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  1. Just because you use it with a CC frame doesn't mean you're not using one of the better CC frames. Those two have nothing to do with each other. It's all about what you want to use with your zaw. They're not mutually exclusive. You CC to kill easier/safer. A lot of DPS can be squishy. Remember it's just a slam attack. That doesn't stop your DPS. You also don't need to CC everybody. Why would you CC a butcher when there's a Leech Eximus Nox? You get my point? You don't need to be a CC frame to want to CC certain enemies. That's when Epidemic makes the most sense. There may only be a few enemies that give you problems, so why CC the entire room? There's a reason why people don't like Slovas and Limbos. Exodia Hunt is good on a few zaws that proc slam attacks during combos. It's not 100% like Epidemic tho. It also forces finishers sometimes which is especially annoying with slow Nikana finishers. Epidemic is good with every zaw and you don't need to use melee. Remember we have quick switching now. Just shoot them after you slam attack.
  2. Ground slams can be used as often as you like. That's the idea. Epidemic is not an RNG arcane, so it's not about how often you normally do slam attacks. You will naturally do slam attacks more often because you have Epidemic. Anyways, Epidemic is really strong. I would definitely recommend if you're interested. It's not an ability, so it's not tied to a specific frame and it can be used to save your life during high level missions. It's also great for safely applying status for condition overload builds.
  3. Yeah, you can get into that room with any frame at any time, so you should be able to get it removed or get a vaccine if you go in right away.
  4. Yeah, I kinda agree. I feel that way about a lot of stuff in Warframe. It's just an artificial way to increase difficulty. It forces players to figure out some alternative builds and then it doesn't matter anymore. It just doesn't last that long, so it's not really adding any difficulty. People were killing the Hemocyte too fast, so DE added a damage cap, but then everybody started using high fire rate weapons and it was no different. Or basically forcing us to use snipers for a fight that doesn't really make sense for snipers, but they really wanted us to use them for PoE. Just imagine giant monsters attacking IRL and the answer is high fire rate assault rifles or sniper rifles. It just doesn't make much sense, but it does force us to figure out some different builds. I get it, but it doesn't feel cohesive with the rest of the game IMO.
  5. Because it's not an actual playstyle. I have a spin2win macro and it's the only button I ever need to press. I'm absolutely being literal. Nothing in the game does more or the same with less input. I don't hate it, but I do hate using it, even tho it's good for certain things. For example, it's the only reliable way to melee capture Tridolons and it's also good for focus farming.
  6. The changes sound interesting and I can't wait to try them out, but think there should be a way to earn extra lives. His passive will only matter for endless. 3 deaths in a 15 minute sortie is not the same as 3 deaths in a 2+ hr Mot Survival mission. I understand the cap for normal missions, but his passive seems to be based around dealing with higher level enemies. Suggestion: Allow players to earn more deaths by dealing damage or getting kills. I think this could scale in an interesting way because you need to deal a lot more damage to kill higher level enemies. Defy wasn't very interactive, but killing enemies to earn more lives would be. You could also base on enemy HP. So maybe you would need to kill dozens of lvl 50 enemies to earn another life, but less kills if the enemies are level 200 for example.
  7. What does "objectively more interesting" mean? Just think about it and you'll see why your entire point is problematic. There's no reason to express your opinion as fact. It's just your opinion. You can literally play any frame in this game. If you like a certain frame, go have a blast. There's nothing objective about it, so what's the point of pretending like there is? You just like a certain playstyle. Fair enough. You're just like every other player. You're more interested in some features/mechanics and less interested in others. I'm sure you're aware that a lot of people love Garuda...IN THIS GAME. Anyways, there's a reason we have so many frames. If you loved every frame, someone else would hate every frame.
  8. Seriously? So you did the same thing, but now you want newer players to have it harder than you? You believe you were pulling your own weight, but you were still just leeching XP, or you would've brought fully leveled weapons with strong builds. Now you want to force players to bring level 30 weapons in ESO. You're not allowing those players to pull their own weight with a Strong Warframe or Weapon.
  9. Why are you running gas? Try Radiation + Cold. Anyways, I wasn't a fan of the new map either, but I'm already use to it. Not sure why it's in Neptune tho
  10. You literally had a cleaning robot IRL, so of course you understand the fascination. It moves autonomously. Normal vacuums don't move on their own. Rocks or "crystals" just stay put unless you decide to move them. Pretty big difference. Anyways, it's just basic economics and personal preference. If players want the item and are willing to pay the price, it's fair. These type of topics are pointless.
  11. Yeah, I noticed this earlier while testing this mod. You get the knockdown with Gale Kick, but the damage only comes from base damage/melee damage mods. The damage is the same with or without Gale Kick equipped. Now I'm nervous about what the mod means by "melee damage". I hate how terms are used in different ways in Warframe. Melee damage is just the damage your melee weapon does, but it can also be describing a very specific type of damage your melee weapon does, which is typically base damage and/or the mods that affect it. Currently the only mods that affect your jump kick are the pressure mods, spoiled strike, rivens with "melee damage" stat, Steel Charge, and power strength for exalted melee. The way the mod description is written could be interpreted multiple ways. So I'm hoping it's just a complete bug and your melee weapon's total damage is supposed to be converted to impact on jump kick. Otherwise, what's the point of this mod? We've already been down this route with Reflection. Now it's finally decent in some circumstances with the Amalgam Javlok mod, but it needed +6000% damage to get there.
  12. The moment I realized you were trolling. 🤣
  13. This might take awhile since it seems like most players don't even know about this. I'm still not completely sure what/where the secret rooms are. I assumed they existed, but I wasn't sure until I found this topic.
  14. You forgot about Khora, Zephyr, Octavia, and Saryn. Anyways, you're comparing a frame's "theme" to a single ability or attribute. Some frames can run fast, fly fast, or even teleport. That just means they can move fast. I assume the new frame's entire kit will built around momentum. He'll probably be stronger while moving faster or something similar. He'll also just be faster than the other frames because that's his thing. Maybe the current "fast frames" will just feel kinda quick compared to him actually being more like a comic book superhero based on speed.
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