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  1. Elaborate on this kuva requiem because I’ve never heard of it for kuva farming and factoring Charm into the mix isn’t reliable because that’s luck based not guaranteed. That entire calculation you just wrote, is it 200 kuva * charm buff* 25% resource boost from endurance(scaling with time)* kuva reward from relic? explain what they are because I have no idea what math you just did and how earning 100k kuva hourly is even remotely possible. Plus about arbitration it’s requires 25 vitus essence to get 10k kuva and that’s more than 1hour of grind to get 25 essence in comparison to kuva survi
  2. This is the last chance to fix the depressing low yields of 200 kuva per capsule in normal mode. As a reward for doing an even more difficult Kuva survival please buff it to 400 per capsule on Steel Path versions! This alone will incentive many players to play hard mode just to reduce the insane Kuva grinding costs.
  3. This issue mostly comes from rivens having this stat. If you get plus/neg additional combo count chance, you either get a very fast building combo bonus on positive or a regular combo builder on negative,making it a harmless negative. With chance to gain combo count is far more confusing and a unnecessary new stat that breaks your melee weapon if it’s negative, basically if you have neg 100 chance to gain combo, it turns your default combo counter from one to zero. Meaning your combo will never rise!! Having two different stats with nearly the same wording is confusing! There are two mods with
  4. Nah I’m rank 4 I’ve played conclave alot but majority of my kills were boots on the ground,gun standoffs not me and my opponent trying to outmaneuver each other by dodging bullets. Since streaks don’t exist in game and I only play for completing bounties.Chasing opponents gets old real fast dude. I honestly had more fun in Annihilation and Cephalon Capture working together with teammates than having a DBZ battle around the tileset.
  5. Wanna make PVP balanced? Remove Bullet Jumping. I’m sure you thought of this before but if Warframes can prance about with no time lag like a cockroach in heat don’t even think about how we’re supposed to aim at tryhards like that. If everyone has equal movement it’s more about skill gap than people spamming the the destiny equivalent of “blink” all across the map.
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