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  1. Are glaives still hella weak, as per the change a few patches ago?
  2. Don't forget dual wield mode! The most recent change to glaives trashed their damage output.
  3. One would hope. Not sure why they nerfed it so hard in the first place.
  4. The glaive prime in dual wield mode feels pretty useless after this hotfix. Even paired with a zakti and timing the glaive explosion correctly with the zakti's stagger, the damage is extremely underwhelming. What used to take one or two throws, now would take like fifteen. With amount of time and effort to execute that many correctly timed throws, I could kill many similar targets with conventional melee, or just shooting them.
  5. This just seems to defeat the purpose of increasing costs for subsequent rolls. At that point, why not just argue for re-rolls just being a flat cost, rather than one that ramps up?
  6. While some people have undoubtedly purchased plat to buy rivens, consider also the people that DIDN'T buy plat because they just SOLD that riven. With the exception of people who just hoard plat endlessly (who are thus effectively removing it from the market, and thus a sink), the only money rivens actually make for DE is the plat spent on more riven slots. That revenue stream could very easily be replaced with any other special inventory, just like weapon slots, etc.
  7. I've noticed my Glaive Prime is suddenly doing far less damage. Glaives were mentioned in the patch notes, but the mention doesn't explain (to me, at least) why the explosion / resulting bleed is so much weaker.
  8. As of 26.0.7, my Glaive Prime is suddenly doing way less damage. It feels about as weak as it was after old blood launched, before I added corrupt charge to my build to compensate for the changes. I see the following in the patch notes: " Removed Combo Hit Multiplier with Glaive's hit damage. Only explosive damage will use the Combo Multiplier. " ...but I don't see why that would be negatively affecting my damage output as I primarily use the explosion anyways. Am I missing something, or did glaives just get rofl-nerfed this hotfix?
  9. For sure. I was just pointing out that's it's not quite cannibalism if the thing you're eating isn't the same thing you are. Even if she was originally orokin, the grineer are presumably pretty divergent from that genetically, by now.
  10. Rivens aren't really a plat sink- the platinum is just changing hands to another player. The only plat sink involved with rivens is buying more inventory slots for them.
  11. What species is her body, though? Strictly speaking, she may be less of a cannibal and more just a predator.
  12. Do you trust that you're actually being given the stuff your regular mission summary screens say you're getting, or do you go into your inventory and manually check your resource totals? If you trust the regular mission rewards screens, why would you NOT trust the kuva litch stolen goods refund? Hell, DE could be siphoning a little off the top of your account between sessions. Do you keep an independent inventory record to confirm your totals each time you log in?
  13. Against a crowd, you can get to 12x hilariously fast with the right setup. Vermilion storm using the twirling forward + block combo, + weeping wounds, maxes the combo counter in a second or two. If you decide to spend (some) of that on a heavy attack, the heavy attack efficiency skill in Zenurik can make sure you don't have to start from zero again, too. If you can spare a mod slot for a heavy attack efficiency mod on the weapon, you barely have to lower your combo at all to land a devastating heavy attack, with a forced true-damage bleed proc on the right weapons.
  14. Adding corrupt charge to my build has resolved the issue. Didn't realize the dual-wielding charge attack was considered a heavy attack, and thus super wimpy without combo. The 2X minimum of corrupt charge put the damage back to where I'd expect it to be. Thanks!
  15. I was a huge fan of my glaive prime + zakti combo, but this update tanked its damage. Haven't been able to come up with a build that feels even worth using against higher level targets, much less one that can come near to how effective and fun the combo was before the update.
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