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  1. didn't find stance for Tatsu melee weapon. Can y fix it,please?
  2. it's looks like one of them was fixed but another was broken.This morning i lost lots of solar points, maybe 10000, when points counter was broken and i can't get accsess to arsenal right now when i stay in Fortuna area.
  3. Yea, i found the adaptation mod has stopped work properly, it's means i got full armor, just sheild was gone and i was killed. The mod doesn't keep shield at right position, same like on regular mission.
  4. hello! I'm bougth "JUDICIAL COILS" but it do not show up when my Operator wearing it up. Can y fix it, pls?
  5. yeah, this is good idea but before DE MUST fix all bags on YURSA mission!
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