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  1. Please consider adding secondary color to exalted energies. I would love dual colored exalted blades
  2. Plz add secondary color on exalted blade? even if i ahve 6 forms i dont have the option ;(
  3. Please try to fix the issue with the UI of the team when joining for bounty that is going over the minimap and also sometimes when the host has slow internet there is NO update for the objective of the bounty. The Kdrive energy returns to the default orange when you are not the host
  4. Can i haz khora?...how many credits i need xD
  5. ty for fecking up tiberon to 4 disposition...what can i say I paid so much platinum and to get it where i want with so many resources
  6. Clan Emblem brightness is bad 😕 plz revert it back
  7. It is, i fell asleep at 2 oclock last night cause i was waiting for the login reward since i havent logged in game for 2 weeks now so i feel your pain too And here comes this dude who obviously had better things to do than telling everyone what we should do with our lives
  8. lol same here, i keep looking for the update and i wont log till it comes on. pissing me off actually but anw 🙂
  9. since i dont want to log so i dont ruin the login experience can anyone post a pic or smth?
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