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  1. Buzkyl

    Nezha Rework Feedback (23.8.0)

    I already said 25hp is low, but there ar various arcanes that Nehza can use to get more reliable HP recovery. Arcane grace can go well with his DR Arcane pulse works very well with the fact he spawns HP orbs and it also heals other players in radius. It's a low amount but it can be played around, if players can do it for Desecrate nekros, Nehza is going to be even easier.
  2. Buzkyl

    Nezha Rework Feedback (23.8.0)

    25 HP is low but with 90%DR + arcanes Nehza has means of reliably healing him.
  3. Buzkyl

    Revenant is a damned mess.

    How so?
  4. Buzkyl

    The Cloudwalker Augment is hugely disappointing.

    I was hoping that Cloudwalker augment would turn it into a mini K-drive. But silly me for assuming Originality. Augments have strayed so far from sidegrades/niche uses that they're either OP or useless.
  5. I disagree, charge casting is an intresting mechanic however right now it's execution is shoddy because you rarely want to ever use the un-charged version. The reward isn't proportional to the cost. Hydroid and Zephyr are a what these skills should follow. Chargig the skill changes the properties of the skill, not the stats, A charged TS has different benefits vs an Uncharged TS, Tailwind's hover is not always needed but can be of situational use. Double damage benefits should just go and be replaced with a unique trait.
  6. Except it's downside has been made redundant by Arcane Energize being more easily avilable, Zenurik and the most common solution, Energy pizzas which we can abundance of into any mission.
  7. And we're able to deduce that something more insidious is through the brief 5 mins of an hour devstream. Because it happens so often, right? These people know each other for 5 years at this point, longer if we count before warframe. It's workplace banter between friends. If Rebecca wasn't respected she wouldn't be the face of the community, nor would she be given the task of designing Revanant. Your heart is in the right place but it's a mountain of a mole hill
  8. Except that put into context the "No one uses the frame so why both fix it?" (which is where that comment comes from) makes no sense as DE reworks frames because people don't use it. Taken out of context ofcourse it sounds harsher than what it is.
  9. Buzkyl

    Dev stream comment...

    Seriously, the outrage culture is very much real.
  10. They're joking with a fellow co-worker, not disrespecting her. Stop taking things so seriously. The devstreams have rarely been the place to display professionalism.
  11. Buzkyl

    what happened to blade storm?

    Except it's not even removed. It's still there, unless pressing 1 extra button is that difficult.
  12. Buzkyl

    what happened to blade storm?

    Bladestorm was changed to make the player have to put in more effort for the reward. Now you aim your reticule to mark targets, the press bladestorm again to send out clones to do work. If you want to join the fray, use Teleport on a marked enemy while bladestorm is active.
  13. Buzkyl

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    Are Prime trailers still on the table to be created? They were a great way to give lore (and hype) to upcoming primes. Is there any plans to continue them? If not will the current ones be added to the Codex of thier respective primes?
  14. Buzkyl

    Individual Extraction in Survival

    Yes, because that's exactly what happens in Defense mission. If a player doesn't want to go as long as the group they are free to leave every 5 waves. There's no reason they should be penalised when they have completed the objective
  15. Buzkyl

    Hydroid without Pilfering Swarm useless?

    Curative Undertow-Heals allies and himself Corroding Barrage-Strips enemies on armor as well as CC "Pilfering is the only TEAM augment" lol sure, keep believing that.