIRST" mentality, they are the way to go.

    No matter what we get told about the Primes...we all know that the regular versions are the real storyline while the Primes are the collection and pay method of the game. They are made for those who canno get the regular version as they are too hard to aquire.

    Primes will always be the pretty boy toys to sell and give to those who like GOLD!!

    Regular frames are the storyline and backbone of the game. Never seen a Prime in the loading screens or brought out first and then the regular version.

    Get your regs first and then a Prime once it comes out. If you are starting and getting Primes first since they are easier....it's ok to be easy. Not everyone can handle the challenge of loreframe

  18. I tried to go to that New War recap when I had that option in the Xbox.....and nothing happened.

    Is there another way to see the recap as it did not allow me to do it on PS4 or the Xbox. Anyone else have this issue on Console?

    I want to chime in that there are many ways this story can go with Lotus. We could end up destroying the Mimic aspect and find out that Marguilus was actually not killed by the Jade light as it instead transferred her to incubate inside Natah. She could have been sent to the new open world and we find her as a citizen that has been banished there for all these years. She could have need reborn into a certain lady that likes the antiquities. Hek, there are so many ways the story can go....we can killed Lotus and still get Lotus back as our leader from another person donning the helm.

    I still think that Strange Dream has some bearing on the story as it's a Chroma that has a voice and works without a Void Demon pilot. Also, the machine we scan in the derelict has Erra head in it....is it his voice we hear coming out once we do that mission fully from the audio file?

    Until I see this new part of theatre....I am under the impression that the  whole game is about gaslights and malable memories as some outside force has been wearing the system in a bid to get a grip on this reality.


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  19. 4 hours ago, lushelocution said:

    Right, but mods and weapons level up with endo and affinity ... not duplicates of themselves.  


    Is there any specific reason why arcanes have to be leveled this way?

    Each Arcane should be looked at as a bonus for the frame it's going on. Every stage that Arcanes came in, we have gotten one at base level. This makes it that if you want to get another of the same, you had to keep doing whatever it was to get a chance at it.

    This leads to players able to put a price on them for their time and what the Arcane did. You get a bunch of mundane ones....sell em for fast plat. You get the ones you want to keep, stack em to make them stronger and get that extra life.

    Arcanes are the only things now that make themselves stronger by gathering more of them. No need for Kuva or Endo...just the same Arcane into itself.

  20. This game is a creation of a studio that, after many years of doing everyone else's work on games, decided it was time to do their thing for themselves. They took what they had learned from those years and placed it into their laps while asking the players to help them.

    What we got is one of the best games I have experienced in my video game history of playing. It is not perfect as nothing made by man will ever be....but dang nabbit....it's one hek of a ride and venture. From the waking up to choose one of three frames to doing things solo for a bit that leads to finding groups and friends to further your experience, it's a good starting point. We are introduced to a faction as well as a being that wants to enslave us...for what reasons? This is where we start our story and it either catches your curious aspect of living...or you want to just kill stuff.

    From here we have our choice frames to enter the world of WARFRAME and to test ourselvesas we grow and learn and visit areas we have in front of us. Along the way, we have the choices if grabbing other frames and, in due time(?), will see the storyline behind them. With this all at our disposal, where do we go and how do we do it? Choices. We have so many choices. We can play SOLO to get the game feel and see how we want to do things. If we fail, it's our fault. If we succeed, that was on our merits of play.

    We can go at it in PUB and witness the mix of playstyles that comes with that mixing pot. Nothing like entering a SPY for the first time and going in with a bow and silent weapons....to then have another join in blazing guns and powers all over. We can play with Friends and learn how to co-op while talking the day away and realize that you failed because you were enjoying BOTH the gameplay and the companionship of talking. We can form or join a Clan with like minded people or just be alone Inna wave of players in it for their own selves.

    Then there is the artistic aspect of the game. From the first time we fall down to the ground in our choice of those 3 frames, we get shown our adversary and how much if a difference there is between us. They come in bulky mechanical non sleaj designs while we have the choice of colors and accessories to show off how we see ourselves. We wear flowing ribbons that dance around our frames in motion while hunting down these masses that keep coming at us with barely any hope of stopping us. We travel to these areas out in the open or enclosed inside rocks or ships....and we flash through in a blink of an eye OR take our time taking each and every prize we can find.

    A roster of 42x differing frames to choose from as well as too many (lol) weapons to go with those, each frame being its own weapon as well. We twist realities to our whim and impose our hunger on those who have no choice but to be our victims, and sometimes being worthy of our wrath. We choose how to dish out punishment and for some, it is enough to deal with the game as it is....while others crave more to kill, more to push themselves, more to gather in their gold plunder storage. Some are satisfied with playing while some want to learn the secrets of this universe and others do not care as long as they can make life harder and harsher for other players.

    We all come to this game for differing reasons but truth is, we are here supporting a dream of designers, artist, spokespersons, and families that are doing the best to hear all the voices while standing by their vision for their creation. How do you entertain the masses when you want to tell a story....but they just want to eat cake? Not an easy task and being only humans, they will make errors as well as exceptional leaps.

    Love the game and what it stands for....


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  21. Wait.....what?

    When we get mods dropped by enemies or in game rewards....are they maxed or do we gotta use Endo to get them there?

    When we are shown a mod in Syndicates or when a Riven is shown at Max level, do we get that shown item at Max or does it come at level one.

    When we get a new gun or frame, do we get that at Max or does it start at level unranked?

    I may be new to the Free to play market of gaming since this was my first jump into it....but NOTHING in the games life has ever been given to us as a maxed item from the DEvelopers....but this was seen as the exception?

    I am just thinking people are looking for things to complain about nowadays. Gonna call this Life of Rioing .....LoRing.


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