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  1. I'm having an awful time, to be honest. It took 3 tries just to get a candidate for a Sister of Parvos to spawn, even following directions from the wiki. I'm guessing it doesn't want to spawn one if you wait for a coin carrier first? That's the main thing I did differently. I can only imagine how much fun I'll be having when I'm trying to get my last Tenet weapon. Now I'm saddled with a Rank 5 sister, who has repeatedly blown through all my health even as Inaros Prime, which I switched to because I was sick of being instantly murdered by Liches/Sisters, and then I finally get their health down enough to use my parazon and they just... don't give me a prompt. It's happened twice now in the same fight as my patience is gone by this point. EDIT- And which one of you decided we needed YET ANOTHER KNOCKDOWN MECHANIC? I hope you spend the rest of your days working from the inside of a bouncy house lined with repulsion gel.
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