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  1. I think the intro quest is actually quite good at explaining how to play the missions. Where the lack of tutorials suffers is how do anything outside of shoot, use powers, or parkour. The Josh Strife Hayes video of "Worst MMO Ever?: Warframe" (before you get your pitchforks out, it's just a title, and he actually quite liked the game, but...), mods are highlighted as the least welcoming aspect of the game. Brozime even pointed out in his watch of the video that JSH didn't even have a stance on his Mk-1 Bo. But the game does not tell you how modding works. Yeah, there's a "tutorial" button, but it's a few static Captura dioramas with some text. It doesn't explain very easily "If you match the symbols the mods are cheaper, but if they're mismatched they're more expensive," and it doesn't have a pop-up that says "Hey, you wanna equip a stance/aura?" Not to mention how much a time and resource sink leveling mods is. Then there's the mess that is the codex. Let's ignore the Smash Bros. tier menu design. What, exactly, in-game tells you how to form elemental combos? That's right, a menu buried behind another menu inside of the codex, which most players will probably ignore. The way you learn who statuses do is also not even IN the codex, it's done by hovering over your damage types, something I've seen players completely ignore. Then I have other gripes, like how relics and arcanes occupy the same page in the codex despite having literally zero relation. The fact that if you want to look up drop tables, DE DOES publish them but they aren't in the game. If you want to look up a mod you don't have, the codex censors it, but if you link it in chat, you can read what it does. I understand that hand-holding gets old fast, but as soon as that intro quest ends, you're expected to have the same level of knowledge, or at least instincts, as a veteran. Drop tables are a point of contention. On one hand, free to play game. Believe it or not, the game isn't free so players can be happy. The game is free so DE can hook as many players on the shooting and melee enough to convince them to buy stuff for platinum, while still keeping things just out of reach enough to prevent the average player from just getting them easily. On the other hand, whoever thought 50 endo fits in the same drop category as a rare mod is having a laugh. A lot of the garbage items were culled with a recent update, but man. Some drop rates are just confusing. Did you know that (according to the Wiki) Tempo Royale has a 0.0603% chance of dropping from Isolator Bursas? Did you know that Isolator Bursas are incredibly rare enemies? Tempo Royale is by far, in my opinion, the best heavy blade stance, so you need it. As for your other points: armor was recently reworked, as it has been said. Armor sharply rises between levels 50 and 80, but starts to level off once you hit level 100. I also don't get why you think there are only a handful of meta endgame weapons. Especially now that there are the arcanes and galvanized mods, there are some surprise hits, like the Phantasma. Honestly, I've been running the Corinth Prime, a weapon that was kind of met with a giant "meh" from the community. Thing shreds. I do think a huge problem is how strong viral and slash is, though.
  2. I was gonna say it did, but upon re-reading, nah. I guess not. Maybe I just wanted to say hi. *shrug*
  3. Seriously. Especially now that Merulina is knockdown immune, you just kinda jiggle the stick for a couple seconds and Sporelacers are unstoppable on her. Riptide is actually a pretty potent ability. Beyond just raw damage (which it is a little light in), it's one of the better zoning abilities right now. Works especially well with any frame like Vauban that basically has a murder-zone ability. I think having it be full body is reasonable. I hate to say it, but I think the biggest thing that made Yareli fun for me was essentially untangling the spaghetti code and making her actually function correctly. Half the reason I hated playing her was the lack of enemy radar on Merulina, and that Aqua Blades' hit "box" was a circle instead of a disc. Now that she's full status immune on the board, has Animal Instinct available, Sea Snares seem to actually work now, Aqua Blades have a hit box that actually makes sense AND deals a surprisingly good amount of damage (Merulina pretty much forces you to have them at headshot height), and Riptide hits a massive area; I think she's actually in a good spot. Note: I'm currently running Umbral Intensify and Vitality on a 2 forma build with no exilus and max efficiency. Riptide is basically constantly spammed when I'm not blasting with my Sporelacer pistol. I still want to see mods on Merulina because it seems it still has some wonky mobility issues, aim glide on Merulina (no idea why K-Drives don't have aim glide, honestly), Riptide to suck enemies down instead of up, and K-Drives in general to strafe while sprinting instead of turning slowly.
  4. I can't boot the game. Says it can't find my SD card. EDIT: Error 2002-2060. Running corruption check now. EDIT 2: Completed check, no problems found. Still gives the error. EDIT 3: ...And after removing the card, checking it in my computer, doing nothing, and remounting it... Uh, it's working? Will post more later if anything changes.
  5. Depending on the relic, it may be worth some platinum on the market, but that's generally reserved for rare, long-vaulted relics. Otherwise, it's literally impossible to have too many relics. Having them doesn't take up space except in your UI, so... just ignore them if you don't want them? Or just do fissures. Forma is always nice to have a supply of.
  6. I really recommend this, just in general. You can generally find them REALLY cheap secondhand.
  7. Fun fact, this notification does not come up on the US NSW version.
  8. Ya'll know there's an ignore button, right? Or you could continue your argument in PMs. Though I'm not surprised that the guy with the Brozime PFP would echo Brozime's smarminess and glibness regarding certain frames. I like his take on SOME things in the game, but his take on some things is just infuriating because he always sounds like he's convinced his version is always better. And as always PFW's gonna say a ton of stuff and type out pretty much most of what I'm thinking anyway. In short: Nyx is a pretty decent frame, but kind of boring to play because of how bare-bones simple her kit is, and enemy AI needs some love because walls are not enemies. Frost is a widely underrated frame, and if you play more stationary game types, he's a godsend. The main argument of "but we don't play those game types" is weak at best, and rude at worst. Gara does fit a similar niche to Frost, but has more of an offensive focus. Every single frame in the game is playable. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's "objectively" bad. That said Hydroid, Grendel, Valkyr, and Yareli are mechanically pretty grim. NOW BACK TO THE TOPIC AT HAND. The latest Yareli buffs are kind of a slap in the face, but if DE doesn't want to waste time on fixing a frame that shipped in a broken state, then all I can say is enjoy the MR fodder and Helminth food. At least ChickenDrawsDog made some great art, so we got that going for us, which is nice. My changes at this point would be pretty simple: Change the passive to a +50% base CC while moving, reduce Sea Snare's casting cost to 10 energy base, make Merulina accept K-Drive mods (don't know why it doesn't), make Aqua Blades scale like Flechette Orb, and remove the falloff on Riptide and make it shoot enemies downward, not out. She'd still kinda suck, but she'd at least suck less.
  9. We used to type on terminals (Operators still do lol), Mercy was added to make Warframe more Doom-like even though it was already Doom-ier than Doom 2016, and liches were added because Shadow of Mordor did it. The Parazon is probably the single most wasted design space in the game.
  10. Seriously, I've been seeing a lot of thread necromancy lately. Also, Komorex was great when it was introduced and people slept on it, now it's even better. Viral cloud sniper.
  11. Rebb always comes off as incredibly callous in text for some reason, and it seems that unless you give her an extremely specific use-case, she'll just assume that players want things to just be "easier." However, she did say this: I think she's missing the point, and I hope that the feedback thread actually gets looked over by the devs, rather than being a steam vent for players. I get the feeling that her opinion is formed primarily from whatever she can glean from Twitch chat. Purely speculation on my part, I can't watch any WF streams with chat on, as I value my brain cells. Doesn't help that chat's set to a 10min slow mode during dev streams. But dang, do I resent being told "practice using a rocket sled indoors lmao git gud" when I say "I don't like the fact that her only means of defense is a K-Drive."
  12. Even spamming "jump" with the two mods I listed will give you a full meter on most frames. And if you're too lazy to press "switch weapon" so you can do a backflip, then you don't deserve to do one, lol. And just looking at the mod list (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:K-Drive_Mods) I can see a decent build: Juice (energy on tricks), Inertia Dampeners (increased trick points), Bomb the Landin' (20m stun by doing a drop. The base is 4m, by the way), Perfect Balance (reduced chance to be knocked off, irrelevant if you have Primed Sure Footed, but could be great if this gets a buff to be 100% fall reduction), Venerdo Hoverdrive (big jump), Poppin' Vert (tricks give you a double jump), Pop Top (faster jump charge), and Quick Escape (5sec invulnerability while mounting a K-Drive) or Air Time (-20% fall speed, giving you more trick time). I agree with you, though, that the damage mods are seriously undertuned. It could be great if they were fixed up to scale properly. If they made it so that boosting K-Drives strafed instead of turned when you press the move left/right key, the mobility would be vastly improved. The other change I would love to see is that the flight height of K-Drives needs to get dropped by a little bit, because as it stands, they're just a bit too high up. Poor Yareli's head on all those door frames. But imagine a version of Yareli where you could pop onto Merulina, knock enemies down by doing a backflip, run them over with a trail of fire that makes them flail when they stand up, and dismount, freezing them while launching the board into one of them where it explodes for Merulina's health in damage and scaling with Yareli's mods. That's the dream.
  13. [Bold added by me for emphasis.] There. That right there. You haven't tested her. You've done a few missions at low level (30-50 is low level for a maxed frame). Even outside of SP, Yareli hits a brick wall at level 80. I was doing fine in an Arbitration right up to that point, and she just fizzled. Sea Snares are too fragile and too costly for what's basically a weakened Bastille, and their AI is obsessed with popping the bubbles on walls. No really, I've aimed at an enemy in Hydron less than 10m away from me and it goes for the enemies on the other side of the wall to my left 9.5m away from me. Merulina is absolutely nightmarish to control in small tiles. Aquablades does next to zero damage, has a wonky hitbox, does not scale with range despite needing to, and has a secret cooldown after three hits that knocks enemies out of a stun lock. Riptide is literally a garbage CC ability because it scatters what it gathers, and it's a horrible nuke because it relies on having tons of enemies and has fall-off that starts the inch an enemy is outside of the center of the blast. The passive turns off the pixel you stop moving. Oh, and the Kompressa is her signature, but has almost no crit stats, lol. You can't even mod Merulina, the one thing that would be Yareli's saving grace. I, and countless other early adopters, have stated that it would be a really cool gameplay loop to use Juice (get energy for K-Drive tricks) and Inertia Dampeners (boost combo counter for K-Drive tricks x4) to recharge Yareli. Then there's the fact that any survivability you have is tied to a jet board that you can't really use on most maps. And then there's the Adaptation paradox. Equipping said mod really boosts Yareli's survivability, but said defenses aren't given to Merulina, so Merulina becomes almost super squishy in comparison. Also, needed to build an entire dojo room and spend 3 days researching each part, only to then have to build her over the next 84 hours was a slap in the face to a lot of early adopters and one of the worst ways to introduce a new room. I expected at least a few K-Drive parts, or a K-Drive builder station. Nope. Just the parts to a single warframe. To redirect this back to OP: You have not tested her. Not yet. Maybe for what you're doing, that's fine, and if you're having fun, great. But for those of us playing higher level content and even enjoying Steel Path, she's literally useless. The worst part is that to make her good, she really only needs a few changes so that her abilities actually work together. Her kit is so unfocused on anything that she does nothing competently. Just because something is good doesn't mean it can't be better. But in this case, she's not even good. Again, unless you're having fun, but I think you don't have to worry about them making her worse. Hek, I'd even take just a few scaling tweaks at this point, but the same could be said for pretty much any static damage ability on all frames.
  14. I think you're confused. Ironclad Flight intentionally removes vacuum, Razorwing Blitz makes you faster. They are two different mods. Now we're just totally off topic, but whatever. Pistol Amp is actually a very minuscule damage increase. If you really want to do a deep dive into how damage is calculated, The Kengineer just put out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3n89cZpVTg&ab_channel=TheKengineer Basically, exalted weapons like the Dex Pixia are better off having higher power strength, so if you can get your hands on it use Growing Power (+25% power strength when you deal a status with your weapon), but otherwise Aerodynamic goes for pretty cheap (usually 20-30p on Switch, YMMV), especially with the new galvanized mods drawing people to arbitrations. Corrosive Projection is also a pretty great universal choice. I also like Enemy Radar sometimes. Just like to have extra sometimes.
  15. The augment I was referring to was the one that disables vacuum in Razorwing for 40% damage reduction, Ironclad Flight. Apparently, some people actually wanted vacuum removed according to [DE]Pablo: These people are idiots, but yeah. Razorwing Blitz, on the other hand, is an absolutely stellar mod... given that you don't sprint while it's active.
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