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  1. 1000 If interested, contact in-game(if possible). I'll be playing all day.
  2. You get much more ammo at lower frames. That's pretty nuts.
  3. I'm not sure who would consider these features QoL improvements, but maybe it helped some players. It just makes the game feel a lot more clunky IMO. I can tell the melee swapping is a good idea, but it needs some work. I always hated using channeling on a toggle, but I could get used to it if switching to a gun wouldn't automatically toggle it off. Why does it matter if channeling is active while you have a gun out? So you need to attack with your melee, then toggle channel, then repeat that process if you shoot or aim glide. I just doesn't feel good IMO. If players could get the option to turn off channeling toggle like we had before the update, that would instantly fix the problem and it would still work with the instant swapping. I just like when I have as much control over my character as possible. Toggles and auto-blocking or auto-switching removes that level of control we had previously. Auto-blocking means I can't block when I want and I can't choose not to block when I want. It just happens and this often interrupts what you were actually trying to do. I also can't choose to block for mods like Guardian Derision. I honestly just think extreme changes to controls like this should just be a choice for players. Who does it hurt if I'm able to switch to my melee weapon like I use to? Now I rarely use melee, so how did it really help melee? If I want to use melee, I just don't equip any other weapons, so how did it help melee/gun synergy? Of course I'm just speaking for myself, but I was already a fan of the melee system and I was looking forward to Melee 3.0, but now I'm nervous. I'm only asking for more options. We had them before, but now were being forced into a system with toggles and automatic mechanics.
  4. It should probably be a Warframe mod and 100% damage reduction. If DE really wants us to be punished for not being careful with explosive weapons, just give us a magnetic proc. There are too many frames and other things in Warframe that allow you to deal explosive AoE damage with no damage to yourself.
  5. I can't disagree with that.
  6. You can take damage and not lose health or shields. Adaption is all about damage. I don't think it works with Harrow's 4th, but it definitely works with Rolling Guard.
  7. I'm honestly so excited for these new mods. We don't need anymore mods, so why not just give us some fun ones. It's not about what's necessary, but I already feel confident some pretty fun/strong builds will come from the new mods, so I can't wait to start experimenting. Anyways, the Exilus suggestion has been around since forever. People always bring it up when there are new unique mods that aren't required for their builds. Just change the build if you really want to use it. It's really that simple. These mods are far from necessary and probably won't even be useful for most. I put parkour mods and arcanes on almost every single one of my builds. These mods aren't for everybody, but I will gladly change my builds for a few of them. That being said, there's probably no need to worry. I assume most will be Exilus anyways just based on how most movement mods currently are.
  8. Just be happy you got Excalibur Prime. Umbra can be super annoying to use, but it also feels strange using normal Exalibur when I have Umbra. I'm so jealous you get to use Excalibur Prime. Every time I go into Operator mode my stupid Umbra switches off Exalted Blade, because apparently he hates the combo counter...
  9. You can actually use it with every frame if you want. Most people know how the mod works. The problem is most people probably don't know how to benefit from it with every frame. If you need to take damage to build up a resistance to that damage, how do you make that happen on a squishy frame? If you answer that, you can use it on every single frame. There are many ways in Warframe to make your frame tanky enough to get even tankier with Adaptation. There's even a mod that released right alongside Adaptation that helps with this. Rolling Guard, Arcanes, Channeled blocks, Focus schools, etc. can all help you while you build up damage resistances.
  10. I remember feeling the exact same way back when I first started. Don't worry, energy will never be a problem for you pretty soon if you stick with it. Energy Siphon was so amazing to me when I first got it and then I eventually found other ways to restore energy even faster. I will gladly give you an Energy Siphon if you want it. Just let me know. Like I said, there are much better ways to get energy as you progress, but I don't want to spoil anything for you.
  11. This is basically correct. Most builds aren't combining multiple mods with the same attributes. It's just not really a thing. Aside from Chroma builds, I never really see people doing that. Steve's tweet just makes me think of the classic thing that Warframe players say about DE. "They don't play their own game". I don't think it's that, but they definitely don't seem to know how we play it. Builds are way too tight to have multiple multishot, multiple elementals of the same type, base damage, etc. Nobody does that, or at least they shouldn't. DE could remove that ability right now and it wouldn't change a single thing.
  12. I still see people trying to sell it. That alone is why I'm happy new players can just buy it from Baro instead. Cool people just give it away for free during other trades. Anyways, of course it's about item exclusivity. That's literally what you guys are talking about. If it was still exclusive, you would be fine. Now that it's not, you're complaining. Just let it go. You know it's a better version of the Ignis, so it's good that new players have easy access to it now. The funny part is you guys should be posting about how new players shouldn't buy from Baro because vets will just give them the BP for free. Instead you're complaining about exclusivity.
  13. I was saying I don't understand point of the Primed version. But since you brought it up, I also don't understand the point of this topic. A lack of a description shouldn't have your imagination running wild. Why would less wording make someone think it does more than the normal mod? That has never happened with Primed mods. You literally just need to look at the description of the normal Pack Leader mod and there you go.
  14. I don't even understand the point. The normal Pack Leader mod heals them almost instantly.
  15. Still pretty fast tho and less annoying than salvage and defection IMO. Nothing is as quick as excavation, but that's nothing new. The only thing I don't like about excavation is you need to play a specific way for it to be the quickest and that can be a problem for some squads. Power cells can sometimes be an issue too. Interception is only a few minutes per round, so it just feels like a normal Interception.
  16. I've noticed this too. Interception and Excavation are the best modes IMO. Now I rarely see them. I've seen a lot of other players talk about Interception and Excavation being the best as well. I hope DE isn't trying to make it seem like the other modes are fine because they're artificially increasing the amount of play they get.
  17. I don't want to call DE lazy, but it's definitely the lazy method of doing things. It's the same reason we can't use Archguns in ESO. The easiest way to do it is to block everything from working instead of being specific with what works and what doesn't. So no challenges work in the Simulacrum and no gear items work in ESO.
  18. Depending on what you're using it for, it might be better to invest in a Riven with a slide on crit stat. Maiming Strike is not a mod you use for every melee weapon, so you could save plat and get some other good buffs to your melee at the same time.
  19. Next year maybe you guys should try buffing Cautious Shot to "-99.1%" self-damage. I think that might be the sweet spot.
  20. I never understand these time arguments. You rushed it. That's the player. We always do this with all content in this game. Every boss ends up being like this. It wasn't less than a minute when you first faced him. Just like how nobody was doing 5 Tridolons a night or 3 minute Profit-Taker Orb fights when they first released. That's how this game works. We're super powerful, so the entire challenge is figuring out how to beat the boss. Then we figure out how to beat him as fast as possible. The challenge will NEVER be the fight itself unless DE makes some drastic changes to their game. Everything else is just artificial anyways. They could stretch it out in some arbitrary way, or they can do what they did with the Wolf Boss and just let our frames and weapons do what they do. It's just an assassination mission anyways. Assassination targets are actually really strong, but we're just stronger. Waframes are OP and the Wolf of Saturn Six is just a big Grineer who escaped prison.
  21. I try not to look at it too negatively. People die sometimes because they're dealing with 500+ ping. A lot of things can happen in Warframe. That being said, an easy fix is to just remove revives again or make revives the same as normal missions. I did hundreds before the update and having no revives wasn't an issue when I played public. I still don't understand why DE thought "no revives" was the problem with Arbitrations. If it was/is an actual problem, fix it by giving us normal revives or maybe even force each player to earn their own revives during the mission. Tbh, people don't need to play Arbitrations, so I honestly think it should probably just go back to the old way. Anybody "can" do it if they build/play properly, so I don't really think there's a reason to make it more forgiving to bad play, especially at the expense of other players.
  22. 500*SOLD* Please PM in-game if interested.
  23. She's so thick I can't even see the Helminth cyst. Thank you DE! Seriously tho, I LOVE her. So much fun to use. Great job!
  24. longer Rotations, less life support for Survival missions, and Arbtitration Drone AI are my biggest issues. I'm one of the players who actually plays the mode pretty often. You guys really missed some obvious stuff that needs to be looked at tho. Think about this please... If the problem with doing normal endless missions was the "tedious" part of spending an hour+ to get to the content players wanted to experience, why would you try to fix that problem by creating a mode with more tedious elements? Those elements end up being a very similar to just waiting that hour+ in normal endless. Most of the time, you just don't want to stay very long because so much of that time isn't enjoyable. I was mainly looking forward to Survival, since that's what I do normally when I want to play endless. With Arbitrations, I only really like Excavation and Interception. Those modes are so much more efficient than anything else, because the longer rotations don't really do anything. 15 minutes(= 1 Rotation) into an Arbitations Survival is so crazy because it would normally be 3 Rotations. So "twice as long" actually feels three times longer than normal Rotations. Anyways, thank you for revisiting Arbitrations and reworking the enemy scaling, but reviving players wasn't a big issue IMO. Something makes me think debuffing players in a mode like that will be a bad idea anyways, but I guess I'll see in a sec. Just please give us normal rotations so the modes will be more balanced. You can keep Excavation and Interception exactly how they are, but Survival and Defense should have normal rotations IMO.
  25. That's the idea tho. Why would one Aura be for every single frame? They're for whatever frames benefit from their buffs. Any amount of health can be considered too low for endgame content. That's why many of us don't use health mods at all if we're actually trying to fight high level enemies. I just don't think anything can be done for Physique to make it useful for frames that don't already benefit from it. I would love for it to be better, but I would still only use it on frames that already have a lot of health.
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