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  1. Funny, Frame is easier to farm than the gun, usually the opposite, guns are so easy to farm that you just have to buy it at the store or the Dojo, but in case it's a hell of getting one of the guns, and I don't even I know if when it kills the animal it drops to everyone or has to go get it on the ground like any drop
  2. I think I've done 3 or 4 runs. The annoying thing about being a percentage is that one can be lucky enough to get it first or never, and as far as I know there's no way to Trade what's even more unfortunate. Worst of all is that the mode is cool, but depending on your luck you will play this mode so much to get the weapon that you will hate the mode, this is a problem with DE, it puts things with absurdly low DropRate, or in extremely low quantities, in new modes (in the case of an existing mode expansion) which makes a lot of people Rush and get sick of a new map / mode very fast
  3. I just found this system unfair with the people who spend the most time, have a player that spent 10h and won the Frames, and there are people who spent 100H and did not win anything they wanted The Twitch Drop should use the same system we have in Login. After X hours, the player will win X reward, This encourages much more players to watch lives, after all the player has a 100% chance to win something if he tries hard, but at the same time have to ensure that everyone will receive the drops
  4. Why not use the Month system ?? Log in every day for a week will give you a prize, potato, Ayatan, Riven or other item in that same group, would be random, but above the MR10 the player can choose the prize of the first week, Logging in for the entire month without missing a day, you win a coin, which can be exchanged for mods, visual items, weapons and everything the current system has, and more, exclusive items from that "Login Store" Players who have accumulated many days can complain about this system, but they will be able to accumulate many more coins than new players who have a lot more things to buy, not to mention that we would have exclusive packages from the "Login Store" These packs would be thematic skins of warframes and weapons that would come in events, "Halloween, Christmas, etc etc" in case it would be the secondary way to get these items without being playing possible events, That is, players with more days would spend less coins, and would have the ability to get these event packages without much effort, but the days system would still work, ie, it takes 5 days to get a gun or mod that you have not picked up and 7 days to get a coin, you would receive the item in the 5 days and could spend the money with something else after 7 days But this store should receive items regularly, to avoid players getting everything and accumulating currency for lack of something to buy, obviously it is preferable that it be visual items, but can be weapons for a limited time
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