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  1. I saw a video of someone doing the test with a Redeemer, killing all enemies from the spawn point and then strolling in for the rescue...
  2. I went in with my Nekros P and meleed the crap out of them with my Guandao. I did not know about that archwing bug until I read this thread. Did not find anything wrong with it. Just be mindful of the edges when you fly into a platform. Keep a steady pace, hit the spheres first whenever possible, bring your strongest weapons, and you'll do fine...
  3. I passed both practice and the actual test on the first try last Sunday, no issues. Fell off a platform once, but that was my fault...
  4. That's what I thought. That's a real bummer...
  5. What are the minimum requirements for clan members to contribute resources to Railjack-related research? Do they need to have their own Railjack?
  6. Does anyone know what's the minimum requirement for clanmates to be able to contribute resources to railjack-related research if they don't have a railjack?
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