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  1. Anything to add some interactivity to Ember's ult. I'm so bored of WoF. This sounds wonderful, though you may want to change the armor damage from using her 1 on Accelerant marked enemies to a percentage value, or even a mix, like Acid Shells' effect. I was gonna say "something low like 20%" until I remembered how much a Hydroid with Corroding Barrage can do to armor, so maybe just make it a straight corrosive proc?+
  2. Okay, but there's a certain point where, in the hands of other players, it rips the fun away from enough other people that it outweighs your more benign usage of it. Same thing happened with Bladestorm and Cataclysm and Polarize.
  3. Yeah. EO isn't mandatory, but when it makes every single one of my builds more enjoyable because I can cast abilities more, why on earth would I use anything else? Tell me how I'm going to get nearly as much mileage as something that improves any frame that benefits from using its abilities more often (i.e. - all of them) ? So sure, make me work for that regen in some way. Make me flex my player muscles to sustain that ability casting extravaganza. I'd rather that than have it taken away completely.
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