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  1. Buzkyl

    Add more mod slots

    To want utility but without sacrificing power is just power creep.
  2. Buzkyl

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    Are Prime trailers still on the table to be created? They were a great way to give lore (and hype) to upcoming primes. Is there any plans to continue them? If not will the current ones be added to the Codex of thier respective primes?
  3. Yeah, not like Stasis, got a massive buff. /s
  4. 1.Ah, manually picking up 10 reactants was such thrilling gamelay wasn't it? That example is extremely weak. 2. Raids were Artificially extended through loading screens and repetitive tasks however they were still as mindlessly easy as Elidons after a few runs. Raids hardly offered any greater challenge than Elidons when runs basically devolved into standing on pads and CCing enemies into oblivion. Or perhaps the mess which is JV is what you were referring to. Which i will admit compared to LoR provided alot of of a challenge due to AW. Teralyst and like at the very least required adequate gear and frames to bring down, anyone can do LoR as long as they could stand on a pad an follow instructions. Also Trials had no MR Requirement so any "MR0" would be able to join fresh off their account, so raids certainly aren't as exclusive as you imply. So can we please not go with the MR jab, it's unneeded. The difference was that Elidon hunts now have public matchmaking. >tons of old players Raids were the second least played mode in the game ahead of conclave, the community was objectively small but but active. I have been here since 2013, the entire mantra of 'DE is abandoning Vets" is as old as the game.This isn't the first time and it won't be the last. I don't expect DE to cater entirely to "vets" (which is such a subjective term) whims as they are a shrinking population to the rest of the game. DE is gonna spend several months of manpower to develop content to be played by 3% of the playerbase. How is that even logical?
  5. Nothing like some good ole, tinfoil. "Sign of the end" Now thaat's just laughable, sign of the end of WF? Now it's doomsday posting? I really like people to pull the hard numbers to show that WF is ending or DE is losing interest in it. And please, DE appeals veterans constantly, the very reason dark sectors and even raids were even MADE because veterans complained the game lacked challenge. And surprisingly, Vets blew through the content and went back to complaining there's no challenge, so DE made Elidons, and gues what, Vets now farm them and say they're easy. Oldest ? Yes. Loyal, debatable. Entitled? alot of the times.
  6. Buzkyl

    Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

  7. Buzkyl

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.4

    You now get more duration per shields and the cap increased from 60 to 120. At this point the cap of 2 minuites is acceptable and is far higher than most support skills. This is where i can see Scott saying "give them an inch they ask for a mile"
  8. Buzkyl

    Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.3.0

    Is Oberon the new Meta? More news at 11.
  9. Buzkyl

    Coming Soon: Devstream #91!

    Are their any plans to introduce new Syndicate augments mods? While the riven system serves to boost weaker weapon damage potential considerably, Syndicate mods offer unique effects to existing weapons, are their any in the works?
  10. Buzkyl

    Coming Soon: Devstream #89!

    Has the proposed Kingpin system for clan basically the new iteration of Dark Sectors? If not, is reworking dark sectors still on the table?
  11. The EB nerf is honestly, alot more reasonable than i thought. Damage fall off with distance and puncture. However causing the spin blind to take energy makes little senses as It has lower range than normal blind Doesn't get that sweet strealth multiplier But not so bad changes, well done.
  12. Buzkyl

    Coming Soon: Devstream #71!

    Is there any plans to look back at Tenno spectres? Relics of Rescue 2.0, these specters provided a portable tenno companion that greatly added to solo play. With the addition of syndicate guests however, they've seemed to be lost to the ages. Are there any plans or discussions on revisiting them? And also, syndicate quests. When? (If ever)
  13. Buzkyl

    Spores And Ruin

    Am i the only one that doesn't see it based of medusa? The dangly bits off her head represent snakes, and snakes are most commonly associated with poison and their venom
  14. Buzkyl

    Spores And Ruin

    She's adorned with Gold like the other primes, but this one is far less regal than the last. She more warped by the infested, which is a great twist.
  15. Buzkyl

    Spores And Ruin

    New Prime access video trailer is best one yet. I was not prepared for narration, well done DE!