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  1. I really enjoy the early Lato, as it’s just such a solid little sidearm. Fires fast, reloads fast, feels good for hipfire. I’ve forma’d mine twice so far trying to get it up to level 110 enemies, and will probably forma it a few more times since it’s falling short at the moment (the new arcanes’ll be a nice addition). Maybe it’ll never make it, who knows 😋 Aside from that I really like the Harpak and its harpoon alt fire. Lets me stealthily yoink enemies out of a group so I can finish them off, and just in general displacing enemies is a fun thing. Then there’s the Argonak, with its two different firing modes and chunky sound design. The Zenith has it beat when it comes to damage for a similar mechanic, but I’m fine with that. Just means I need to sacrifice a little more flexibility on the Argonak at higher levels; Zenith’s got nothin’ on that crunchy shooting sound, and is a little less graceful to switch between modes than the Argonak (also the innate damage distribution is a little different; Argonak tends towards more impact) Love the Buzlok too; wooshing past a group of enemies and beacon tagging the Ancient or whatever in the middle, then keeping my distance while bouncing around and knowing nearly every shot will hit as long as I aim in the target’s general direction. At the moment it seems to be suffering a bug or something though, and tracer shots don’t seem to be landing 😕 Lex Prime is a nice secondary that truly embodies the “Hand Cannon”; with its great accuracy, slow firing speed and powerful soundwork, and high damage, I feel like I’m shooting the very essence of puncture damage into the heads of enemies, and that lovely crunch sound when a headshot is nailed just adds to the sense. I use it as my sniper-like gun when I’m running something close-mid range as a primary. And I have so many more guns, grenade launchers, bows, and whatever the Miter is to learn about 😅.
  2. 🤔 Usually I'll get the weapon and see what it's meant to do and how it's meant to behave, decide whether I want to use it (short answer; yes), and then tweak it to either enhance its specific design or balance out its shortcomings. Personally the stats of the weapon are only a guide as far as I'm concerned, something that tells me "This is a Corpus Killer" or "This is a precision crit weapon" or "Fire everywhere, haaaahahaha!!". The Latron Wraith kicks hard on every shot, which isn't necessarily a stat, so I equip something like Stabilizer if I want to rapid fire, or replace that with something else if I'm fine with spacing my shots a little more. In the higher-level content, I may be forced to learn how to space my shots if I can't fit a Stabilizer alongside the necessary damage mods, which is fine with me. Its particular stat combination means I probably wouldn't take it against the Infested or Corpus (but it may work okay to deal with those robots and their slight weakness to Puncture once I strip them of their shields; I only recently got it so I haven't figured it out entirely yet). It has a not-great status chance, but a pretty okay crit chance, so if I were to take it to the higher-level Grineer I'd probably equip the elemental mods that are strict elemental damage increase, not necessarily the ones that are a little bit of element and a little bit of status chance increase (though that's subject to change), and if I fought lower-level Grineer I'd probably be equipping firerate-increase mods and/or Punch Through and/or Argon Scope alongside my optional Stabilizer.
  3. When you go to switch out a weapon in the arsenal, look through the list of options. Most of the ones you don't have will have a number representing their purchase price for Platinum, but a few like the Braton and Lex will have a credits cost instead
  4. Now you got me thinking of playing with it some more with this topic, and I will when I next jump in. Still leveling it so that’ll be fun 👍
  5. Nice to see some appreciation for the Latron Wraith 👍. I fairly recently got it and it kicks like a mule, so I equip recoil-reduction mods like Stabilizer and Gun Glide if I can when I want to move fast and still land shots
  6. Did you up and draw SwordStriker's character, @(PSN)The1stAzrael? That's rad as hell! 👍
  7. I definitely fell into that category, even if I didn't necessarily voice it all the time on the forums. I feel like, on top of the initial allure of the reward and the desire to easily get it, there's a large pressure in general from the community, making it a systemic thing that can be very hard to deal with. The solution for most things is "These are what will make the grind easier and faster". Who's going to argue with the idea that a faster grind is net benefit? Had I heavily been invested in making such suggestions myself, I'm not sure where I'd be now. Probably burnt out proper and never touching Warframe again.
  8. This was the question that I asked you earlier. I found it strange that you were a nukeing god playing with a bunch of sword users and seemed unhappy with it. It's fair to want the enemy to nuke you right back so you're on even footing, but since they're not at the moment, what are you getting out of doing it right now, and why are you defending this activity when you're not getting what you're looking for out of it? (this was at a time when I thought you were still playing, and this is why I wish I'd asked if you even were still playing, since this was based off an assumption; had I known, I would have approached this conversation differently, maybe not even at all). I asked because I did not know; I had my thoughts, sure. And when you didn't answer it, instead turning it around and asking me these questions about why DE added nukeing in the first place and why they don't make the enemies have just as powerful of nukes, red flags rose in my mind. I could have worded it a little less aggressively; maybe instead of "you should ask yourself" it could have been "it may be worth asking yourself". I don't consider a few days as "Some time", and I have booted up Warframe, asked myself if I was in the mood, and shut it back down when it turns out I simply wasn't. I'm still playing fairly consistently; perhaps to the detriment of my animation work as I procrastinate. But I do know what it's like to turn this game into a boring grindfest. It sucked, yet I was absolutely convinced that that was the only way to play Warframe. I may be playing fairly consistently now, but I definitely took a long break at some point in time because I couldn't find a good answer of "Why am I playing Warframe?". Is this what you went through? I don't know. If only I'd asked. It was a very easy trap to fall into for me, personally. And it was bizarrely hard to ask myself "Why am I doing this?".
  9. What is it that I don't want to admit to myself that you think I'm projecting onto you? edit: I'm not going to use your answer as a way to continue an argument. I am curious about your thoughts, though
  10. Honestly, I don't know whether you have my condolences that you simply couldn't find what you were looking for in the game, or whether you have my fury that you were someone who ordered one dish that you may have loved off the menu repeatedly until you were sick of it and then wrote a bad review for the entire establishment based around that one dish (that menu analogy hit home since I loved working those 4 years as a chef). I guess ultimately as long as you're finding what you're looking for, that's a good thing. It's a pain talking to people on the forums when I can't safely assume they're even playing the game, but it's not an uncommon thing, and maybe that just means I should be asking "Are you still playing Warframe" from the start. 🤔 Though that's a fiddly question, since it's like "What is 'Still playing Warframe', anyways?"; I've not played for days and still considered myself as playing Warframe. Hrm... I'll have to think of the phrasing
  11. While I can respect that people have bad experiences with random groups, I personally really enjoy playing Railjack with my partner. Had I gone solo, we'd not have had that experience when we were first starting out where my partner was looking off towards the shipkiller in the distance while I was picking off the last few fighters from the pilot's seat, and she said "Oh, that's pretty. .........move move MOVE MOVEMOVE" and I confusedly haul ass behind an asteroid as we get blasted by a giant laserbeam from, funnily enough, a thing called "Shipkiller"
  12. You saw that thing I said at the start, right? The whole "The nukes are for those who want to nuke"? That would be my answer as a player interpreting DE's intentions. Also; you're not playing the game?
  13. Valid questions. You should keep asking them. And you should ask why, out of the other options available, you keep ordering the thing on the menu that isn’t giving you what you’re looking for and then defending your choice like it’s ultimately what you want (assuming there hasn’t been some misunderstanding on my part); I asked, but you never answered, so I figure you’re not about to tell me, which is fine with me.
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