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  1. In the lich missions its a joke.they havent scaled their health and shields, it was overlooked
  2. is there any fix about this? no matter what i do my turrets have whatever color they want
  3. Yo Im looking for lich with the Flame or Pull ephemeras for trade I would prefer if they have Brakk or Chakkhurr My lich has Trickster with Ayanga and Radiation 31% In game name Darkstalix
  4. Sad for Bramma sound FX changes 😞
  5. I love the new update. What keeps killing me tho is that the third Requiem takes freaking ages to complete. It takes like 2hours for every lich tbh and this happens when you have a full group hunting them Oh and the RNG between weapons...omg. I would suggest something like a spawn order Lets say i try first its Chakkur, the next is Sheldig and after finishing the whole order back to the Chakkur then Sheldig etc I dont know if i confused you with my english
  6. Thanks for the hotfixes Still tho no fix for this as i mentioned 😕
  7. Like i say on title,i chose lets say green color for the energy but in many places its orangeish(PIC2) or grey something(PIC1) Only the last picture the colors look properly which is in the middle of the railjack doors
  8. I just got the second in a row kuva lich with Tonkor. That is a joke seriously
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