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  1. CLEM COMPANION!!!!!!!!!! it would not only be a good laugh and meme but also a cool idea, having a clem companion by your side is funny but also nice, even thought there are clem specters i feel it would be cool to just make him once and have him and put him the same way as a dog or cat or robotic pet. it would be such a good meme and i think it would be great. do you any of you think it would be cool?
  2. 4th ability hydra) transform into a hydra, you have 4 heads, your abilities get 10% stronger you can only use abilities and your heads are your weapons in this form, so all abilities are free of energy but you energy drain increases 2 energy per second (cannot be changed by efficiency) each use each head does 50 damage energy drain 6 energy per second, you also take 15% less damage because your skin is hard 3rd ability poison blood) when you take damage your blood spills on the ground as a poisonous area, 3 meter radius for 5 seconds, 50 damage per second 2nd ability regeneration) yo
  3. 4th ability Astral Projection) you leave your dying body and become a ghost, in this form you have a heavy ball that you can swing around dealing 100 damage, you have your own 350 health (can be increased with strength mods but maxes at 550) you have 100 armor, once you die you go back to your warframe 3rd ability ectoplasm shot) shoot a ectoplasmic energy blast from the palm of your hand outward towards an enemy and explodes on impact, this is a charged ability the more you charge the stronger it will be, the more you charge the more energy you consume, fully charged this ability will take
  4. I think it would be cool to make more umbra warframes. Its because the story was so cool and what Umbra does is amazing too. The story brought a lot of information about the what warframes are and why they were made so I think the DE should release more umbra stories along with new warframes. what do you people think? do you think this is a cool idea?
  5. me and a friend of mine made a beast warframe back in april Ravenger Beast Adrenalin - 1st ability, faster movement speed, lvl 0 is 2.5% for 5 second lvl 1 is 4.5% 8 seconds lvl 2 is 6.5% 12 seconds lvl 3 is 10% 15 seconds Enhanced Senses - 2nd ability, able to see enemies tracks, lvl 0 is 3 seconds lvl 1 is 5 seconds lvl 2 is 7 seconds lvl 3 is 10 seconds Animal Pride - 3rd ability, you get claws and your attack is increased, lvl 0 is 3% 1.5 energy drain per second lvl 1 is 5% 2 energy per second lvl 2 is 8% 2.5 energy per second lvl 3 is 10% 3 energy per second Beast M
  6. 4th ability blades) call from your back 4 blades to attack enemies within 5 meters around your body each blade does 75 damage and inflicts bleeding and slash damage, 6 energy per second 3rd ability stomach stinger) call from your stomach a stinger that inflicts 50 viral damage to enemies within 5 meters, 6 energy per second 2nd bladed fury) increase attack speed of all blades, your abilities, your melee, and your dagger bullet fire rate by 8% for 8 seconds 1rst ability dagger bullets) infuse your weapons with blades that inflict slash and bleeding damage, daggers stay in enemies
  7. also me and a friend of mine came up with a beast warframe that has animal like abilities and the 4th ability is shapeshifting into an animal on all fours
  8. i came up with a spider warframe last Wednesday
  9. 4th ability poison gas) produce a gas that makes the air around him poisonous, inflicting toxic damage to all enemies around you 100 damage per second in a 15 meter radius that lasts 8 seconds 3rd ability loss of air) produce a gas that targets an area to have enemies loose their oxygen 150 damage per second for 8 seconds 2nd ability heavy air) target and area and produce a gas that makes the enemies in that area are severely slowed along with taking 100 damage per second and have 10% change to break enemies weapons and convert to melee, if that 10% chance doesn't happen they have a 15%
  10. 4th ability) summon a kubrow and a kavat to fight for you, they can be modded in the arsenal with their own specialized 2 mods that can be ONLY USED ON THEM, kavat's mods, 1) has a 5% health steal for its master (maxed), 2) every 10 seconds its master will gain 5% increased shield regen for 5 seconds (maxed), kubrow mods, 1) its master gains 5% melee speed every 10 seconds (maxed), 2) its master gains 5% fire rate every 10 seconds, kubrow, 400 health 150 shield and 50 armor, kavat, 350 health 100 shield and 50 armor, dog deal 300 damage per hit cat deals 250 damage per hit 3rd ability) i
  11. ability 4, undying monsters) summon 2 zombies or 2 skeletons from the undead world that fight for you, the zombies have 450 health, 0 shield and 35 armor and deal 200 damage per hit they have a 10% chance per hit they take to take only half the damage inflicted to them, the skeletons have 300 health, 0 shield and 0 armor, deal 300 damage per hit and have a 10% chance per hit they take to take only half the damage inflicted to them, you cannot cast this ability again until all monsters are dead. ability 3, bonified claws) reveal you hands from your cloak and your fingers are sharp bone cl
  12. yes but a male spider doesnt lay eggs
  13. brooding 4) lay 3 eggs that have 500 health and can be attacked by enemies, after 10 seconds they hatch into baby spiders that fight for you and have 400 health each and deal 200 damage each, you have an energy drain of 5 energy per second during that 10 seconds. you can cast this ability again for 3 more spider babies, 400 health eggs, 8 energy per second 15 seconds 400 health babies will be made, this can happen once more with the same effect you max at 9 babies. the maximum health they can have is 600, in between each brooding cast you will have a 15 second cool down, after you make 9 babie
  14. i was thinking that with a pheonix the flames would heal you, and the fire buffs would be so itll level out the heals because if enamies die fast then you wont get as much heal
  15. ability 1, Spirit Steal, when a enemy dies they have a 50% chance to drop a health orb and a 25% chance to drop a energy orb, for 10 seconds, in 10 meters allies can pick up these orbs as well (this ability cannot be effected by strength mods) ability 2, Soul Flight, fly as a ghost and see enemies souls for a radius, the higher you are the farther the radius, 5 seconds and 10 meters ability 3 Possession, go into an enemy and possess them, your warframe will disappear and you will now be in a enemy playing as them you can only use your 1 ability and your passive and the longer you a
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