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  1. I get your point. Could there not be a search for a sense of community in asking fellow players instead of jumping to videos and wikis? Obviously I’d be speaking for @Demios- if I insisted that that was the case, but I feel it’s something worth considering since I’m at least one example who just wants to hear what others have to say in their own words about a thing I’m curious about
  2. Argh. There’s no sense of exploration and discovery then! Sorry @Demios-, I jumped into your topic just to have an allergic reaction to “Go look at a guide”. I’ve only got experience with the one you’ve got (first tier), so I can say that I’m mildly curious as well as to what others will suggest
  3. I do stealthy! 🎉 At the moment, a handful of guards in a room is all I can deal with. The AI is “Move around every so often”, and if there were many more, than it’d probably be impossible to get the drop on any one in particular since another would randomly turn around for no reason and spot me. That’s partly why I love the tile remakes; DE have gone and put enemies in positions like maintenance or computer using, so there’s understanding that they aren’t going to turn around and spot me without my knowledge. Means there can be a few more guards in a room, since there’s a few more es
  4. Big post. It was a good read, but in the interests of succinctness I wanted to address only a few things from it (I liked your idea about modes, effects, and modifiers being picked at random). There’s actually at least two parts I want to address, but for now this quoted part is what’s caught my eye, and particularly the bit about how it was done in the past. How was it done in the past, in your experience?
  5. 🙄I don’t think you were trying to help anyways, but my use of Majority instead of Huge is noted
  6. Now see, that’s probably a contributing factor to why I was confused. I think you projected something or read between the lines an assertive message that wasn’t there, because after I posted that I was mulling over how to ask in this topic whether it truely is a majority of the playerbase who engages in such an addictive take. Sometimes it feels that way, sure. But do I actually know? Nope. And at the moment I’m not inclined to use it as an arguing point since I’d just be referencing a straw idea. Where did you pick up the idea that I thought that a majority of the playerbase was add
  7. Part of the quoted bits of your post I responded to had phrases like “I wonder sometimes if they can actually stop themselves“, which resonated with me as akin to addiction. I could be wrong, of course, which is why I had that little disclaimer in my post. If I was mistaken in my interpretation, I’d trust him to set me right (assuming he’d consider it worth the effort)
  8. Er, your accusation that I’ve gone wrong is throwing me for a loop; the bit you quoted is a reference to how I know what addiction is like. The rest of the post is me mulling over what it was like for myself to aggressively chase the reward. You may need to clarify what you mean; perhaps there’s a misunderstanding going on
  9. Hmm, I think I got a sense of where he’s coming from, though 🤔 Assuming I understand him correctly, of course (he’d have to confirm it or correct me if I was wrong) I’ve wondered myself if, when it really comes down to it, whether rushing towards the next goal is fun. Challenge, sure. Playing with weird ability combinations, sure. Moping the floor with a press of the button, sure. Other examples, sure. Chasing the reward? Hmm, that feels like it’d require some consideration. In my experience, addiction isn’t all that fun, and rushing through everything was possibly the only time
  10. Huh. Had a quick glance through what I missed since I last checked, and there’s a Tryhard vs Casual dispute going on? Not cool. Gonna give it a proper read when I get the chance, but seriously. Stop trying to box each other into narrow definitions when I certainly expect everyone to be more complex than that, even if others want to believe “their opponents” are simple. edit: Got a chance to give it a proper read. Everyone now has at least one “like” for many of their points about what’s searched for in a game. I think we can all agree it’s a nuanced topic, and there’s no absolutely r
  11. Oooh, so that’s why I’ve sometimes had to get out of a melee-ranged fight instead of relying on stunlock. Nice
  12. Thanks for your perspective, it’s definitely making me think. I have a lot of fun in Warframe, but like I said earlier I always believe it can be improved, and I’m thinking what it’d be like if it was. Is there a topic or something that you’ve further fleshed out your thoughts in? I’d be surprised if this topic was the first time similar things have been talked about
  13. Whoah whoah hang on @Krankbert. I said that but then realised it was going to open a whole can of worms regarding your philosophy on how to talk to people or something that’d probably require a novel of a post. I rescind what I said; I’m not sure if you’re already in the middle of responding, hence the alternative to edit-deleting the message (though I did that too). I’ll just delete this post when enough time has passed 👍 So don’t stress too much
  14. I meant suggest for @-CdG-Zilchy. The guy’s not having his fighting fun in this game
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