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  1. People love throwing the word "content island" as a catch-all term, but let's observe the reality In the Heart of Deimos we have Necramechs 1.Necramechs use AW weapons, meaning that progression in AW weapons also gives you more alternatives for different weapons, to use the AW weapon you need gravimag as well which sends you back to Fortuna. Deimos also introduced the helmitnh system which ties into all our accumulated resources, to build and experiment with different frames we'e previously owned. HoD also heavily empahsized operator combat and encourage it with the
  2. That is is still fully possible weapon modded weaponry, not every frame kit needs to be devoted to DPS. Weapon damage far exceed frame damage in most content. So yes, not every frame is meant to innately have a crowd dps tool at thier disposal however it's fully possible if you mod your weapons for the content you're facing weather it's a sound decision or not is an entirely different issue, but the option exist.
  3. Not every frame is meant to be moving down large groups of enemies quickly, otherwise support and CC frmes wouldn't exist. Efficiency us also relative to what you're farming, if we're talking about spy/stealth mission Ivara is more efficient as her kit allows her to bypass lasers, make shortcuts, distract A.I and avoid camera's.
  4. Visually i will take this UI over the old one anyday of the week. ofcourse it's new so alot of things need to be tweaked but i can see alot of great things coming from it. And honestly, a few extra click doesn't mean much to me.
  5. Because Steve has noted the general disdain the fanbase has towards auction houses. And ha scommented that trade is in need of a revamp to make the trade channel less spam filled.
  6. Platinum wouldn't even be in the market if people didn't buy to help circulate it. [DE] Seldon has praised trading in many devstreams because of the plat it circulates.
  7. It's RNG based though, i mean you can get an OP unlock just as easy as a fodder weapon. But in more worth speculation, is there a Dev stream this week? Or hot topics? This thread is nearly on 100 and it hasn't even been a day.
  8. Well atleast in TF2 trading is and the cash shop is completely separate from gameplay, you can get every weapon free if you play long enough. Valve isn't that mad about cash to ruined gameplay. Look at tf2, you can go though the game without even knowing how to trade. I'd feel much better if valve did it, but we can only see what will happen now that DE is monitoring this thred
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