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  1. Except that put into context the "No one uses the frame so why both fix it?" (which is where that comment comes from) makes no sense as DE reworks frames because people don't use it. Taken out of context ofcourse it sounds harsher than what it is.
  2. They're joking with a fellow co-worker, not disrespecting her. Stop taking things so seriously. The devstreams have rarely been the place to display professionalism.
  3. I don't think Vauban is the worse frame but his kit focuses far too much on CCing the enemy than killing the enemy or providing tangible utility. Vauban has atleast 5 different ways to incapacitate an enemy where for the majority of most encounters, 1-2 methods is enough. This leaves most of his kit feeling lackluster as they all attempt to do the same thing, incapcitate the enemy. While Minelayer attempts to porivde utlity to his kit,it's execution leaves it very lacking This is a discussion on the Vauban's current kit and how it could be refreshed to provide more utility. 1.Tesla-Tesla is a fire and forget skill that is unsure of it's roll within Vauban's kit, as a damage skill it is hindered by electrical damage and low base damage. As CC skill it requires charging to atleast be viable. It requires multiple cast to be decent. Solution-There's 2 possible ways we can alow Tesla to be a better kit to serve Vauban Damage oriented buff-Vauban can shoot Tesla to boost Tesla damage up to a cap based on Power Strentgh. Charged Teslas have increase % to chain damage to nearby enemies. The Arc Trap-Tesla base status chance is increase to 50% (affected by Power strength). Charged Teslas are able to strike multiple enemies at once. 2.Minelayer-This skill could be Vauban's bread and butter, there's alot of untapped utlity this one skill could provide. However it's utility is either outdated, too short ot made reduadant by other skills. Bounce: Problem: As parkour skill it is heavily outdated, with Parkour 2.0 allowing all frames to bullet jump, bounce lost alot of it's utlity as a mobility tool. Solution- Bounce provides a temporary parkour buff to allies that walk over it, Parkour Manuevers perfomed while on bounce gain increased velocity. It's current effect on enemies can remain. Shred- Problem: Being able to strip armor is very useful for Vauban, however it's duaration is too short (4s) to be of signifigance. Solution-Buff armor strip debuff to 10s at base. Tripwire- Problem: Tripping enemies serves no purpose aside to from to see them fall down. Solution: Tripped enemies have a 50% of dropping thier weapons. If another minelayer grenaded is added ontop of a trip laser, thier effect is added onto the lazer. Example: Trip laser+Concuss-Tripped enemies are Rad procced+deafend, Trip+Shred-Tripped enemies suffer armor Debuff. Concuss-I have no issue with the skill. Radiation procs are great ulity that can't be underestimated. 3.Vortex-Vortex is an okay skill but generally overshadowed by Bastille for general play. Enemies caught in Bastille will rarely be affected by vortex due to Bastille's AoE Solution If an enemy is caught in Vortex,. Vortex will draw nearby incoming gunfire into the Vortex to damage said enemy. If Vortex is placed inside a Bastille, Vortex will attempt to pull all enemys caught inside that Bastille. This allows Vortex as a way to protect vauban from gunfire by usuing his enemies as a shield as well as a providing additional synergy. In closing a summary of my proposed changes Have Tesla function like an arc trap or allow Vauban to to shoot Tesla for it to deal more damage. Bounce No provides a parkour buff to allies instead of bouncing them up. Parkour manuversd performed on Bouce have quicker velocity.. Shred's Debuff is 10s at base (up from 4). Tripwire now can cause tripped enemies to drop thier weapon. All can gain effect of other Minelayer greandes. Vortex will now draw enemy fire if an enemy is inside it. If placed inside a bastile it will pull all enemies caught inside Bastile.
  4. Buzkyl

    Vauban Exalted Turret(s) Concept

    Never understood the whole "Exalted Turret" thing for Vauban when we could just buff Tesla to actually do decent damage. Tesla functions exactly like a turret
  5. The main issue with Charging abilities is that the investment made in charging the skill is rarely worth the output. "Charging" skills should be looked at on a case by case basis to determine what benefits/energy tradeoffs are appropriate. Flat double energy cost for double damage (when most deal poor damage regardless) makes little sense. The charge up benefit should be something that builds on an already good skill. Hydroid does not care about damage but if charging boosted AoE of his salvos then it would be a great cost vs reward. Tesla does not need more damage, but instead the ability to instead affect multiple foes in AoE on charge. Ember arguably is the only "more damage more AoE" charge skill that make sense and is in theme with her play style. Zephyr enabling hovering on a charge tailwind and Hydroid's ultimate summoning more tentacles are examples of charge skills done right as the benefit is themed with the kit and the skill. Overall I agree with the OP so +1 to you.
  6. Buzkyl

    So, Tesla...

    That can be activated by Bounce Tripwire Concuss grenade Shred grenade Bastille Vortex Allies Saying the buff synergizes with his passive is a copout as his buff synergizes with every CC in the game.
  7. Buzkyl

    So, Tesla...

    Tesla comparatively is the easiest skill to buff in his kit. There were so many options Multiple tesla per throw Allow Tesla to hit multipe enemies Tesla is cheaper to cast Charge skills are an unoriginal way to buff a skill where the issue was never damage, it was lack of utility in his kit. At the very least replace the damage charge portion of the charge with more tesla's.
  8. Buzkyl

    If you post times, please post GMT times.

    You could do that for any time zone they post anyway. It does not matter.
  9. Buzkyl

    Is Endgame ever getting looked at? Or...

    You mean, what they're already doing. Unless you're going to give explaination or context to what you're saying you're just sounding ignorant of Warframe's progress over the years. Systems are refined each year, such as Focus, Parkor, Melee, Damage etc. "Spaghetti code" is a buzzword unless you're actually going to contextualize what code has the issue, as bugs are present in every game. Confused ideas? Such as?
  10. Buzkyl

    Is Endgame ever getting looked at? Or...

    Except DE releases both large content while also revamping older content to newer standards. What "Focused goal"? DE has only gotten this successful because of their high ambition and each release to push the limits of the game. Not to mention that systems have been reworked such as Focus 2.0.
  11. Buzkyl

    Is Endgame ever getting looked at? Or...

    Endgame is a pipedream as no matter what "Endgame" DE proposes people will find a way to trivialze and after a few months get tired of it. Sorties-Lost the inital rush very quick as people adapated Raids-After you knew the puzzle, it became mindlessly easy, sparing certain parts of JV. No to mention they broke every patch, Onslaught-See current Meta Eidolons-Pretty decent on thier own but as with all content, a Meta has formed that trializes it. But it's still pretty challenging and good on it's own. Not to mention that a proper "Endgame" would serve maybe 5-10% at best of the playerbase. Players who have farmed absolutely everything make up only a fraction of the game. Why would DE dedicate months on Dev time to appeal only a fraction of thier base? All of DE's "endgame" features are readily accessible to most of the player base. It's less vertical progression but more horizontal proress, as you get stronger you're able to be more efficent at all the systems listed. DE is all about getting as much people to enjoy the feature as they can. We're faar to strong for any form of endgame that doesn't invlve stripping us of power. What we do need are better designed units, Units like Nox, Bosses like Ambulas are a great step in that direction and i hope it continues.
  12. Do you even Rift Torrent?
  13. Buzkyl

    Operators, 2.5 years later

    Operators offense being weaker than Warframes is 100% intended. Warframes are the selling point of the game. Operators are meant to work in union with Warframess both on a gameplay level and in lore. Operators provide more utility than any warframe to the player, the trade of is that they offensively weak and defensively squishy at higher levels.
  14. Buzkyl

    Individual Extraction in Survival

    Yes, because that's exactly what happens in Defense mission. If a player doesn't want to go as long as the group they are free to leave every 5 waves. There's no reason they should be penalised when they have completed the objective
  15. Buzkyl

    What is the intended purpose of Warding Thurible?

    Trin ain't buffing team DPS and providing Invulnerability in long missions that's for sure. Harrow and trin play completely differently and provide completely different buffs, pound for pound harrow provides more to a team than Trin. However Trin specialises in full on healing.