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  1. What triggers these bugs? I‘m not sure I’m familiar with them
  2. I use Unairu for stuff aside from Eidolons 😔 I like the magnetism proc and bigger blast radius
  3. I like your post. A thing I’ve noticed surrounding many suggestions that get thrown out onto the forum is that many don’t bother seeking the input from others. It tends to be a “Take it or leave it”, and when counter points are produced, communication has a nasty habit of falling apart when the original poster refuses to acknowledge flaws in their reasoning. I strongly get the impression that most posters are inclined to think their one solution will solve problems in a strictly beneficial way. When good, objective discussion happens, ideas are subjected to scrutiny and broken down to be reassembled into compromise. Rarely if ever does an idea survive unscathed. Instead it belongs in the wringer to be picked apart and built up until it does solve problems in a way that satisfies more than what was originally considered the core problem. Most of us on the forums aren’t game developers, and so we don’t have that professional knowledge that let us bounce ideas off each other in a way that concisely drills down to a possible solution. We’ve only got fellow gamers (for the most part), and I think that, in some cases, some people don’t want their ideas picked apart 😕 Discussion is hard and scary, and the chance to be proven wrong is definitely there. I doubt any of us want to be made a fool, but it needs to be noted that, for most points made, they’re coming from a considered perspective, regardless of who made the point. And they often deserve to be thought through by anyone who reads them to understand where the poster is coming from, lest an idea arises that implies someone’s stupid because they disagree with the reader, instead of being nuanced and thoughtful and simply coming from a different, unexpected direction
  4. What are your thoughts on a big picture of the past, present, and future?
  5. haha. Dumb jokes 😋 I cringe-smiled at familiar humour. Now I’ll read the actual post 😅 Edit: Wow, this looks really interesting 😯. Discussions within DE surrounding how it’ll balance and what the impact will be seem like they’ll be intense and fascinating. Very curious to see what you come up with, and stay safe!
  6. Please tell me you have a good reason for saying this. Your post was lacking in anything other than subjective interpretation. I think I’m seeing why this topic was made, and I probably shouldn’t have said anything 😓. But I’m apparently gonna keep saying things! 🤨
  7. Umm.... 😐 hrmmmm.... I see what some of my fellow Tenno say and act like.
  8. Good philosophy. Hard to do. ...really hard to do. In fact, I’d say insanely hard to do, and when they can give us what we want, it should be applauded instead of lamented that we aren’t given more. Personally, I very much doubt the philosophy has died at this point. It’s a good one, and to not embrace it requires a callousness that people are quick to attribute to someone who struggles to listen to every voice. They’re still trying. Some of us just think they’re not
  9. Turning a gamebreaking thing into a more controllable mechanic, you mean? I can get on board with that if that’s the case
  10. Thanks for that, I remember watching some streams and not being sure if they used hacks. I’ll give these a lookthrough just ‘cause I’m curious 👍
  11. I use it when it pops up 👍 I tend to level the playing field in my fights though, so I don’t wipe everything out in one shot. I like them, to me they’re a thing that’s there to add a little more flavour to my fights
  12. Do you reckon they’d rather not have had it release in the state it was? 🤔 Can you link the podcasts you’re referring to? I’d love to get on the same page in regards to your sources. I’m under the impression that they play video games a lot and that’s about it, so I’d like to be proven wrong if their statements are going to be used as basis for argument
  13. Kuva Argonak!!!! 🤯 (Argonak’s in the running, right?)
  14. I think this sums up why people are unhappy. Hmmmm. Is claiming that it’s the other party’s fault, and then basing future actions on said claim, a concerning mentality? 🤔 To say it’s someone else’s fault requires more than one party. Who’s involved? 1.) A singular gamer who keeps Warframe afloat by playing a videogame. Rarely they’ll give a donation. Rarely they have to pay for something. Mostly they play Warframe. Sometimes they’ll be angry and voice their complaints, and often they fill those comments with personal feelings while simplifying everything that the game does wrong with “It’s So Obvious”. This singular gamer deserves to be heard(?). Gamers often know how to make games (playing a lot is the main qualifier) and they have the business acumen to say on a public forum what a company is doing wrong. And when you get enough of them together they speak with one clear voice and are very good at communicating about a specific problem. 2.) A game developer filled with people earning a paycheck, who want to make a game, and who know what it takes (it takes more than playing video games). The developers jump through legal hoops, where most choices they make are grudgingly considered under the question of “Is this choice going to sustain or break our business, and thus, our ability to make a game?”. With limited capability to focus on everything, and unable to address all issues, sacrifices must be made, for reasons. And progress is always called for, again for reasons. Progress with sacrifice.
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