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  1. How so? I have no problem with slash procs (I’ve had to rely on them more than a few times), but I am curious about the potential for build diversity and whether it would be worth thinking of change as food for thought
  2. I’m watching this back and forth with interest, @XaoGarrent. At the risk of going off on another tangent, I’m rather curious; you’re quite adamant that you’ve seen the truth regarding whether we’re being endlessly lied to beyond a reasonable expectation or not. I can respect that there would have been a lot of thinking behind the stance, and would you be willing to be proven wrong?
  3. I’d love a first person view as well, and I’d expect more than a few would (hello fellow Titanfall players among them!). While I’m personally not too bothered by the idea of a janky first person camera view just to see what it’s like, I think I better understand @Joezone619’s perspective if I reinterpret it as “For my (Joezone) personal preference, the effort required is most likely not much at all”. I had a little bit of hesitation to agree with them because I think it would be better (both for myself and the player community in general) if, when they did get around to it, it was done pr
  4. 👍 No worries not-friend-not-enemy-not-hivemind fellow forumer
  5. As a part of this forum, I can’t help but feel referred to by this. Doubly so since I’ve already posted in this topic. Not to diverge down another tangent, but this is between you two for the most part. Don’t know what a like says about a post with multiple aspects, but I’m not part of this
  6. @XaoGarrent thanks for the response. It was good to get some clarification and to see where you were coming from with your perspective. I’m wondering what you think the intent behind the decisions that DE make regarding balancing is; perhaps there might be common ground between our interpretations. Just curious mainly; I feel like I’ve furthered a small tangent from the OP enough. As an aside, I noticed also that through a few of your posts you kept saying Endgame when referring to Steel Path, and was wondering if you’d find this post of interest;
  7. Isn’t most of the content before Steel Path? I haven’t tried SP yet (still slowely making my way through the star chart), but my understanding is that it’s star chart nodes with higher level enemies, and that relic cracking and invasions and quests and most other things are of a level that most if not all weapons have a way to hold their own in a fight and get the job done in the first place (whether it’s done fast or slow is a different matter). You make it sound like doing the early stuff with whatever weapon is a bad thing. I could very well be misinterpreting this quoted bit, though,
  8. Wanted to poke my useless head in and say respect to you and your thinking, @MontyCulligan. I don’t have much in the way of suggestions for your topic, but balancing myself for an encounter in the name of what I want instead of what I’m told to want is a concept I hold dear regarding Warframe. Sometimes I want to blitz through a mission, and mostly I want to (example) spend more than a few minutes in a level 30 spy mission because I’m having fun when I’m fighting threatening enemies (or trying to not fight them because I could very well die) with my low-damage and low-survivability loadout. An
  9. Interesting observations, @Joezone619. I like learning from my fellow players about their perspectives regarding Warframe, and though I am experiencing Warframe differently to you, I can understand where you’re coming from 👍 You really should post these thoughts in Feedback though, where it has a higher chance of being seen by the devs where it will help them improve a game we enjoy(ed, in your case). It’d be good to expand on them as well, something that a topic would let you do
  10. Nice to see another player appreciating Wall Latch, @MontyCulligan 👍, and as for Loki I often appreciate the extended duration. I actually found this topic when you referenced it in someone elses topic :P I almost always play through missions with loadouts that are balanced around the enemy, and so while I can hold my own in a controlled fight, it’s to my benefit that the alarms aren’t sounded in missions where alarms are a thing. To that end I’ll often be in the dark rafters of the larger rooms, sticking to the walls while scouting out high-priority targets to take out, and I’ve fou
  11. +1 for your message of appreciation, and I reckon I can relate to the creative side to the point that I feel compelled to speak of it. The feeling you’re describing when referring to your ability to creatively express yourself sounds similar to what I experience with games like Minecraft or Subnautica or No Man’s Sky. There’s all this gameplay around spelunking caves or experiencing story or seeing weird and wonderful new planets, and alongside all of that is the ability to do something else as a change of pace (and sometimes the core gameplay is the means to an end that culminates in bei
  12. There is some truth to this post. I’d be inclined to edit the original post you’re responding to and change it to “<Sometimes> burnout can be considered yada yada”. Might do that if it comes up again (though I do mildly hesitate at the thought of likening the choice of playing a game to the sometimes necessity of having a job, but that starts getting pretty tangental to this topic :P) For those posting on the forums, looking for some help deciding whether to stay on or head off after experiencing burnout in this game, it’s nice to see responses that are aimed at making someone feel
  13. After some thinking, I get where you’re coming from, though; the OP was pretty dry and used phrases like “watch out for each other”. Not usually how I talk, but I think unintentionally my respect for any form of addiction (and the ways strangers can help) bled through a little into a rather no-nonsense show of support post :P
  14. Odd. Never experienced one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are similar themes. Burnout could be considered the result of a form of addiction, no?
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