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  1. The worst part is that this isn't even a case of them hiding laziness and not scripting the glass for Gara Prime. If you watch during her 4, the glass bits are actually removed from her. This is literally a really baffling case of "well, a loud minority of players wanted the glass to stay on, so we're going to listen to them, despite many players wanting to keep the glass broken off." Seriously, how long would it take to write an interrupt script?
  2. I'm just disappointed we don't have a weekly "complete three defection missions with four reward rotations without losing any defectors," "keep a melee combo of 220 for five minutes (not on a Xoris)," "hit five or more enemies with one arrow (not AOE)," or "complete 20 waves in a Corpus Railjack Defense mission."
  3. The reasoning behind the change was beyond lazy. "Adding a toggle would open up the possibility for things to break." So what? Fix the problem. Is the Evolution engine so broken and hamfisted that having an "on/off" switch for a cosmetic requires literal months of coding?
  4. As others have stated, Rivens automatically have a 0.5 disposition on weapons just introduced because DE got tired of people abusing new explosive weapons. Check your base Astilla (if you still have it) with the same build, as it may be better due to the Riven having a much higher disposition. Otherwise, I'm hearing that the Astilla Prime is a bit of a letdown.
  5. Wholly disagree. Baza Prime is a direct upgrade, Corinth Prime is leaps and bounds beyond the base (if a bit clunkier to use at first), Pangolin Prime is miles beyond the base (MR1 to MR 15 is a bit of a jump afterall), and the Zakti Prime is probably my favorite pistol right now, due to the sheer spam-able nature of it. However, I think the problem is that primary weapons, shotguns especially, are in a really rough state, and the devs haven't really figured out a way to properly address the issue. I mean, one possible option is just to literally add a 0 at the end of every primary's tota
  6. I was trying to customize my UI because the latest update applies cursor color to railjack reticle. Cyan is barely visible in RJ. So I tried to change it while in the pilot's seat, and when I hit the options menu, the RJ UI stayed up, and no inputs would register. Had to do a full game exit. EDIT: Correction: just clicking apply changes causes a total softlock, no matter where you do it.
  7. The worst is when you're playing on a Switch and he loads, but doesn't do anything for like five minutes. So he's sitting on your codex console, just kinda nods at you, you go mess with your loadout, and you come back to Navigation and hear... "Hey kiddo..."
  8. I think it needs to have an AoE the size of the Zhuge Prime's darts. The real issue isn't so much that it takes a minute to pop, but that when it does, whatever you hit is nowhere near anything else.
  9. They literally aren't. "Honor I with your victory" is not correct.
  10. It's great that we can change our UI colors now, but apparently the charge circle for weapons like bows and the Stahlta is not a separate UI element. As a result of me making my cursor cyan, my charge ring is almost black now (cyan and red are opposite RGB colors). Can we please either have the charge ring either be unaffected by the cursor tone or have it be a separate color? I'd like to know what my bow's charge state is if I'm in a dark level.
  11. On a controller, that means (default binding) aim down sights (LT/L2/ZL), back up (back on LS), and gently tap crouch (LB/L1/L). And this is not communicated anywhere in the game except for a single loading screen tip that you may or may not see ever. I'm of the mindset of never really caring about the buffs I get as long as they actually buff me. The only time I could think of not wanting a buff is Slow-va being matched with either Power Donation and/or Growing Power if she doesn't have -60% power strength.
  12. 1) I'm lazy so I haven't read all of the thread. 2) Knockback is an appropriate penalty for shooting a rocket in your face. You don't like it? Use Nezha, Rhino, Revenant, or Primed Sure Footed.
  13. All right, a couple weeks in, here we go. It's safe to say that I've changed my opinion on this update by a considerable amount from its launch. I'll start with what I don't like, followed by what I like. Negatives -Void Storms are inefficient. Not a secret. But the real problem is that there's almost no reason to do a void storm that isn't an exterminate mission if you want to be done quickly. If Void Storms are meant to be multiple missions stitched together, then they should also have appropriate relic rewards. If I'm doing four objectives, I should have four relics to crack. -Corp
  14. Honestly I think self damage was a good idea but implemented poorly. In basically every other game I've played, any self damage you deal is scaled proportionally. The real issue is that Warframes' EHP value is usually in the thousands while some enemies at level 50 are in the millions, and our weapons are scaled accordingly. One of my biggest complaints of the game has always been that loss-of-control effects are way too punishing. I've had stuns locks from Scorpions that basically meant I'm out of the game for 30 seconds before, being jerked around the entire map. Not to mention the inconsist
  15. 2013-2020 Players: Remove self damage! Pre-2020 DE: No, you need a penalty for shooting a nuke five feet away from you. 2020 DE: Fine, if it'll shut you up, no self damage, but now there's stagger so you have a penalty. 2021 Players: Remove self-stagger! 2021 DE: Oh for Gordie Howe's sake...
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