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  1. I feel ya tho give DE some time i bet they can workaround it somehow :) from my knowledge it wouldn't be hard to use relays to have personal Drydocks you will just need to get access to it in some sort chore just like simmulacroom works 😛 it seem best way. Tho too bad it takes a lot of voices to reach ear of some figure at DE to make it happen specially now when they have a lot on going DElays slowed even more due to pandemic and work at home stuff.

  2. Desync... przenosi cię na inny przekaźnik

    Przekaźniki z 1h i mniej nawet niewarto zaczynać bo albo są zbugowane jak opisujesz, albo ludzie z innych już ukończonych przychodzą żeby skorzystać tylko z sklepu i wyjść, nikt go nie dokończy w tak krótkim czasie.

  3. Te kody przychodzą na zakładkę 'OFERTY' dlatego ich nie widzisz... wp jest dziwne poszukaj tam napewno znajdziesz między ofertami pożyczkowymi, praca zdalna za 5k EUR/h i przedłużeniem członka 😉

    widomość od: no-replay

    z tytółem: Your Warframe Account : Access from new computer

    tam masz kod, pozdrawiam.

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  4. I agree i prefer vanilla reload that's why i love and still keeping this shotgun, making it to just switch mag now its like any other shotgun totally killed this weapon. Such wasted potential you could have made animation to pack 2-3 shells at the time instead we got a poo like this. Im DEappointed.

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  5. First mission on this patch and i still got relic as a end of mission drop thx DE

    Zekti guns still broken heatpigs totally unusable, unless cryo or photor vairants possible fix:

    reduced cooling time on them by half or equalize it with other guns, then remove them completely form being most common type of guns we can pick up on mission and replace it rarity with vidar or lavan school like it should be f.e.: given how rare Zekti avionics are.

  6. Quote

    6 Please fix Solo Bounties, thinking about mission where you have to kill enemies to prevent them from taking over a spot. The thing is that since that's a solo mission, less enemies spwawn. But even so, control level drops by default even when there are no enemies in area.

    That's because enemy's on dropships can't be deployed fast enough, one of reasons why you shouldn't  do these bounties without radiation sniper/opticor equipped 😄

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  7. Ok im done with the rant now constructive feedback 

    1. Make coop worth something 2018/19 show us even worst game designs are better with friends

    2. Decide on RNG part that must go away:

    get rid of weapon acquisition by simply moving it onto larvas wearing weapon with which it will be spawned as lich 

    - get rid of RNG % values of weapon boost or narrow it common/uncommon/rare values like 15%/30%/60% 

    3. Remove Ayatan amber stars from req.relics i bet you already have enough statistics that shows how useless this PH item there is 

    4. Add more functions for converted liches E.g.:

    - make them works as resource drones or boost to mission rewords similar to those how they worked when they steal from us as enemys

    - fix their AI for 60sek ally all it does is back-walking at you, deal next to 0 dmg on mid-high lvl missions (if it has range weapon without proximity safety), and it dosen't use ability's


  8. It's Forma dump season bois/gals it's what it's we can't blame them :D 

    4 hours ago, [DE]Bear said:

    TRADE YOUR LICH - If you have a Converted Kuva Lich, you may trade them with another player, who may be looking for a specific Kuva Lich Weapon or Ephemera. This system will be coming soon, including the use of a brand new Dojo Room inspired by the early ‘War Room’ design from the King Pin System!

    Here's your skip to RNG why fix it then? (like parazon mod pack and mod drop chance booster wasn't p2w enough) I need yet to see its final iteration and restrictions for it not becoming another riven market with ludicrous plat values on GODs stat weapons. On the side note so much for any sense of achievement wearing your lucky earned Ephemera.

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  9. 19 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
    • Changed the Market Platinum price of the Dax Nikana Skin to 35 platinum (was 225). This price change also affects The Sacrifice Collection which is now 400 Plat (was 550).
      • We are running a script that will refund overspent Platinum to the respective accounts. We will update this thread when the script is done and relog is required! 

    Refund is complete! Please relog at your convenience. 

    This doesn't refund gift packs im still at loss thx to this.

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