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  1. Now it threw me in the wall and killed me until I was typing /unstuck... oh and also everyone was afking while I was trying to kill it with chroma and a gun that has the liches weaknesses, still took me a minute to take the 1st part of it's health ffs

    also the constant teleporting is annoying af

  2. Well i decided when someone else's lich spawns I will start extraction EVERY TIME, the last three boss spawns (took like 15 missions to get these 3 boss) people just decided I dont need help with my t5 lich and proceeded to extraction. #*!% this.

  3. I played with 3 dead people crying to rev plz for 5 minutes before they left, never had this much fun, gj DE. I'm not going to revive, doesn't matter how much you coerce me into it. You made the game mode worse, you gave green light to really noob people to play the game mode. Before this people considered if they wanted to waste 10 minutes before dying anyways. I mean why should I revive them, 99% of people in pub just going to die in 2 minutes again.

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  4. >be DE

    >don't improve hosting

    >don't add scaling rewards

    >force experienced players carry noobs, cuz host migrations


    Well I'm not gonna play pub arbi anymore for sure!  I liked getting punished for brain lag, for my own brain lag, not other's... I don't like this 'dumbing down things' trend with the game... Make a new game mode call it 'kumbaya' and leave the challenges alone...

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  5. 49 minutes ago, Zilchy said:

    Do you have vauban prime yet? And if you do, did you buy it on prime access?

    Yes I have Vauban Prime check my profile. Somehow magically I got enough oxium. Maybe once I didn't have enough for some weapon, I waited a few days doing random missions and got enough oxium. 100% sure that you can get by without targeted oxium farm. Now at Mr 22 I have like 20k that I don't know what to do with, not even clan decorations need it afaik. 

    Never bought prime access frames, just accessories. Farming the frame is half the fun. 

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