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  1. Seems somehow my Naramon benefit was unequipped. My bad. But I'm 100% certain Body Count was +8 or +9 not long ago, and Drifting Contact was +6, not +10. Either I slipped into an alternate dimension, or that was changed.
  2. I'm searching everywhere on the forums, not seeing a single mention of this apparent Combo Multiplier nerf. Maybe it's been out for longer than I realized and the update is buried now idk? Basically my entire combo meter is falling off at once, rather than in increments every 8 seconds. Body Count now displays 12 second Combo duration over the previous 8, so I guess this was seen as an adjustment? Let me tell you it's awful. Nothing feels worse than building up a solid 2.5x or 3x, only to have the entire multiplier delete itself if I can't find mobs quickly. This is a punishing and really awful change, and I'm pretty sure I'll just stop using my combo weapons all together. No point or sense in building up a multiplier when all it takes is a single lull in activity to lose all of it. Please revert. Edit: My bad, my Naramon benefit had unequipped itself and I was confused. Carry on Tenno.
  3. Thanks to a Reddit post it's much clearer. Seems like common sense after the fact, but there's no indication after completing singular missions and I guessed wrong the first couple times. Thus my frustration.
  4. So, why does DE think it's a cool idea to run their player base on a wild goose chase? There's no indication or information about this "event", no obvious Outbreak missions. So, why would I have any incentive to do it? My time is kind of valuable to me, I'd rather not waste it trying to decipher your riddle. Could you please just do the bare minimum and explain any context of this?
  5. This last patch broke the Handspring mod, causing my Valkyr to take full knockdown penalty. Her passive is also not activating. It's humorous to me they release a frame with free knockdown / stagger resist and patch breaks it for everyone else. Pls fix.
  6. I remember back in spring, someone posted "I really hope DE doesn't just leave this unfinished for several months..." I understand having priorities, and companies can't always conduct themselves ideally, but it's just so damn hilarious. They're off making new frames and quest content, probably have completely forgot about all the backlash from players *begging* for anything. A hotfix, a toggle, some actual acknowledgement from the Devs! I reiterate. The people behind Melee 3.0 don't actually play Warframe. They didn't and still don't understand how good Melee Parkour was(and still is without any guns equipped, but that's obviously no good.) The literal cornerstone of Parkour, which in turn is the cornerstone of why I play WF, hinges on Right Mouse Button. To control/cancel/reset every single movement as I artistically blitz through a node. Having my gun come out regardless of the situation and zoom my FoV is mind-boggingly ridiculous. Like the Melee 3.0 Devs are literally just running everywhere or spamming Operator void dash, naked bullet-jumping without RMB, all the while praising the new Melee 3.0 particle effects and M'ANGLED SLAMZZ.
  7. The first big change they made already broke how parkour works with melee. And if you're using melee, parkour is your gap closing/bullet dodging/mid-air attacking tool. Without RMB to control the characters bullet jumping, midair somersaulting, etc, Melee is reduced to standing still pressing LMB. Which is all DE seems to think it is anyways.
  8. That... is so pathetic. Legitimately, since Melee changes, I play *only* Umbral Valkyr Prime, Melee-Only. Hysteria works properly and parkour works properly. Been holding out on them using their brains and reverting this god-awful idea, yet it looks like they're just doubling down and getting stubborn? Haha, I only log on for sorties. Pretty soon I won't log on at all. Sad because I #*!%ing love the warframe mechanics, but it's the damn truth.
  9. Your only option is Melee Only, no Primary/Secondary. You get manual block and block glide back, though I don't know about combos.
  10. This is the reality of what happens to video games when the ultimate decision-making goes to corporate suits who: A) Don't play the game. B) See the company as a profit-making entity rather than an artistic body. C) Make decisions based on marketing(AKA Crook Book) that directly, negatively impact the integrity of the game, so that short-term profits can be earned. Imagine if the actual developers and artists who build this game weren't inundated with demands to create new content and flashy-pinaschy BS to attract new players/keep fickle old players. Imagine if they could take their time with something like Melee 2.9999, ship it better in the first place, *and* respond to constructive criticism.
  11. Yep the game is still playable without primary/secondary equipped. Sucks to miss out on the flow farm tho, and I liked using my guns when convenient.
  12. All DE had to do was add a Blockglide toggle, or hotfix the parkour issue that people are having. It's been many months already, they've/we've already been patient. I agree that toxicity is bad, name-calling devalues a debate, but understand that DE have been negligent on this matter.
  13. Blockgliding enables other inputs. For instance, rolling with RMB in the air maintains your warframes height. Without holding RMB, the roll succumbs to gravity through the animation. RMB to float the last couple milliseconds before you're in attack range of that Osprey. You seem to think that I'm holding Blockglide for extended periods, slowly floating across stages like a fairy. I'm not. I'm tapping RMB constantly at all times to control/cancel other commands and control my Warframe. Yet another Edit: Just for clarification. My typically movement commands, when there's nothing obstructing in my way like a sudden hallway turn, goes as follows: CTRL + Space (Bulletjump), Space + RMB + Shift (Double jump for maximum height into a held front roll, maintaining the height and speed I've accumilated.) Sometimes I'll hover a moment with RMB after the initial Bulletjump, as I can use the double jump to cancel my in-air momentum and change directions, while still having my roll available to then move in any direction. And of course, tapping CTRL with RMB held at various moments to give my Warframe a burst of speed in the air. RMB is vital because it's basically my anti-gravity button in these scenarios.
  14. 1. And it's pretty obvious you hardly use your melee weapon. You could say it's like a sidekick probably, right? Well guns are/were my sidekick. I used them sometimes, when it was convenient. With the changes they made to RMB, this is no longer an option. My play style is every bit as valid my friend. 2. Duh? Aimgliding/Blockgliding are one piece of the whole puzzle. CTRL, Spacebar, double jump, bullet jump, RMB + roll, every single different mechanic is used in parkour. My point was that airborne melee combat cannot exist in any sophisticated way without a proper means of controlling myself in the air. Which is RMB Blockglide. You choose to shoot your gun at things in the sky, I generally prefer the satisfaction of taking them out with my melee weapon. Both are valid. 3. You honestly think angled slams compensate for RMB removal, or as a substitute for movement? Angled slams are useful, I like them, but they only have their niche in which they are actually helpful. EDIT: I misread your comment. You cannot angled slam airborne enemies, you're talking nonsense. 4. Aerial combos are unnecessary when things typically die in one or two slide attacks. I don't need my character goofily suspending itself in the air, pretending like it's Dante in DMC, when the air combat in tandem with parkour was already perfect. If they add anything more, it'll be like angled slams - somewhat useful as another niche tool. One more Edit: On the topic of attacking things in the air as a melee fighter, here's how it would typically go. Bullet jump + RMB to stabilize myself towards the target. CTRL + Left click with RMB held to slide attack through it while maintaining my height(with RMB). Oh, it didn't die? 180º my camera, hit my double jump, and repeat Ctrl + Left click with RMB to hit it twice in the same sequence. This isn't as valid as some braindead aircomboing where effectively all I'm doing is spamming LMB? The idea is as lazy as auto blocking.
  15. Why would someone be in this thread defending something they know nothing about? Are you a paid schill? I'm so confused by this comment. How can a person, who wants to use melee, not press RMB? Are you aware of how blockglide, and to a lesser extent manual blocking, are integral parts of melee flow and melee combat? Here's a hypothetical. See that Oxium Osprey 5 meters in the air? How do I deal with that as a melee fighter? "hurr durr just shoot with your gun why would you use melee stupid?" Because with RMB, AKA BLOCK-GLIDE, I can control the height of my jumps and slide attack or basic-air attack that thing out of the air. Without RMB, without Blockglide, wielding your Melee weapon while parkouring is NO LONGER AN OPTION. And parkour is Melee Fighting, make no mistake. I'm a person that actually plays melee, and I've spent most of my 1700 hours in this game perfecting it. Melee fighting in Warfame is micro-positioning my character to put me in ideal position to attack, limit my ability to get hit, while enabling me to also move to the next target/objective with as little wasted time as possible. RMB and CTRL are as important as WASD, as important as left click. Do I really have to go out of my way and make a tutorial video for you venemous noobs that won't stop defending this God-awful melee change? I don't know how to make it more clear than that. You're ignorant of the points that you're arguing against, and should probably stop typing.
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