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  1. The fact that you think mass bulk storage vs active storage is even in the same category indicates you have little to no experience in IT infrastructure.
  2. This pretty much sums up my feelings as well. The fact that I have started to do many missions solo to "speed them up" indicates a lot IMO. The fact that limbo is one of my top frames indicates alot. How did I get every item from every syndicate...catabomb the world. You want to do fissures quickly....pick captures/exterm and use gauss. Spy...wukong thanks very much. I don't blame DE at all. But when you need to produce 3-4 new frames every year and dozens of weapons...this is bound to result in an eventual "new meta" quite often when the games difficulty doesn't REALLY ch
  3. Which is entirely pointless. What value does it add? There is no purpose in it other than the sake of being different. It as stated before like saying "well, it really isn't hot sauce" because it was sitting at room temp because I defined "hot" that way. Great...that is right when you choose to change the accepted definition...he can go away now.
  4. So why should we care what you think? Regardless, you were the person who started the insults if you read through the thread. Don't worry. this thread has been reported...it serves no purpose any more other than for you to troll/bicker with others.
  5. The fact that it is nearly worthless on warframe.market (2p) should tell you how good it is....simply put, it isn't compared to other arcanes You would be better off buying as much effective plat (plat per phasic cell) as you can with your phasic cells and then selling those "good arcanes" and then buy the crap arcanes. https://warframe.market/items/arcane_arachne Regardless, the comments on the wiki have your answers. You will need to wait for the buff to expire in order to reactivate it again. * Latch Wall * Aim pew pew for 30 seconds * Latch Wall * A
  6. just did a test with and without...yep, it does make a difference. It just doesn't turn you into sandy boy. Actually move around, afterburner, strafe and it is more than effective.
  7. Hate to say you must be doing something wrong. I routinely solo veil proxima and at most get a small breach and/or fire per mission. If competent can ignore or it until the mission is finished and fix it after the primary mission is done as you head to engineering to refill stuff.
  8. But the double exp with a booster made it really easy to put 6 forma on each of them. Not sure I would have put in the effort otherwise. But hey...12 hours of effort for 2000 bonus mastery is totally cool.
  9. Are you just asking for a time sink? Either way people will complain that it is "too much work" and DE will cave making the earning process so trivial you could rub to ammo-drum mods together and get it. My guess that is why DE has started hiding quite a bit of stuff behind "plat" again which is fine. Don't get me wrong...I would love an epic resource and time sink these days. Something like a million endo and 10 million of many of the resources sounds mildly insane and fun at the same time but it would devolve into nothing more than meta farming. So then DE would then put in "
  10. And to level her, just go into railjack and be done with it. Honestly, I forma'd so much stuff in railjack it isn't even funny. =P
  11. Speaking of....that is what he is selling right now.
  12. Max Duration Nova + Adaptation + Arcane Guardian yields about a 99.9+% effective damage reduction for Nova not including the 75% slow. Any amount of movement and her 4 makes it all but impossible to die.
  13. No. Even the 30 minutes "challenge" I start getting bored/tedium. Once you hit end-game there is little change between 0 minutes and 1 hour if you can rub two brain cells together. Thus the AABC rotation (20 minutes) is enough. Personally I like missions that reward me for efficiency vs not dying for 5 minutes. Honestly, why I do rail jack to level equipment....mission time is almost 100% based upon your gear and competency. I managed to put 6 forma into Lavos and never once used him in the span of a couple hours, leveled some pets, some weapons...etc. I also like that each
  14. You are making stuff up. You always get banned for something...whether or not you thinking it is nothing is irrelevant. DE doesn't just have code that says "if RNG() = SOME_SEED then ban.player(RNG())".
  15. Because somebody who had an un-original idea told you to? I have no idea why people want to turn one game into another game they used to play....like, just go play that game? It is like they can't understand the concept of variety, novelty, and different experiences. It is like the kid who only eats captain crunch for 3 meals and brain explodes when somebody is eating a steak and goes...man, if they made the steak more crunchy and colored it yellow it would be great...why don't we try that. *faceplam
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