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    Host Responsibilities

    I agree it's better to be courteous, but that also leads to people blaming players for power outages and lost internet connections. That's why we shouldn't be focusing on players IMO. It's too much responsibility to put on players. I only blame DE when I get stuck in host migration, because I don't know what happened on the host's end. Why should I get upset at a player who might be having a poor gameplay experience as well?

    Host Responsibilities

    Nice to know, but this is definitely DE's responsibility. I shouldn't need to depend on other players to make sure my game works properly.
  3. You do know people get banned if they start "trouble", right? So what's the problem? Region chat is almost always comedic in nature, but sometimes it goes off the rails. The people who can't behave get dealt with and that's that. Nothing to worry about.

    Index Teams

    Gara and Equinox are the best I've used so far. Mesa is good, but you really need to make sure your team knows what's up. You can easily lose by giving the enemies free points. Mesa only kills, but is terrible for collecting points. She also scales horribly if you're trying to get a poster.
  5. Fair enough if DE said no, but I don't think there's any reason to discuss what makes sense...

    Magus Lockdown is broken?

    Armor doesn't matter at all right now because Magus Lockdown is bugged. It massacres everything in seconds. It's not just fodder. The heaviest enemies and bosses all get destroyed in seconds. It stacks like slash or gas procs right now. It's literally the most powerful thing in this game because it's based on enemy health and it stacks infinitely. I just did the entire Sortie in about 12 minutes only using my operator and Magus Lockdown. This topic isn't about how Magus Lockdown normally works. I agree with you about that. This topic is about how it works after one of the recent Hotfixes. It's infinite high AoE DoT damage and CC.
  7. Most are pretty easy, but some can be annoying because they aren't really based on the normal game mechanics. "Normal" meaning how players would normally deal with those tasks. They're just kinda weird IMO, but I'm guessing DE just wants to give us something to use our builds on in a different way. Maybe the 24 wait should be removed. I'm just not sure what purpose it serves, but I'm also not sure why people care so much about MR anyways. That being said, they're all easy to cheese with the right builds. For example, Exodia Contagion is still OP for the stealth ones.

    Magus Lockdown is broken?

    Seriously. Comprehension... People miss the keyword.
  9. Warframe is different from other games. The frames don't speak, so there's no voice over stuff that needs to happen to make this viable, and we can already use whatever animations we want. Don't overthink this. If DE doesn't want to do this, that is what it is, but it's not a "huge amount of work". At least it's no more work than any other skin.
  10. BL4CKN0ISE

    Magus Lockdown is broken?

    No, it's definitely a bug. Armor doesn't even matter anymore. It stacks. You're not supposed to be able to do this. 🤣
  11. BL4CKN0ISE

    Tombfinger on Console

    No, definitely not weaker. Just easier to get AoE to be useful. Normally the AoE would come from the opposite of the direction it hit. So you had to hit enemies behind other enemies to make use of the AoE. Now it feels more natural. Simply put, just shooting enemies gets you the AoE. You don't need to think about setting it up anymore.
  12. BL4CKN0ISE

    Why people want more Umbra?

    I showed a video and told you the differences. You even mentioned some differences. I didn't say I like the differences. I personally don't like my Excal running around when I'm in operator mode, but that's not the point. The point is Excalibur Umbra is mechanically different from the normal and Primed version. You don't need to like the differences, but it doesn't change the fact that some people literally have unique builds specifically based on the differences. All I'm saying is that means DE is willing to change other aspects other than basic stat buffs and that allows for more creative builds. I don't understand why it's hard for some players to see the potential in that, but to each their own. If DE makes more Umbras and they all have the exact same differences when compared to other versions of the same frame, I'm right with you. I just don't think DE will do the same thing for every Umbral frame if they release more. That's all.
  13. BL4CKN0ISE

    Controversial idea here, hear me out

    I would be more interested in frames getting certain buffs when using specific melee weapon types, based on the concept of the frame. For example, maybe really powerful and tanky frames like Rhino and Chroma would get a melee attack speed buff when using a heavy blade or hammer. It would make sense that they could swing a heavier melee weapon faster than weaker frames, right? Or maybe Nekros would get some type of buff when using scythes. You get what I'm saying. I'm just talking about thematic buffs that wouldn't change too much.
  14. BL4CKN0ISE

    the 4 day without playing...

    They usually get back to me in less than a day. Be very clear with your support ticket. Based on this topic, I'm assuming DE is still trying to figure out what your problem is.
  15. BL4CKN0ISE

    Why people want more Umbra?

    This is my thinking. It's not about them being more OP. I definitely think Excal Umbra is more of a side grade. He's just different in certain ways. I'm just more interested in Umbras because DE has already shown they're okay with changing aspects that are normally left unchanged with Primes. That's just an interesting place for Umbras IMO. Basically they have a lot of potential IMO.