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  1. Well Ember's Passive is now affinity range, that's alot of (potential) damage
  2. Embers passive is a fine passive, it's bonus power strength to a frame that you're already going to be building power strength on. 5% is acceptable as in most cases you're going to be facing more than 1 enemy. As far as passive goes, it's a buff from her current that's more applicable. At best it's a bonus, not a core part of her kit.
  3. While i'm happy both frames will be much better off than before, the fact that both frames have ways to strip armors makes me question if DE will revisit armor as a concept or just let frames have a way to strip it.
  4. Not really as you can just tap mach rush to use a short range dash.
  5. After 2 solid days of play and a forma later. I could feel i could give solid feedback on gauss General Gauss is a fun frame with a fun niche, he's fast and zippy and really compliments gun play. He requires various micromanagement his battery level enrgy pool and the skills that require either. I'm all for micromanagement but the reward for maintaining these skill imo does not meet the effort that it requires. Mach Rush His bread and butters, zip from point A to B, marathon in open areas. It's probably the most fun mobility skill in the game. My issue with it is that all it is, a mobilty tool. And not a practical one in most cases. Issues In enclose spaces Gauss will be slamming into walls and object constantly, causing the impact it's known for, however the damage this does is extremely low borderline negligible even at midlevel foes and it's damage type [impact] doesn't aid it It provides excellent CC which is great for closing the gap. In Open Areas it's fun to run from point A to B however at the point which you receive Gauss players would've obtained an Archwing, which allows more convenient/faster travel. Gauss shouldn't be faster than AW but he should be able to compete with them with heavy investment being obviously slower but remain a fun and viable method of travel. Possible Tweaks Mach Rush's slam needs a form of scaling,;whether a multiplier based on battery level (Enhanced by Redline), Mod scaling [Primary, secondary, melee ect) or % based on enemy HP ect, If the slam aspect is integral to his toolkit, Mach Rush's slam should feel rewarding and not a by product of being clumsy. After a period of continuous running (5s as an example) Mach Rush's speed slowly begins to ramp up, draining increase energy the faster he goes up to a cap. Kinetic Plating The skill does it's job as protecting him from my experience, the bonus protection against stagger and knockdown is an really good addition that helps him keep on the move. Issues The skill gives energy back to guass based on being hit, however Guass' entire kit revoves around movement which in most cases preventing him from being hit. Even on hit, the energy return is very small and negible given Guass' energy hungry skillset The % reduction is based on the battery current level however since it is drained per hit Gauss can easily end up losing his entire battery under heavy fire and the DR it provides Possible tweaks Either Kinetic plating should reward energy based on enemies hit with Mach Rush or Increase the % of energy return by the skill potentially affected by mods. A short delay (1-2s) should be added between Guass being hit and the battery drain, this prevents guass from losing his entire battery too quickly in heated moments and allows him to regroup/perform counter measures. Thermal Sunder It's a good form of CC and an addition way for Gauss to regan his battery outside Mach Rush. Issues With how valuable his battery level is, the fire sunder is very lackluster to use. The slow's Freeze is not only excellent CC but helps top up the battery level, the fire Panic okay however continually stacking it is rarely advised as it will heavily deplete his batter level and energy. In Redline, the Armor strip may as well not exist as even at 200% power strength it takes well over 5 blast procs to strip a level 50 Bombard. That's over 10 thermal sunder casts. While the utility is appreciated, it's current state the boon is very, very minor. Proposed tweak In addition to increase the fire DoT enemies continually hit by the Fire Thermal sunder should take increase damage ( 20%, 40% ect ) while within the ring of fire The Blast Proc should strip a flat % of armor, around 40%-50% so that Guass can strip armored targets enemies in 2 Blast thermal sunders, which would be 4 casts to accomplish. Redline My favourite skills and a great self buff at that.It's charge time is abit on the long side but I conisder it a trade off for the massive boost to gunplay. Issues It's area damage for an ultimate is pretty minor, while it does provide good passive CC in staggers it's damage is very minor. Teammates should be able to benefit off Redline when Guass is near. Proposed Tweaks It's AoE sparks damage potential increase as Redlines meter increases Teammates within Affinity radius of Guass should feel the benefit of Redline's effect.
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