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  1. Weapon's color problem: Primary: Paris Prime - String color don't change. Same for Paris Abra Skin; Simulor - energy color don't change Zhuge - string color don't change Secondary: Ballistica Prime and Racta Ballistica - string color don't change. Same for they're skins (on preview at least) Melee: Dragon Nikana - Dax Skin and Gemini Ymir-Form Sheath - energy color don't work only for dragon nikana Thanatos Skin - energy don't change Heliocor - energy don't change
  2. For me it doesn't work. When I got Thembera Essence I got only one at once. If it double I should get at least 2 Essence. But I got 3 Pyrus Essence at once (it's normal?).
  3. No, Resource Booster don't apply to Thembera Essence
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