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  1. Buzkyl

    Saryn's rework is a bit off.

    Equinox arguable requires more input than saryn. Due to the nature of mode and spores Saryn can just cast spores and let it go to town. Equinox at the very least has to build damage to a reasonable amount.
  2. Buzkyl

    DO NOT nerf Saryn because of ESO

    Except the reason for the changes is to make Saryn better for the rest of the game (as in normal mission she has blatant issues in keeping spores active) while making her a less AFK frame in onslaught due to how that mode works. Infinite Scaling and Duration WITH a self propagating ability was bound to be nerfed. The fact that people are surprise this is Happening, baffles me
  3. Buzkyl

    Reawaken should be baseline

    Can Djin can one niche where it isn't overshadowed by Carrier/Carrier Prime?
  4. Why would the staff need to post on the forums when There are bi-weekly devstreams giving insight to future content and discussion on current content Weekly streams where by staff Staff regularly interact via twitter At this point what more do you want? DE to acknowledge every thread on the forums? While an exaggeration, P seems nearly entitled to DE's attention. There's a tangible feedback loop in the game already.
  5. Asking for endless rewards to scale the longer you stay in the mission, then saying "you don't have to stay long" is hypocritical. The player base has shown time and time again that if there is incentive for abuse it will happen. This game will always shift to the most optimal way to farm. Void Keys went on for hours as ti gave the most value for time. However Relics were found to be run faster in shorter missions so ofcourse the layer base opinion shift.
  6. Sitting in a mission for 2hrs isn't healthy by any means, especially if you're doing the same repetitive tasks over and over. Endless missions favor veterans in a game where veterans already a sky high advantage over newer players. Endurance rus should purely be for bragging rights, throwing any incentive into it creates a meta and if you think people won't optimize teams to fit said meta, they absolutely will.
  7. Buzkyl

    Riven rolling feels like GAMBLING

    This has to be sarcasm.
  8. Buzkyl

    Riven rolling feels like GAMBLING

    Because it isn't gambling. There is no real world currency involved, the resources used are acquired in-game. To even call Rivens gambling or compare them to lootboxes is a fallacious at best and dumb at worst.
  9. See what i mean? DE is not one person and can focus n multiple things at once.. OP's point does not talk about the issue itself from a numerical point but address how the problem expreses itself in some players, with disdain. It's a deadhorse that keeps coming back possibliy because an actual underlying problem exist.
  10. A better idea would be that instead of dispersing enemy. the AoE drags enemies towards the center. Making it good for grouping enemies for Tornado.
  11. Why is OP taking away people's fun. If you don't like it, leave when it's used. It's PvE why should we try to balance Aren't there other things DE should focus on? All these are excuses. Repeated ad nauseam every-time the subject of nerfs are brought up, regardless of reason no matter how reasonable/unreasonable,logical/fallacious the argument may be. People always say the same story. Ignoring the problem does not make it go away. Slide attacks aren't inherently bad, nor is a mod like maiming strike/bloodrush or whip weapons like the atterax but in certain combination they create broken mechanics. The calculation of BR w/Maiming strike already allows any weapon to become crit viable, combine with with extended reach weapons and mods like beserker and macros and you have a recipe for spamming 10M AoE crit blenders. And that is not inline with DE's intention of player fun. Just because a player finds a mechanic 'fun' that doesn't mean it's good nor healthy for the game.
  12. Probably when DE was revisitng beam weapons they forgot to revisit things emulating beam weapons, such as Operator Amps and Chroma Spectral Scream. Both of those things are still in thier Pre-rework state. Also i'm delighted this idea caught on so quick.
  13. Buzkyl

    Now: Guardian > Grace

    Grace has always been niche since we have other ways to regen hp such as restores or mediray. Fragile frames would never use grace as they don't want to be damaged at all. But with guardian atleast they get tankier the few times the do get hit.
  14. Buzkyl

    What do you guys think was the best prime access

    As a time traveler i'd say Mesa Prime blew everyone's expectations out of the water And it's syndana? Good Lotus was worth every penny.
  15. Buzkyl

    Ember and Ability damage in general.

    That's hilarious