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  1. Three reasons: 1) The gray market surrounding them and the LUDICROUS prices rivens can go for. 2) Because the stats on your rivens aren't under your control. Every time DE does a pass on them, Rivens go up or down, but almost never the way you want them to. So basically, it's a stock market that goes crazy every 3 months. 3) The stigma surrounding them. On one hand, they're really great for weapons that you don't really see, like the Twin Kohmak. On the other, trade chat always goes stupid for the latest weapon, to the point where DE basically made rivens for new weapons literally useless on r
  2. This is assuming those concept art bits from the fragments are still canon. Not to mention the fact that your squad's landing crafts appear in front of your ship when you're idling in a party, and they don't have the rest of the orbiters attached. Who knows. Maybe we're reading too much into a free-to-play PvE game.
  3. I put forward this idea a couple weeks ago. TLDR: The orbiter feels cramped and dojos aren't much better. I want a place where I don't have a roof over my head and have like a firing range for my weapons that doesn't require me going into some VR program run by a genocidal AI.
  4. Oh, we're actually going here today? Okay. *long, dramatic gasp* Because somehow it wasn't mentioned, this topic is spoilerific. Maybe stop reading. Not just this thread, but everything. Delete your literacy files. Warframe's story's bones aren't terrible. We're the fourth, semi-neutral faction in a three-way war. Our leader favors balance, while protecting the innocent. That's fine. When I started playing in 2013, that's all we had. Lotus was even presented as an AI. We had the Grineer, brainless clones of clones of clones, who were focused on consuming. You had the Corpus, ultracapitali
  5. For me, there are two obvious flaws with Archwing. 1) There are nine out of the 232 star chart nodes that are dedicated AW missions (one of which is a sidequest where the boss is completely busted and does nothing but aimlessly fart about) and the only two that have enemies above level 30 are pretty static. While certain maps do make use of AW, specifically Uranus and Kuva Fortress, these sections are brief and random. 2) Archwings are effectively four separate Warframes (and one prime) that you give a passive based on your currently selected Warframe, a passive that may not even function (see
  6. Reset your Switch. Hold the power button, select Power Options, then reset. This happens if you turn your Switch off with the game running, then resume.
  7. Yes, but there is no real "function." Buried either in this tread or the Xaku changes thread, I said something along the lines of "Xaku's best team comp is three other Xakus." All of the promo material is like "Xaku, destroyer of Sentients!" but we have Lua, Veil Proxima, Ropalolyst, and Stalker, which beyond that, we got nothing. Eidolons are coded to not take shield damage from Warframes, and I haven't tested Xaku against Vomvalysts yet. XW is a self buff that's kind of set it and forget it, and when it runs out, it's not exactly expensive, GoL is a decent disarm and turret ability, but it's
  8. Okay, fair, WoF was a bit silly. I mean, I still liked it, but yeah. This is kind of the same problem. The real issue is that to prevent this being another month late, console players like us have to wait even longer to get the full set of changes from Round 2. So far, I think we have the text box for The Lost being an actual description. So, GoL will actually have a reason to be recast in the next set, rather than a "would you like to delete your combo?" That doesn't change that XW is still just extra damage (granted it's a butt-load of it, but it's still a weird type), The Lost being pa
  9. Man I admire your optimism. And it's a game. Nothing, literally NOTHING should be a "chore." I'm not playing Animal Crossing when I login to Warframe, I'm playing Warframe. Quick join, fast action, shoot-'em-up Warframe with a ton of customization options for exactly what flavor of massacre I wish to inflict. And on console, yes, it's that dead. You can click "join any crew" on any of the whopping three planets, but you'll often get "no squad found." Unless you actively get a crew together, this is basically a wall of nothing for you to play with, and outside of the Pennant, Quellor, Shedu, an
  10. Change wave 1 has finally hit console, and oh man do I have thoughts. Passive: Well, it exists. Xata's Whisper: This is a passive, plain and simple. Especially now that you can freeze its already generous timer. Void damage mercifully doesn't do nothing now, but until the status change goes live, this is still an ability I'll forget to cast because it does that little for me. Grasp of Lohk: Weirdly too good and kind of bad. You can steal a decent number of guns now from a safe distance, but you still have to get into melee range with them. Damage on these is considerably higher
  11. It's only annoying if you Enthrall an Eximus and they get killed right away. Though if you play Revenant for the army of minions, have you tried Nekros? Does the job WAY better. Revenant is is just the right mix of broken and fun that makes him a blast to play. I do kind of hate that his spinny mode outshines the rest of his kit by a country mile.
  12. Augments are exclusively Zenurik. Unairu is the (- or R (I guess it looks like an "r") polarity. So far, the only Unairu mods are some bizarre stances like Gnashing Payara. There are 8, according to the Wiki.
  13. Probably intended by the devs, but oh man are Seriglass Shards a nightmare to grind for. And you need at least one. 20 Grandmother tokens, each one representing 1500 standing. Due to the way the token system works, you really can't control the flow of them, and you're time gated on how many you can get. I basically spent ten in-game hours doing Deimos odds and ends, even making a Greedy Xaku to help alleviate some of the grind, and if you need Fass/Vome Residue and it's not time for it to spawn, you're just stuck. Same if you need specific fish that only spawn in the correct worm time. But, a
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