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  1. Got another bug to report about the hounds: TYPE: In-game (Companion: Hounds) DESCRIPTION: There seems to be some bugs with the companion's melee weapon "Lacerten" as it can only be affected by damage and status mods, but ranged, critical and attack speed stat mods will not change the values whatsoever. This bug might also be present in the other two hound weapons (Batoten & Akaten). REPRODUCTION: Mod any "Lacerten" weapon used by the hound and test it in the simulacrum with a group of high level dummy enemies with AI active (Companion will not attack unless the enemies strike first) EXPECTED RESULT: Equipped mods will allow the hound to hit multiple enemies (Primed reach), hit faster or slower (Primed fury/spoiled strike) or crit the enemies frequently (True steel) OBSERVED RESULT: Behaves as though it does not have the equipped mods such as hitting only one enemy even when stacked together, same base attack speed, and does not crit as often. (Spoiled strike only applies the damage increase but not attack speed reduction) REPRODUCTION RATE: Almost every time I try to mod the Lacerten in different ways and let my hound attack the enemies
  2. Here is an obscure one: TYPE: In-game (Arcane) DESCRIPTION: Prior to the update, half of the units from Nekros shadow of the dead would gain the elemental buff from "Theorem infection" but after testing it out recently, it felt that only a quarter of the shadows has the buff. It will then be removed when gaining the stack from another residual arcane as opposed to creating a dual elemental buff. REPRODUCTION: In simulacrum, kill enemies with kitguns and gain elemental stack from the equipped Residual arcanes (boil, malodor, shock or Viremia) EXPECTED RESULT: Being able to spawn allied units with associated elemental damage 100% of the time and combining their stacks to create dual elemental damage OBSERVED RESULT: Elemental procs appear inconsistently from few units and when making contact with another residual stack, it sometimes cancels both elemental buffs entirely. REPRODUCTION RATE: This happens far more consistently when you stay in the simulacrum and then spawn another group of shadows again to repeat the process.
  3. Wow, that is the only reason why I bother doing Void storm in Saturn but now the game mode is completely dead to me.
  4. Considering that the Sister send you their signed contract via mailbox after the conversion. It is more than likely that the hounds are treated as the properties of Parvos so they cannot exactly bring one with them since the corpus are very strict with these things. That being said, it probably makes a lot more sense for the converted sister to bring her own hound, whereas, vanquishing a sister will provide a modular part of the hound instead. But knowing DE, they are trying to make it as grindy as possible for the first two weeks and then launch a workshop that addresses these issues as fixes. Ugh, I'm having flashbacks of the old blood again...
  5. BTW the diversified denial seems to be bugged as the mini hounds are suppose to deal 85% of the original's damage. For some weird reason, this does not scale off of the equipped weapon of the Hound so the three spectres are actually worse than the single hound in terms of damage output.
  6. There seems to be a problem with the hound's precept mod called "diversified denial". On description, it says that the hound will split itself up into three mini spectres that each deals 85% of the Hound's damage. My hound was modded with corrosive dmg with its weapon and is able to proc it 50% of the time, but when splitting itself up, the three clones cannot proc the elemental and seems to only deal slash damage which occurred twice in the 40 second duration. In addition, the single form was able to deal 10% of my tested heavy gunner's health but the clones together struggle to deal 1% of its health. Either, the 85% damage of the original means that it only scales based on the pet's weapon unmodded stat which is described very poorly in the mod description or there is a bug that is affecting the mod performance. I hope it is the latter because it will make this precept very pointless for the hounds. Hopefully this can be addressed in the next patch list.
  7. The elite crew makes less sense when you consider that it could have been a familiar option of prestiging your crew to have the additional traits like with the existing modular weapon system instead of buying new crew members. It still is generic and boring to use but feels less like my time was wasted on caring about my existing crew and waiting for command 10's reveal.
  8. Fun fact for anyone who wants to make Liches semi viable for end game missions. I am a Nekros player who likes to use theorem infection arcane to boost minions' damage output. It turns out that the arcane also affects liches spawned from Oncall ability which led to the amazing result of making shock or toxin liches (level 75) killing Corrupted gunners (lvl 135) due to their weapons changing to dual elemental with the appropriate Residual arcanes. The limitation of this is the duration of the Lich which only sticks around for 1 minute or something and then you have to wait for 10 minutes to respawn them again. They also have the same problem as regular minions of flinching from incoming shots which becomes a massive problem in steel path so it is best to have an Oberon or ancient healer to remove the status effects. Really wish that the on-call gets revised to have longer duration and less cool down as you need to jump through a lot of obstacles to even have this ability in the first place.
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