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  1. To quote Geoff: "It just becomes noise." I don't get why a loud percentage of the player base insists spamming a clicker macro is fun. Honestly I think it just comes down to a feeling of entitlement.
  2. Thanks for bringing me back to 2006 YouTube with the music, and yeah, 3.12 melee speed is just a bit ridiculous. But the players are gonna go "muh power fantasy."
  3. No end date has been announced, or even hinted at. Most likely, we've got probably until May, at the absolute earliest. If you do EVERY single challenge in a week (7,000 from dailies, 22,500 from weeklies, 14,000 from elite weeklies) that's 43,500 standing, and each rank is 10,000. It would be a minimum of seven weeks to get to rank 30, and we literally just hit week 4. For the last two nightwaves, they went so long DE had to raise the cap on bonus ranks, and people STILL hit the raised cap. I don't know where you heard Nightwave would end after seven weeks. I suspect either you or your s
  4. Pretty much what my solution would be. Honestly, I think that would encourage players to keep going up the ladder, especially on weeks with bad missions. Exploiter Orb is a lot less fun than throwing paint at spiders should be.
  5. 1) I have one. 2) As stated, you can just... do arcana bounties if you have them unlocked. You can even speak to Mother to do them from Necralisk. At least, you can for iso-vaults, so I think you can for arcana.
  6. In your dojo, find the Orokin lab and get the blueprints for the Dragon keys. Each one gives you a debuff when you equip it to your gear wheel, and will be consumed upon opening the vault door. However, vault doors will have a random one of the four possible keys, so either split them among friends or go in prepared for a bad time. However, it is how you get the corrupted mods like Heavy Caliber and Overextended, so they're well worth doing.
  7. I have no problem with the new palette costing Familial Debt Bonds. I do, however, have a problem with Ticker's RNG table being adjusted to always have at least one of each tier in stock, and then they never have a single FDB in stock because something clearly went wrong.
  8. I suspect Razorback/Fomorian incursions are suspended until Orphix Venom passes.
  9. So, Warframe trading isn't that instant (though a ton of players wish it was, myself included.) Basically, you have to send a message to the player offering it, then you have to meet either at a dojo or Maroo's Bazaar, initiate a trade, and mutually offer items. However, Warframe requires each trade to be be two-way, so you'd have to exchange either a mod, an item, or Platinum (do not buy a common mod for Platinum). Every trade also has a credit cost based on what you're trading. Honestly, if you want Thief's Wit, you'll probably be swimming in them when you get far enough in the game.
  10. Oh, and to answer your added question, you can't trade or build items you're mastery locked out of. You can, however, unlock relics that have the parts you need TO build them, and you can sit on them for a while until you can build them.
  11. Equinox Prime is pretty good, and is far less time consuming to get than base Equinox. To answer the question: Yes. You need the blueprint, neuroptics, chassis, and system to craft a prime Warframe; and all four together constitute a "set." So if someone is selling Equinox Prime set or Equinox Prime, they're selling all four parts. The parts for her all drop from fairly low level relics, so if you rush the Void, you should be able to get your hands on them. Alternatively, send me a message in game since we're both on Switch and I'll gladly do some fissures with you.
  12. It would be very tough for you to be over-leveled, as outside of unlocking abilities, your frame/weapon's level only determines how much mod space you have. Venus is also a negligible increase in difficulty from Earth. Considering what weapons you even likely have access to, you're really only going to have access to your starting frame and MAYBE the regular versions of the Braton, Aklato, and Dual Skana if you really wanted to upgrade. But getting your frame up to 30 is really going to open up some mod slots for you. Your power level is more determined by your weapons and mods. Which you're g
  13. Maybe there were planned D polarity exilus mods, but they were dropped. Or it's a huge oversight. Either way, there's really nothing that fits other than some really niche ones, and the only one that would boost your damage is Vigilante Supplies.
  14. Probably a mistake. Just forma it if it bothers you. I don't even run mine with one.
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