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    my feelings on tennobaum

    Yeah, the begging is annoying. My favorite is when I see people asking for expensive skins. It's nuts...

    What archwing weapon are you going to use?

    Archwing guns seem pretty weak at this time. I remember being scared when DE said they would need to make some changes before they allow us to use them on land. It's been awhile since I even looked at an archwhing weapon, so I assumed DE would nerf them. Now that I've built them again, I can only imagine them getting buffs. How else can they compete with current weapons? Only the Velocitus seems viable for that weapon category at this time. I have no idea what I'll use, so I'm building them all. I have a strong feeling the balance changes will make all of them stronger than they currently are. Right now the Velocitus feels like the only true Railgun in the game, so I'm looking forward to using that first.

    Is it safe to play Fortuna content?

    Not really a fair analogy because one is in a virtual space and the other isn't. Stealing money from an armored car is still theft, but blowing open the doors also includes several other felonies. Both are crimes tho, but this situation is just a different thing. Nobody was hurt. No money was stolen. He discovered an affinity gaining glitch that is now fixed. No harm no foul. Players who exploit glitches still enjoy the game, spend money, bring more players to the game, etc. He's not just some criminal who hacked into Warframe servers with malicious intent or anything that vile. So to put it simply..."Why should DE give any leeway?" Because that's just how things work. You typically forgive people when the crime isn't too serious, and especially when it's not actually a crime. He will get unbanned and it won't take 16 years. 😁

    Is it safe to play Fortuna content?

    Just don't abuse an exploit and you will be safe. That being said, I think DE was too harsh in this case, but it was a very specific thing you had to do to make it work and it had the ability to do so much in a such a short period of time. So I think DE thought it was just easier to ban than to roll back the affinity gained for the various weapons used. I wish they were more consistent tho. I've abused so many things in this game. "Nukong" was nuts and "Blade Vortex" + Wukong's Cloud Walker was my favorite way to farm Eidolons. I would be scared of anything that actually breaks the game tho. That Khora Affinity glitch is just too much. He should've seen that coming, but I also think DE should figure out how to take away the affinity gained and unban any player who abused the exploit.
  5. Difficulty is an actual problem(for some people). "Leeching" is a fictional problem invented by people who refuse to accept how Warframe works. Leeching is not a problem. It is a feature. Everybody does it to some degree. How else would you level anything? Anyways, the one thing I don't understand is why people say they like to play solo to avoid leechers. The exact reason I don't care about leechers is because I often play solo, so I'm used to doing everything myself anyways. The funniest part is how many people talk so negatively about leechers and they probably get carried all the time. It doesn't matter if you're trying or not. Either you're actually helping or you aren't. I was grinding the Index the other day and I just stopped and watched what was happening around me. This is why leechers don't bother me. I just run around doing everything I can do to get the job done. I guess some of you do what I did that day. You stop and watch others. I don't understand why people care so much about what others are doing. I'm only playing with you because of Tenno Affinity. Leeching is an important part of Warframe. Even if I'm carrying, I'm still leeching. Even if my teammates aren't leeching, I'm still carrying. That's Warframe. 😉

    How do I get Medi-Ray

    I would legit give you mine if DE ever fixes how that mod is traded.

    Does anyone play the bounty?

    I don't really care about leeching, but I just don't see the point of bounties for anything other than the rewards. The problem is the rewards change and once you get what you want, what's the point? The standing gain is laughable compared to Ticker or mining. DE just balanced the different ways for gaining standing in Fortuna in a strange way. I think you should maybe need to do the hardest bounty twice to hit standing cap for the day, but the way it's set up I think I would need to do it at least 5 times and I'm only MR18. That takes such a ridiculous amount of time compared to spending seconds with Ticker or 10 minutes or so mining. I'm happy with how lucrative mining is, and Ticker is literally my favorite addition to Warframe, but maybe the tougher bounties should give around 10k standing to be more competitive with other methods for gaining rep.
  8. 1500 OBO I'll be playing all day, so please let me know in-game if you're interested. You can also msg me here if I'm not online and I'll get back to you ASAP. Let's trade!
  9. I saw this topic the other day...Age Pets or motivation not to remove them. by @INDOGEN Anyways, I don't just wanna copy the topic, but I think people might've misunderstood the idea. I think I understand it, so I'll give my opinion and try to add some ideas myself. If this is wrong to do, I apologize in advance. I just think INDOGEN has a great idea and I want more people to see it and discuss. I think a lot of us look at pets in a different way than other NPCs in Warframe. My kavat is just my cat. She's kinda stupid, but I love her. I was actually sad when my first cat died. Especially now that we have "Fetch", I take my Smeeta everywhere. She legit helps me out in missions and she's a KITTY! Of course I'm gonna love her. I just think that makes pets a perfect place to add more depth. I would love to see pets age and get stronger/better over time. I think it's a harmless area of the game to add buffs from a balance perspective, but I also think it would be another cool way to reward players. What if our pets could get more health and armor? What if we could have an "option" to see battle scars? I think it would be cool if a player who's been playing for 5 years had a kavat or kubrow that looked tougher and like it been through some wars. Maybe even mods like Charm could improve as you play the game longer? I think this would just give a lot more value to pets. Your current year+ kavat or kubrow would mean something very different to you than a younger one. Idk, I just think it's a really cool idea. Please discuss. I'm really curious if anybody else thinks this could be a good idea? Thanks for reading. 😉
  10. This is the last thing I'll say, because I think I figured out your problem. You just think clickbait is innately wrong because it can be defined as "clickbait". That's not how it works. People started hating clickbait when youtubers started flat out lying about the content in the video. For example, they might show a thumbnail that has nothing to do with their video. Nobody likes that. The problem is people who lack the ability to think critically started calling anything that didn't "precisely and simply" describe a video "clickbait" and then act like it's a problem or a new thing. There's a huge difference between "clickbait" and "hyperbolic clickbait"/"misleading clickbait" etc. Headlines are suppose to draw you in without being too wordy. His titles do that. They don't lie or mislead tho, so you should learn to be more savvy instead of just complaining about the reality of naming videos in a creative way to draw in viewers. If you play Warframe, there are enough details in his titles for you to click and enjoy. A very small amount people are like you. You need extremely precise(boring) titles, and that's just not how headlines or youtube video titles work. Youtubers didn't invent headlines. Anyways, you need to chill. Why are you even talking about content you don't like? You just want to be negative? I'm actually getting upset because Rio is such a positive youtuber and you just want to hate. That's such a bummer since we're all a part of the same community, but he's such a nice guy and you're literally the opposite.
  11. Yeah, that's not what I consider to be "clickbait", or anything I would care about. If the titles were misleading, I would understand your point, but he literally talks about what's in the titles. There's a reason why his like/dislike ratio is really good. He has entertaining content and he's not lying or misleading anybody. There are people out there who get a ton of hate for actual clickbait. They're liars so people don't like them. Rio isn't doing any of that. If you don't like him, fine. It's just weird to make a thread telling us about a youtuber you don't like tho. Oh yeah... Rolling Guard is GODLY It's true that DE caters more to newer players Players did ask for Fortuna Nerfs Some of those Riven disposition changes are some weird nerfs What's the problem?
  12. BL4CKN0ISE

    Why does the community not like the mod hammer shot..?

    Because there are so many primary mods. +60 CD and +40 SC isn't very strong compared to other mods. It will be different depending on the weapon. It's better just to test for yourself. What you'll discover is Hammer Shot is almost never the better option, unless you just have a D polarity and you don't want to add another forma.
  13. BL4CKN0ISE

    The faction standing slog

    I understand your problem, but it's better the way it is now IMO. I wanted Pax Charge and I knew it would take me at least a week to get it. I didn't want to wait, so I paid plat. It sucks, but if everything is too fast/easy to get, how does that affect the market? How does that affect DE's business? It's not just about keeping you interesting and your personal progression. It's a free2play game and certain things need to be grindy so they have value. There needs to be balance. The stuff that takes more than a day or two to get, you can usually buy with plat.
  14. BL4CKN0ISE

    If you force PVP Stalker onto us:

    Do people know rad procs exist? I keep reading "you can't force PvP in a PvE game". It already exists in the game.
  15. BL4CKN0ISE

    Age Pets or motivation not to remove them.

    Maybe they stop glitching once they reach 2 years old.